Mil Mi-2
in Polish Border Guard Service


Four Polish-built Mil Mi-2 acquired in 2000 from the Polish Air Force. Transferred to the Polish Police in 2009.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
SN-01XG 532815023 2815 2000 based Lublin Radawiec, to Police as SN-01XP by Feb 2009
SN-02XG 534419085 4419 2000 based Ketrzyn Wilamowo, to Police as SN-02XP by Sep 2011
SN-03XG 514522115 4522 2000 based Lublin Radawiec, noted Aug 2005
SN-04XG 566624050 6624 2000 based Zielona Góra Przylep, to Police as SN-04XP by Feb 2009


Mi-2 PL-04XG seen at Zielona Góra Przylep
in August 2002. (photo, Piotr Biskupski)

More Information


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