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‘Fighter Aircraft Collection’ was a fortnightly partwork which comprised a 16-page full colour magazine and a diecast scale model of an aircraft. The series built-up into a collection of the world’s most important fighter aircraft over the past 100 years. The printed magazine described and illustrated the aircraft type featured in the model, with some very nice photographs and colour profile artwork.

The model was supplied in a cover-mounted bubble pack with a display stand and came in 1:72 or 1:100 scale, depending on the size of the original aircraft. The model was finished in realistic colours and markings. The complete UK collection consisted of 60 models over a 2 year period from September 2010 – an extra 4 models of bomber aircraft where supplied free to subscribers, making a total of 64 models. The choise of some subjects, such as the Fairey Swordfish, Fairey Gannet and A-4 Skyhawk where not exactly in line with the overall fighter aircraft theme, but proved to be quite nice models.

This title was also published in a number of Commonwealth countries, with a slightly different sequence of subjects. The Australia/New Zealand version ran to 64 editions, while the Malaysia/Singapore version had only 42 editions.

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Australian Edition
Malaysia/Singapore Edition

[*] Contents Listing, Fighter Aircraft Collection (UK Edition)
[*] Contents Listing, Fighter Aircraft Collection (Aus/NZ Edition)

Fighter Aircraft Collection – Contents Listing (UK Edition)

