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‘Vayu Aerospace & Defence Review’ is a glossy bi-monthly magazine featuring topical articles on all aspects of civil and military aviation, with a Southern Asian bias. Also included are regular sections on aviation news, airlines, spaceflight and the aviation industry.

Publishing History

First published in November 1974 under the title ‘Vayayan – Air Journal of the East’, from 1981 it was renamed ‘Vayu – Aerospace Review’. In 1995 it became ‘Vayu 2000 – Aerospace Revew’, reverted back to ‘Vayu – Aerospace Review’ after 1999 and in 2004 was renamed to the current title. Published and edited by the well known Indian writer Pushpindar Singh Chopra.

Contents/Issues Produced

[*] Contents Listing, Vol.1 No.1 – current

Digital Access

The main feature articles from issues published between 2005 and 2014 are available on the Vayu website as downloadable PDFs. Back issues from 2015 onwards are available as complete downloadable PDFs.

Special Issues

No special stand-alone magazines have been produced, but the publisher does produce books on aerospace matters.

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Vayu Aerospace & Defence Review

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