Cheddi Jagan IAP

Airfield Profile


Operator: Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation, Timehri, EBD, Guyana.

Operator Identity Code:
Not applicable.


Country Region Sub-Region

Address: Not known.

Nearest Town/City: Georgetown – airfield is x miles (y km) south.

  Latitude Longitude
Deg. Min. Sec. N 6 29′ 53.98″ E 58 15′ 15.33″
Decimal N 6.4983282° E 58.2542610°

Elevation: 29 m/51 ft

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Name Changes

Atkinson Field 194? – 1969
Timehri IAP 1969 – 19??
Cheddi Jagan IAP 19?? – Present

Narrative Summary

The airfield was built by the United States during World War Two as Atkinson Field and renamed Timehri IAP on 1.5.1969. Today the airport is called Cheddi Jagan IAP with Timehri as an alternate name. All aircraft of the GDF are based here.

Key Dates

date 1    Work starts on constructing airfield
date 2    Formal opening of the airfield
date 3    First aircraft arrives


Direction Length Width Surface
Metres (m) Feet (ft) Metres (m) Feet (ft)
06/24 2270 7448 45 148 Paved
11/29 1525 5002 45 148 Paved


The following organisations are, or were, permanently based at this location:

Based Military Units

Unit Operator Arrived Departed Activity
Air Wing GDF 19?? Current Various

Based Civilian Operators

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Photo Gallery

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More Information


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Official Airport Website

wikipedia: Cheddi Jagan International Airport

Pilot Information

Disclaimer: Information is provided on this page for historical purposes only, and not for aerial navigation.

Guyana Defence Force

Operator Profile


Narrative Summary

The air force was formed 1968 as Defence Force Air Wing with three Helio H-295 Super Courier and was renamed 1973 as Air Command. During the next years the air force received some transport aircraft and helicopters for liaison and transport duties.

Key Dates

1968    The Defence Force Air Wing was formed.
1973    The Air Command was established.

Current Status

The aircraft of the Air Corps are fully operational.

Future Plans

No information available.


National Insignia


Aircraft Serial Numbers

The aircraft operate with civil registration, their only distinctive markings being the initials G.D.F. and the national flag, or its colours of red, yellow and green as an overall trim.

Unit/Base Codes

Coding system not used.


Aircraft Designations

None – Manufacturers designations used.

Current Aircraft Inventory

Table of Current Service Aircraft

All-Time Aircraft Used List

All-Time Table of Aircraft Used

Aircraft NOT Used

No false reports of aircraft on order or in service have been noted.


Main Headquarters

Camp Stephenson, Cheddi Jagan IAP, Georgetown.

Organisational Structure

Today the Guyana Defence Force operates an Air Corps.

Current Order of Battle

Table of Current Order of Battle

Historical Orders of Battle


All-Time Flying Units List

Guyana Defence Force – Air Corps

Air Bases

Current Air Bases

The Guyana Air Corps currently operates one mayor air base.

All-Time Air Bases Used List

Military Air Bases Listing

More Information




World Air Power Journal 30, p.142


Scramble: Guyana Defence Force

National Markings
Guyana Defence Force

This section describes and illustrates the various national insignia used by the Guyana Air Force since its formation:

                          (no marking available)         
                               Main Marking                    Fin Flash

The aircraft operate with civil registration, their only distinctive markings being the initials G.D.F. and the national flag, or its colours of red, yellow and green as an overall trim.

Air Corps
Guyana Defence Force


The unit was formed in 1968 as the Defence Force Air Wing and was renamed 1973 as Air Command. It is now officially known as the Air Corps.

Subordinate Units



Type Qty Service Example Serials
Helio H-295 Super Courier 3 1968 – 1971 8R-GCJ,8R-GCU,8R-GCV
Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander 7 1971 – 1998 8R-GDN,8R-GDQ,8R-GEE,8R-GER,8R-GES,8R-GET,8R-GFN
Beech 200 Super King Air 1 1975 – 1992 8R-GFB
Aérospatiale SA-319B Alouette III 2 1975 – 1987 8R-GEL,8R-GEM
Cessna 206 Stationair 1 1976 – 1996 8R-GEN
Bell 212 3 1976 – 1994 8R-GEO,8R-GEQ,8R-GEZ
Bell 206B JetRanger 4 1976 – Present 8R-GEX,8R-GEY, GDF-1,2
Short SC-7 Skyvan 3M 5 1979 – Present 8R-GFF,8R-GFK,8R-GGK,8R-GMC,8R-GRR
Cessna 182J Skylane 1 1982 – 1994 8R-GCD
Embraer EMB-110P Bandeirante 1 1984 – 1994 8R-GFO
Bell 412 1 1984 – Present 8R-GFP
Mil Mi-8 Hip 3 1985 – 1991 8R-GDH,8R-GGC,8R-GGD
Harbin Y-12 Panda 1 2002 – Present 8R-GDS
Rotorway 162F 2 2004 – Present 8R-GLA,8R-GLL

Unit Markings

Figure 1
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Main Bases

Base Duration
Camp Stephenson/Cheddi Jagan IAP/Georgetown 1968 – Present


None currently available.

More Information


Other Sources

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Air Bases and Airfields
Guyana Defence Force

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This page gives details of the air base which is used by the Guyana Defence Force.

Short SC.7 Skyvan 3M
in Guyana Defence Force service


Used by the Defence Force Air Command.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
8R-GFF SH.1966 G-14-134, G-BGWB 3.8.1979 crashed on 22.1.1981
8R-GFK SH.1974 G-BIFL 24.3.1981 n/a
8R-GGK SH.1980 G-14-1980, G-BLLI, 8P-SKY, 8P-ASG 10.1986  
8R-GMC SH.1939 G-14-107, G-BCIB 1993 crashed on take-off at Ogle AP on 8.11.2003
8R-GRR SH.1976 G-14-1976, G-BJDA 19.8.1981 damaged on 14.10.1994 and later repaired


None available at present.

More Information


  • Latin-American Military Aviation (John Andrade)
  • World Air Forces Directory 2004/2005 (Ian Carroll)

Other Sources

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