Military Enthusiast – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 September 1980
SA-4: Biggest Soviet SAM Missile; A-4 Skyhawk; Israeli Navy Uniforms; MiG-17 Recognition
Vol.1 No.2 1980
USAFE; Chieftain; Tu-16; Iran-Iraq War News
Vol.1 No.3 1980
Tank Killers: A-10 Thunderbolt II; Spanish AF Helicopters; MICV Marder; Attack Submarines
Vol.1 No.4 1980
No information
Vol.1 No.5 1980
The One-Elevens Low Over Europe (RAF Lakenheath F-111s in action); Military Modeller’s Corner (Aircraft markings Q & A); Yak-25/28 Recognition Pullout; Katyusha in the I.D.F. – BM-24 (Katyusha) Rocket Launcher; AMX-30 The French Main Battle Tank; [F-111 photo centrespread]
Vol.1 No.6 1980
The Bundeswehr Armour Today (Visit to 5th Panzer Division); Combined Arms Air Defence Destruction (Anti-SAM operations in Yom Kippur War); Attack Helicopters – Recognition; Harvard In Israel A.F.; Military Modeller’s Corner (German AFV pics); News…; Bookshelf News; Israeli AF F-4 Phantom photos [Leopard Tank photo centrespread]
Vol.2 No.7 June 1979
Soviet AF in Germany; B.T.R. 50; The Soviet Navy
Vol.2 No.8 1981
Merkava on the Front Lines (Israeli Tank); The Luftwaffe into the ’80s (inc. airbase map & orbat); Military Modeller’s Corner; Iceland – A Key to NATO Defence; News…; Book Reviews [Merkava Tank photo centrespread]
Vol.2 No.9 1981
World News & Mid East Roundup; F-18 – A Sensible Modern Combat Aircraft For the Nineties; RAF Germany Part 1; Recognition Pullout – Roland Air Defence System; Modern Pilot Gear (Pilot’s flying hazards & protective equipment); Spanish Army Aviation (unit insignia col drwgs; Modellers Corner – ESCI 1/48 A-4M/N Skyhawk; Readers Corner; Bookshelf News; [Tornado P03 prototype photo centrespread]
Vol.2 No.10 1981
Israel Air Force Special
Vol.2 No.11 1981
World News & Mid East Roundup; Striking Eagles – The F-15 ground attack capability (F-15 Strike Eagle); Brüggen’s Jaguars, World Air Forces, RAFG-2 (Visit to RAF Bruggen, unit insignia col drwgs); Air Defense of the Western Pacific 13th Air Force USAF; Mail – Beriev Be-12 (detail photos); A Day With Mirage F-1 Squadron SAF (Spanish AF Ala 14 unit visit); Readers Corner (Readers Letters); Bookshelf News (Book Reviews); [Ala 14 Mirage F.1s photo centerspread]
Vol.2 No.12 1981
News Flash (Military news); Israel’s Falcons (F-16 in Israeli service); WarPac Update: Soviet Armoured Forces in Eastern Europe (An Update) (incl. bases map, GSFG ordbat); Recognition Pullout Soviet Specialist Armoured Vehicles (Bridging & Engineering vehicles); The Buccaneers of Germany (visit to RAF Laarbruch); Bookshelf News; [International Air Tattoo report centrespread]
Vol.3 No.13 1980
Saudi AWACS; Harriers in Germany
Vol.3 No.14 1980
RAF Wildenrath; Israeli Navy; M-113 APC; Ka-25
Vol.3 No.15 1980
70 Years of Fighters; Harrier at Sea; MiG-23 Visit
Vol.3 No.16 1982
The F-5: From Freedom Fighter to Tigershark; Super Carriers
Vol.3 No.17 1980
Modern Fighters; USMC – 2nd Marine Corps
Vol.3 No.18 1980
Defending the Carrier; USS Saipan
Vol.4 No.19 1980
Israeli AF at War; New Anti-Tank Weapons
Vol.4 No.20 1980
Israeli C-130 Hercules; BAOR
Vol.4 No.21 1980
Lebanon War 1982
Vol.4 No.22 1980
No information
Vol.4 No.23 1980
No information
Vol.4 No.24 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.25 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.26 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.27 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.28 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.29 1980
No information
Vol.5 No.30 1980
Lavi and Kfir; Dams Raid
Vol.6 No.31 1984
No information
Vol.6 No.32 1984
No information
Vol.6 No.33 1984
No information