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No.1 September 2010
Supermarine Spitfire (Diecast model: 1:72 Spitfire Mk Vb W3458/YQ-X of 616 Sqn the RAF, 1941)
No.2 September 2010
Messerschmitt Bf109 (Diecast model: 1:72 Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4 ‘~ + 5′(yel) of JG54 the Luftwaffe, 1942)
No.3 October 2010
North American Mustang (Diecast model: 1:72 P-51B 2106839/B7-E ‘Bald Eagle III’ of 374 FS/361 FG the USAAF, 1944)
No.4 October 2010
Harrier Jump Jet (Diecast model: 1:72 Sea Harrier FRS.1 (no serial) of the Royal Navy, 1982)
No.5 November 2010
Fokker Triplane (Diecast model: 1:72 Fokker DR.I 425/17 of JGI of Imperial Germany, 1918)
No.6 November 2010
Hawker Hurricane (Diecast model: 1:72 Hurricane IIb(trop) Z5226/CQ-37 of the RAF, 1941)
No.7 December 2010
Mikoyan-Gurevitch MiG-15 (Diecast model: 1:72 MiG-15 3244 of the Czechoslovak Air Force, 1954)
No.8 December 2010
Sopwith Camel (Diecast model: 1:72 Sopwith Camel F1 B6313 ‘1C’ of the Royal Flying Corps, 1917)
No.9 January 2011
Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Diecast model: 1:72 A6M3 Zero Y-1151 of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1942)
No.10 January 2011
Lockheed Starfighter (Diecast model: 1:100 F-104S-ASA 999 of the Italian Air Force, 2004)
No.11 February 2011
SPAD S.XIII (Diecast model: 1:72 SPAD S.XIII ‘0’ of the United States Army Air Service, 1918)
No.12 February 2011
Boeing F/A-18 Hornet (Diecast model: 1:100 F/A-18F Super Hornet AA/200 of VFA-11 the US Navy 2005)
No.13 March 2011
Messerschmitt Me262 (diecast model: 1:72 Me 262A ‘8’(white) of the Luftwaffe, 1944)
No.14 March 2011
F-100 Super Sabre (Diecast model: 1:100 F-100C FW-076 of the USAF, 1955)
No.15 April 2011
Albatros D.V (Diecast model: 1:72 Albatros D.V (no serial) of the Imperial German Army, 1917)
No.16 April 2011
Panavia Tornado (Diecast model: 1:100 Tornado GR.4 ??/DE of the RAF, 2006)
No.17 May 2011
Grumman F6F Hellcat (Diecast model: 1:72 F6F ‘9’ of the US Navy, 1945)
No.18 May 2011
Gloster Meteor (Diecast model: 1:100 Meteor F.8 WL164 of the RAF, 1954)
No.19 June 2011
Gloster Gladiator (Diecast model: Gladiator I Lxxxx/YK-I of the RAF, 1940
No.20 June 2011
Mikoyan MiG-29 (Diecast model: 1:100 Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum-C 44 (blue) of 234th GvIAP of the Russian Air Force, 1991)
No.21 July 2011
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a (Diecast model: 1:72 SE.5A D276/A of 74 Sqn the RAF, 1918)
No.22 July 2011
Hawker Hunter (Diecast model: 1:100 Hunter T.7 XL579/92 of the RAF, 1962)
No.23 August 2011
Focker-Wulf Fw190 (Diecast model: 1:72 Fw 190A-8 ’13’ (black) of the Luftwaffe, 1944)
No.24 August 2011
F-22 Raptor (Diecast model: 1:100 F-22 03-042/FF of the USAF, 2005)
No.25 September 2011
Fairey Swordfish (Diecast model: 1:72 Swordfish I ‘4A’ of 815 Sqn of the Royal Navy, 1940)
No.26 September 2011
Yakovlev Yak-3 (Diecast model: 1:72 Yak-3 15 (yel) of 157 IAP of the Soviet Air Force, 1944)
No.27 October 2011
English Electric Lightning (Diecast model: 1:100 Lightning F.6 XS921/M of the RAF, 1969)
No.28 October 2011
Sukhoi ‘Flanker’ (Diecast model: 1:100 Su-27SK 38 (blue) of the Chinese PLAAF, 2001)
No.29 November 2011
F4U Corsair (Diecast model: 1:72 F4U-1D ’51’ of the US Marine Corps, 1945)
No.30 November 2011
McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom (Diecast model: 1:100 F-4D 40-829/FG of the USAF, 1967)
No.31 December 2011
Bristol Bulldog (Diecast model: 1:72 Bulldog K2159 of the RAF, 1931)
No.32 December 2011
P-47 Thunderbolt (Diecast model: 1:72 P-47D 225044/HV-Z of the USAAF, 1944)
No.33 December 2011
Mikoyan-Gurevitch MiG-21 (Diecast model: 1:100 MiG-21MF 6814 of 3PLM of the Polish Air Force, 1999)
No.34 January 2012
Grumman F4F Wildcat (Diecast model: 1:72 F4F 9-F-1 of the United States Navy, 1942)
No.35 January 2012
F-16 Fighting Falcon (Diecast model: 1:100 F-16C 4040 of the Polish Air Force, 2006)
No.36 February 2012
BAE Systems Hawk (Diecast model: 1:72 Hawk T.1 XX326/A of the RAF, 1984)
No.37 February 2012
Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (Diecast model: 1:72 P-40B ’68’ of the American Volunteer Group, 1942)
No.38 March 2012
Republic F-84 Thunderjet (Diecast model: 1:100 F-84 11158/132 of the Republic of China Air Force, 1958)
No.39 March 2012
SEPECAT Jaguar (Diecast model: 1:100 Jaguar GR.3 XX738/ED of 6 Sqn of the Royal Air Force, 2007)
No.40 April 2012
Junkers Ju87 Stuka (Diecast model: 1:72 Ju 87B-2 J9+AL of the Luftwaffe, 1941)
No.41 April 2012
Douglas A-4 Skyhawk (Diecast model: 1:72 A-4M 8194 of the US Marine Corps, 1981)
No.42 May 2012
Boeing F-15 Eagle (Diecast model: 1:100 F-15A 76-020 of the USAF, 1985)
No.43 May 2012
Morane-Saulnier MS406 (Diecast model: 1:72 MS.406C1 989 of the French Air Force, 1940)
No.44 June 2012
A-10 Thunderbolt II (Diecast model: 1:100 A-10A 149/IN of the USAF, 1994 in D-Day stripes)
No.45 June 2012
De Havilland Vampire (Diecast model: 1:72 Vampire FB.9 WP990 of the RAF, 1955)
No.46 July 2012
Dassault Mirage 2000 (Diecast model: 1:100 Mirage 2000C 5-OP of the French Air Force, 1991 – Desert camouflage)
No.47 July 2012
Grumman F-14 Tomcat (Diecast model: 1:100 F-14A 101/NF from USS Kittyhawk of the US Navy, 20??)
No.48 August 2012
Heinkel He162 (Diecast model: 1:72 He 162A-2 ’11’ (yel) of III/JG1 the Luftwaffe, 1945)
No.49 August 2012
Eurofighter Typhoon (Diecast model: 1:100 Typhoon F.2 ZJ924/QO-H of 3 Sqn, RAF, 2008)
No.50 September 2012
Messerschmitt Me163 (Diecast model: 1:72 Me 163B (no serial) of the Luftwaffe, 1944)
No.51 September 2012
Fairey Gannet (Diecast model: 1:100 Gannet COD.4 XA454 264/H of 849 Sqn of the Royal Navy, 1970)
No.52 October 2012
Dewoitine D520 (Diecast model: 1:72 D520 343 ‘M’ of the Vichy French air Force, 1941)
No.53 October 2012
Hawker Tempest (Diecast model: 1:72 Hawker Tempest I JN751/R-B of the RAF, 1944)
No.54 November 2012
F9F Panther (Diecast model: 1:72 F9F-2B 127207/WL of VMF-311 of the US Marine Corps, 195?)
No.55 November 2012
Messerschmitt Bf110 (Diecast model: 1:100 Bf 110 nightfighter C3+EF of the Luftwaffe, 1944)
No.56 December 2012
Mikoyan-Gurevitch MiG-3 (Diecast model: 1:72 MiG-3 (no serial) of the Soviet Air Force, 1942 – white with red stripe)
No.57 December 2012
F-86 Sabre (Diecast model: 1:72 Canadair Sabre 6 JA-344 of the West German Air Force, 1963)
No.58 January 2012
North American T-6 Texan (Diecast model: 1:72 LT-6G 83579/LTA-579 of the USAF, 1953)
No.59 January 2012
Dassault Mirage III (Diecast model: 1/100 Mirage IIIC ’10-RF’ of the French Air Force, 1969)
No.60 February 2012
Fokker D.VII (Diecast model: 1:72 Fokker D.VII ‘Lo!’ of the Imperial German Army Air Force, 1918)

