Aerospatiale SA 342L Gazelle

in Lebanese Air Force service


Four SA342L (not SA342K) Gazelles delivered in 1981, followed by three more in 1983-84. These helicopters could be armed with HOT anti-tank missiles, rockets or gun pods. Used by 8 Squadron in the anti-tank and gunship role. In 2007 nine additional examples were obtained from the UAE Air Force. Still in their desert yellow camouflage, they were supplied without weapons. Lebanese AF personnel soon added gun and rocket pods, and later retro-fitted HOT missiles taken from the first batch of Gazelles.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
L-801 1824   1981 Preserved Rayak Aug 2008
L-802 1826   1981 stored Rayak Feb 2006
L-803 1827?   1981  
L-804 1823?   1981  
L-805 2016   1983  
L-806 2017   1983  
L-807 2021   1984 stored Rayak Feb 2006
L-808     2007 ex UAEAF
L-809     2007 ex UAEAF
L-810     2007 ex UAEAF
L-811     2007 ex UAEAF
L-812     2007 ex UAEAF
L-813 1759 137 2007 ex UAEAF
L-814     2007 ex UAEAF
L-815     2007 ex UAEAF
L-816     2007 ex UAEAF
L-817     2007 ex UAEAF
L-818     2007 ex UAEAF

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