Born in Battle – Contents Listing

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No.1 1978
’30 Years of Israel’s Defense Army’
No.2 1978
‘Israel’s Air Force: the Air War in the Mid East’ [74 pages]
No.3 1978
The Yom Kippur War 1973
No.4 1979
Israel’s Armour in Action 1948-1979
No.5 1979
Airborne and Commando Actions – Entebbe raid etc. [80 pages]
No.6 1979
The Six Day War 5-10 June 1967
No.7 1980
Tank Battles in Sinai, October 1973
No.8 February 1980
Buzz Beurling Malta Ace; Phantom in Vietnam; Yom Kippur War; Military operations in the Middle East; Israeli Commando Raids
No.9 April 1980
Israeli AF uniforms; Advanced Combat Jets; Air War Suez 1970; BTR-60 Soviet APC; Soviet Intervention in Mid-East [64 pages, 90 illust]
No.10 June 1980
Soviet Triple Threat MiG-23/25/27; Great Tank Battles; Normandy Hill 112; Missile Boats at War; Sherman Tank close-up
No.11 July 1980
Kfir First Kill; Air War 1916-18: Air War Over Palestine; Pedestal to Malta
No.12 1980
Horn of Africa; Brtish in Aden; Yemen; Soviet Motorised Infantry
No.13 1980
F-15 in Combat – Israeli Eagle vs MiG; Burma 1942; M-50/M-51 Sherman
No.14 1980
The Golan War 1973; Soviet Attack Helicopter Mi-24; Kifr in Combat
No.15 1981
Mosquitos in Palestine; Spanish AF 7th Esc; Golan Air War; Blitzkrieg
No.16 Mar 1981
Middle East Sophisticated Weapons; Spitfire vs Spitfire 1948; The Soviet Soldier; The Golan War
No.17 1981
BAOR Today; IAF Mustang Sqn; UNO In South Lebanon; Leadership & Command in the Soviet Army
No.18 1981
The Palestine Campaign in WW1; Israel Reactor Raid into Iraq; The Suez Crossing; Paris Air Show
No.19 1981
Suez crossing 1973 part 2; Israeli Mosquitos; Syrian Armour in Lebanon
No.20 1981
Soviet Armour – Russian Tank Development; Suez Crossing 1973 Part 3; IAF Beaufighter; Tank Ammunition; Canadian Fort Buster; Operation Gazelle 1973
No.21 1981
Helicopters Special: Combat Helicopters, Technology and Tactics
No.22 1982
USAF in Europe Special (80 pages)
No.23 April 1982
AEW Systems; Air Defence Equipment in Israel; Sovier Rapid Intervention Forces; The ‘Forts’ in Israeli Service – IAF B-17s
No.24 1982
Middle East 1982 Defence Update; Iranian AF at War; Operation Bright Star 1981; Egypt, Syria & Jordan Armed Forces
No.25 1982
Modern Strike Aircraft: F-18, F-111, Fencer, B-52, Tornado; Low Level Air Ops in WW2; Royal Armoured Corps 1916-1982
No.26 1982
Defence Update – Soviet Armed Forces Special
No.27 1982
Special Combat Issue – Peace For Galilee.
No.28 1982
RDJTF Exercise Gallant Eagle ’82; US Navy – Planning; Readiness; Low Level Attack in WW2 & Today; Falklands Craft
No.29 1983
NATO Air Forces Special Edition; Falklands War Special Report
No.30 1982
Threat Update; Israel Defence Forces in the Lebanon War; NATO Air Forces part 2; Combined Arms Air Defence Destruction; US Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
No.31 1982
Defence Update – Israel; IDF Ground Forces; RDJTF part 2; Falklands II; Nellis Update
No.32 1983
Defence Update – International; Simulators; RAC Training; Falklands III
No.33 1983
Modern Tanks; Gabriel A/G; Aircraft Raiders; S 39
No.34 1983
S.P. Artillery; Aircraft Navigation; Falklands IV; MLRS; Patriot; F-20 full report
No.35 1983
Airmobile Operations; Rapier; Helicopter Tactics
No.36 1983
Tank Upgrading; T-72 in the Desert; The New Merkava; Israel’s Naval Industry; Bundesmarine
No.37 1983
Special Issue: Paris 35th Air Show; Mini RPV; All Weather Fighters; C3II Aircraft Upgrading; Airfield Attack – Lessons of Middle East Wars
No.38 1983
Paris Report; Easter Front; Gunfighters
No.39 1983
Special Feature: F/A-18 Hornet; Anti-Tank Warfare; Air-Land Battle; NORAD
No.40 1983
Special Feature: Mirage 2000; MICV; Roland; AT Missiles