Mushroom Model Magazine – Contents Listing

See the full magazine details.

Vol.1 No.1 Summer 1996
Aussie Challenge – building a 1/72 scale Wirraway; Defiant – survey of all available kits, decals & accessories; Bulldog! – the last Bristol Bulldog; Three wheels or four? – Very small scale classic car models; Books reviews;
Monumental tank – Polish T-34 survivor described & illustrated; Talking point – the “In Action” series: reference or rip-off?
Vol.1 No.2 Autumn 1996
INTERNETional Modelling – using the Internet and Web; Japanese WW2 Cockpit Colours -Part One: IJNAF colours; Some Laws of Modelling – not quite serious rules from IPMS Huston; Two Horses, Four Wheels – modelling the “Deuche” (Citroen 2CV); PWS-10: a Pole that went to Spain – history, modelling details & colours; Hot off the Workbench – the review section; Barry’s Modelling Page – F-82G, F-16A/B & RF-18 models from Barry Francis
Vol.1 No.3 Winter 1996
Dornier Do 17/215 Nightfighters – colour schemes & modelling tips; Japanese WW2 Cockpit Colours – Part 2, IJNAF; Tasman – the Rex Barker story – the history of Tasman & Kiwi Wings; Albatros – de Havilland’s elegant airliner; Hot Off the Workbench – reviews of the latest from Accurate Miniatures and many others; Not on the Workbench – sorry saga of a mistaken purchase!
Vol.1 No.4 Spring 1997
Scratchbuilding Novice – Peter Westbrook’s award-winning Fokker FIII; Hot Off the Workbench – Zlin, Halberstadt, DH 91 – detailed reports on building the Aeromaster, Skybirds’86 & AirCraft Model kits ; Modelling & Internet – Including Norwegian He 115s and USN interior colours; Red Starry Skies Part 1: Yaks – Modelling WW2 Soviet fighters – 1st of a new series
Vol.2 No.1 Summer 1997
Balkan Emils; Slow But Deadly #1; Return to Sender?; Hot off the Workbench
Vol.2 No.2 1997
Fatally Flawek Foker?; Asian Triumphs; Spanish Fokkers; Balkan Emils Part 2; Hot off the Workbench; Blenheim – Survivor’s Tales; Modelling & the Internet
Vol.2 No.3 1997
Marcel Bloch MB 150 Series; Super Shturmoviks – Accurate Miniatures’ Il-2 Shturmoviks; He 170A in Hungarian service; Adam’s rib. Point of view from a modeler and kit producer’s wife. (Aeroclub); Chiltern Show and the IPMS UK Nationals; Readers feedback, new models info and reviews, comments; Hot off the Workbench; Hints and tips
Vol.2 No.4 1998
Boeing B-17E – Colors and markings; Scratchbuilt Lloyd 1903 motorcycle; “Flaming Galahs” New aerobatic team Royal Australian Air Force; Lotus 25 – The “Clarkmobile”; Warships of the Spanish Civil War; Readers feedback, new models reviews and comments; Hot off the Workbench; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.1 1998
Aeronavale aircraft 1939-40, part 1 (French naval aviation 1939/1940 – Information and color schemes of various aircraft of the service); Aeroclub, the inside story; 1/72nd scale Il-2 Shturmoviks – complete kit survey; Australian F/A-18 display team colours; Readers feedback, new models reviews and comments; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.2 1998
Aeronavale aircraft 1939-40, part 2 (French naval aviation 1939/1940 – Information and color schemes of various aircraft of the service. List of kits available); Fieseler V-1 (scale plans, detail drawings, etc); McLaren MP 4/5B, detailing Tamiyas F 1 car; Airbrushes for modellers; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.3 1998
Aeronavale aircraft 1943-5 (French naval aviation 1943/1945 – Information and color schemes of various aircraft of the service); Avro Shackleton AEW2 (conversion from Revell kit); McLaren MP 4/5B, detailing Tamiyas F 1 car; Moto Guzzi V-8 scratch built; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.3 No.4 1999
Hawker Fury biplanes over Yugoslavia. History, kits; Polikarpov I-16 fighter. Kits and accessories survey; Seafire XV, converting Academy and Model News; Spitfire kits to naval configuration; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.4 No.1 1999
First jets in the USSR, MiG-9 story and modelling details; Heinkel He-70 in Spain. Story and color schemes; French Aeronavale update; Stearman Kaydett, color schemes and models; Yugoslav Fury update and corrections; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.4 No.2 1999
Yugoslav Hurricanes. History of JKRV aircraft in the Balkans and how to build the model; Researcher’s dilemma !! Finding an authentic paint scheme for an Australian P-51D Mustang; My first “Hot Rod” – ’32 Ford hot-rod; Luftwaffe WW2 Machine Guns. MG 15, 17, 131, 81; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips; PT-19 & PT-20
Vol.4 No.3 1999
Fairey Firefly part 1 – early versions. Side views, sketch, detail photos of aircraft; Gallic ghost, a Russian engine in a French MS.406. Morko-Morane history & model details, photos, side views; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.4 No.4 2000
Gloster Gladiator Mk.I. History, colors, model details of this biplane; Rigging biplane models. Useful comments; Ford Woody 48 classic station wagon car; Fairey Firefly update.Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.5 No.1 2000
Gloster Gladiator Part 2 – Gladiator Mk.II & Sea Gladiator (markings, 2½ pages of tone profiles, Sea Gladiator conversion); Soviet Union’s sole DH Mosquito (photos and modelling); Original Fairey Battle drawings (3 pages); Polikarpov Po-2 (photos, history and 1/48 models available); Readers feedback; New models reviews; Hints and tips [24 pages]