No.41 1983
Special Feature: B-1B; Anti-Ship Missiles
No.42 1983*
Born in Battle Defence Update. 10 Years On: Yom Kippur War. The War in the Air – Yom Kippur Special
No.43 1983*
Special Feature: Leopard II; Submarines; Airborne ASW; Ground Attack
No.44 1984
World Military Balance ’84: Middle East, NATO & Warsaw Pact
No.45 1984*
Soviet Missiles; Armee de l’Air vs. the Luftwaffe 1940; Winter Operations; Northcap-Scandinavia
No.46 1984
No information
No.47 1984
US Army Light Divisions; Soviet Navy; Blue Angels
No.48 1984
The Green Berets; Tracks or Wheels; A-6E/EA-6B; Golani 84
No.49 1984
Soviet Military Update 1984
No.50 1984*
Israel’s Defence Doctrine-Background and Dynamics; Tornado JG 71; US Army HTLD; X-29 FAV
No.51 1984
Air Assault; Spy Planes; Israel Navy 1948; Precision Tank Gunnery
No.52 1984
Israel Navy; South African Defence Industry; Pitch Black Australia; AMRAAM
No.53 1984
Harrier II; RAM V-1; Spy Planes; Blitzkrieg; Chinese Navy
No.54 1984
Amphibious Forces; Training Rockets; Harriers at War; Herman Missile Boats
No.55 1984
Defence Update; From Kfir to Lavi
No.56 1984
New life for the Soviet T-55; Electronic Spying; New Trainers; Exercise Lionheart
No.57 1984
The New German Army; Israel’s Commandos; Battlefield Survival; Modern C3I from Israel; US Nuclear Forces
No.58 1984
No information
No.59 1985
No information
No.60 1985
No information
No.61 1985
No information
No.62 1985
No information
No.63 1985
No information
No.64 1985*
Minehunters of the Red Sea
No.65 1985
No information
No.66 1985
No information
No.67 January 1986*
Jordan’s Air Force
No.68 1986
Defence Update International. The issues faced by the Strategic Defense Initiative programme; Close up M1 Abrams; Modern tactical intelligence systems: beyond the hill – or the horizon? (US Army Intelligence)
No.69 March 1986*
The Syrian Army; Modern Inter-Arms Concepts – IDF Organization: The Yom Kippur War and After; Mistral (air defence system); Infantryman 2000: The soldier of the future?; Low level air defence: mobile ‘flak’; National Training Center’s unbeatable offer
No.70 1986
No information
No.71 1986
No information
No.72 1986
No information
No.73 1986
No information
No.74 August 1986*
Troika System: Remote Control Minesweeping
No.75 1985*
Born in Battle Defence Update: History of 101 Sqn IDF/AF
No.76 October 1986
BILL – the top-side attacker (Bofors anti-armour system)
No.77 November 1986
The deadly family: Tomahawk Cruise missiles; The hypervelocity missile; Armoured gun system: the tank of the future?
No.78 Dec 1986
Air Defense – The Evolution of the Air Defence Missile Threat; Merkava II; Big bang: large calibre tank guns; IAF vs SAM: 28:0 (SAM Busters)
No.79 1987
IAI Lavi
No.80 May/June 1987
Born in Battle Defence Update: Last F-104s in German Navy
No.81 “June-July 1986”
IAI Lavi
No.82 1987
No information
No.83 1987
No information
No.84 1987
No information
No.85 1988
No information
No.86 1988
No information
No.87 1988
No information
No.88 1988
No information
No.89 1988
No information
No.90 1988
No information
No.91 1988
No information
No.92 Dec 1988
Born in Battle Defence Update International: F-111 Swing Wing Bomber in Action
No.93 1989
No information
No.94 March 1989
Born in Battle Defence Update. Reconnaissance ops The Intifada and the Battle of Calchim Gol; Defence Profile: Singapore [68 pages]
No.95 May 1989
Born in Battle Defence Update. OH-58D Helicopter, Soviet Airborne Forces, Tank Gunners [66 pages]
No.96 1989
Soviet Airborne Forces (part 1)
No.97 1989
Soviet Airborne Forces (part 2)
No.98 1989
No information
No.99 1989
No information
No.100 1989
No information
No.? October 1986
Aerial Minesweeping

Military Enthusiast

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published September 1980. Monthly defence topics magazine. English only text. 34-38 pages each, mainly b+w photos with some colour photos, full colour centrespread. The contents comprised a number of relatively short, but highly illustrated, feature articles on defence forces and equipment worldwide: AFVs, ships, military aviation etc. Most issues feature some aspect of the Israeli Defence Forces extensive combat experience. Incorporated into ‘Defence Update International’ magazine in 1984 and ceased publication with issue 33.

[*] Contents Listing, Vol.1 No.1 – Vol.6 No.33


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

IPMS Israel was first established in 1988, and started publishing a quarterly magazine (called ‘Scale’ in Hebrew) for its members in the same year. It soon achieved a world-wide reputation for its detailed information, accuracy and professionalism. In recent years Kne-Mida has been published twice a year. In September 2002 it had reached issue No.36. The magazine concentrates on modelling the weapons and equipment of the Israeli Defence Forces, past and present. Each A4 size issue includes b+w photos, colour artwork and line drawings. Each magazine contains two main articles, about a specific aircraft and an armoured vehicle, which are followed by rare, original pictures during IAF/IDF service, detailed drawings and colour scheme plates. Kne-Mida, although written in Hebrew, contains also English captions, accompanied by a short English summary, for our foreign subscribers. However, Kne-Mida is kept under a close supervision by IDF censors, and is obliged by their restrictions. Membership is open to non-Israelis. Note: IPMS Israel only accept subscriptions in US Dollars.

Further information: IPMS ISRAEL, P.O. BOX 65131, TEL-AVIV 61651, ISRAEL. IPMS Israel Website (in Hebrew and English).

Israel Air Force Magazine

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published in 1948. Originally published monthly, in 1978 it changed to 6 times per year. A glossy A4 size magazine with many colour photos. The number of pages varies, but in recent years is around 100. Typical contents: IDF/AF news (equipment, people, Middle East events), letters, aerospace news worldwide, several feature articles on civil and military aviation. By September 2002 it had reached issue No.247. Hebrew title is “Bit’on Heyl Ha’Avir”. Also reported with the ISSN 0006-3878.

Further information: IAF Website (in Hebrew and English).

Born in Battle

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First published in 1978. Initially published quarterly but later bi-monthly. A magazine covering military and defence matters with English only text. The first 7 issues featured only a single subject in each issue, but later issues contained several feature articles. A4 size, with 48-64 pages each, illustrated with many b+w and colour photos and some line drawings. The feature articles mostly concerned Israeli and Middle East related military topics, both current and historical, but with increasing coverage of the armed forces worldwide. From 1984 the subtitle ‘Defence Update’ was added and the magazine became monthly. It contained news and reviews about new products and defence programmes – highlighting Israeli and international activities. It continued to include good coverage of military aircraft update programmes. By 1986 ‘Defence Update International’ had become the main title of the magazine. It ceased publication in 1989, in favour of an on-line website magazine.

[*] Contents Listing, No.1 – No.100

BIAF – Israel Aviation & Space Magazine

Aviation-related Magazines Guide

First launched in 1972 and published three times per year. It reached issue 90 in July 2002. BIAF is the official publication of the Israeli Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics. It covers almost every aspect of aviation and space activities and developments in Israel, and features historical articles on aircraft of the Israeli Air Force and a books review section. Edited by Yehuda Borovik.

Further information: BIAF Website (in Hebrew with English pages soon).


Aviation-related Magazines Guide

Title translates as ‘In The Base’, but usually referred to as ‘IDF Journal’. Official magazine of the Israeli Defence Forces. Published bi-weekly in Hebrew, and distributed to all the IDF’s units and it’s veterans. A4 size with 64 pages each issue. Covers all the IDF, including it’s air force, and has exclusive news, stories, photographs and interviews with key military figures.

Further information: BaMachane Website (in Hebrew).