Vol.5 No.2 2000
Gloster Gladiator Part 3 – in Irish service; An aircraft modeler tackles a tank kit…. (Tiger I); Planes of the Spanish Museo del Aire, Madrid; History and colors of the Romanian Hurricanes (colour 3-view drwgs); Hawker Nimrod 1:72 plans; Readers feedback; New models reviews (8 pages); Hints and tips
Vol.5 No.3 2000
Vought SB2U Vindicator kits review and conversions; Ryan STM in Netherlands and Australia; History and colors of the Yugoslavian Hurricanes; Curtiss Hawk biplane of Udet; Superdetailing a Fw 190 wheel bay; Readers feedback, new models reviews; Hints and tips
Vol.5 No.4 2001
“Glacier Girl” : P-38 Lightning restoration in colour; Photo-recce Lightnings; Bloch MB.151 in Greek service; 1/32nd scale BF2C-1; Udet Hawk feedback & photos
Vol.6 No.1 2001
RAAF Mirage IIIO – part one; “Ekranoplans”; B-17E/XC-108 restoration
Vol.6 No.2 2001
Dornier Do 18; Mirage IIIO Part 2 – kit survey; contest-winning Mustang; Panzerjaeger IV L70; Czech B-24 Liberators; Polish pin-up girl – striking Mustang nose art!
Vol.6 No.3 2001
Avia BH-33 in Yugoslav service; Dornier Do 24; 1/72nd scale Blenheims
Vol.6 No.4 2002
Dornier Do 26, Part 3; Heinkel He 219 in Czechoslovakia; A Brace of Tunnans (SAAB J-29); A Modeller’s Evolution, Part 1; Mirage IIIO in RAAF Service; Arado Ar 79; Nailing a Perfect Finish
Vol.7 No.1 2003
Hellenic Battles (colour profiles); Hampden photo-feature; Balkan Air War 1944-45
Vol.7 No.2 2003
“What If?” models; AC-47 gunship; 1/32nd scale Mirage IIIO; Air Operations Over Yugoslavia 1944-45 part 2
Vol.7 No.3 2003
Photo Finish; Hellenic Henschels; Mirage in Blue(s); Cross Kitting 1/1 scale; A unique contra-prop Spitfire PR.XIX; Dangerous Dakotas 2
Vol.7 No.4 2003
America’s First Jet P-59A; A Modeller’s Evolution Part 4; Dangerous Dakotas Part 3; Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews; Yugoslav Fjuri II
Vol.8 No.1 2004
Spirit of Adventure!; And I ’m feeling Glad all over…; The Hellenic Henschels part 2; Jumo Junkie; Air Operations over Yugoslavia 1944-5; Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews
Vol.8 No.2 2004
A Modeller’s Evolution – part; “Spirit of Adventure” Part 2 of the Sikorsky S-38 & S-39 story; AFVs of the Spanish Civil War, #1; That’s No Mirage!; Bulldogs with a Difference; Red Radial Hurricane Revisited; “File o’Facts” – Airspeed Oxford; Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews; Bell P-59A – an encore; Details of more Airacomet kits
Vol.8 No.3 2004
Arado Ar 65 in Bulgarian service (history, and two ways to make the model – resin and conversion); Surf’s Up! Revell’s 1948 Ford Woody, with boat and surf board; The Magnificent Mars (Background to the new CMR kit, photos, 1:144 scale drwgs); Hot off the Workbench; Book Reviews [24 pages]
Vol.8 No.4 2004
Douglas DC-2; Yugoslav Spitfires and Hurricanes; T-28 Trojan in 1/48; Gift-wrapped Mirage IIIO; Airbus & B757 Makeovers; Ikarus S-49; Oxford Revisited; Hot off the Workbench; Books reviews
Vol.9 No.1 2005
Hellenic Gladiators; Westland Wyvern 1/48; WM21 Solyom; Comper Swift; Hot off the Workbench; Books reviews
Vol.9 No.2 2005
The Hellenic Gladiators part 2 Modelling the Greek Glads in 1/72nd; Dutch DC-2 addendum Dissent over the accuracy of the Cloudmaster decals!; Blohm und Voss BV 40 The Luftwaffe ’s most unlikely fighter,described and drawn
by Brian Marshall; Tractor Oruga Industrial Blindado Rusty Sprocket with more SCW armoured cars; “Accurate ” Yaks? Aleksej Ilic in despair at the accuracy of current Yak kits; A Blue Parrot on My Shoulder Christian Boehm battles to make an accurate Privateer in 1/72nd; EZ-Mask update News from Chris Loney about his canopy masks and related products; Hot off the Workbench 18; More goodies (and baddies) revealed; Book Reviews
Vol.9 No.3 2005
Bulgarian Fw 58 Weihe; Arkhangelsky Ar-2; Helicopters over Algeria; Dazzle – painted Mustang; Hot off the Workbench
Vol.9 No.4 2005
Vampire De Havilland vs Classic Airframes; Late Corsair cowlings; Fw 200C scale plans by Arthur Bentley; VIP Condors; Small scale detail; Hot off the workbench; Book reviews
Vol.10 No.1 2006
ACW Naval Vessel; BP Defiant kit survey; Bottisham then and now; Junkers W34 detail photos; Hot off the Workbench
Vol.10 No.2 2007
Amphibious C-47; Bell 47 over Malta; Phantom. Pembroke & Spitfire; Junkers G38 & Ki-20; Hot off the Workbench; Books reviews
Vol.10 No.3 2007
Yellow & Black – Martinet and Lysander target tug models; Dewoitine D.510 in China Alex Crawford finds an unusual colour scheme for the old Heller kit; Spanish Foreign Legion – A first for MMM? Figure modelling details!; Automitrailleuse Citroen 2CV – An unlikely AFV from Ley Reynolds; Vickers Wellington Mk.II – Steve Woodward puts Merlins on his Wellie; Forty-Eighth Firebrands – Robin Powell has fun with some Magna Models resin; Culver Continued – More on the little Culver PQ-14 from David Money; Hot off the Workbench – More goodies (and baddies) revealed; Book Reviews
Vol.10 No.4 2007
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Model Art International – Contents Listing

See the full magazine details.

Issue No.1 December 1991
Plastic Classics: Italian Fighters of World War 2 by Steve Di Nucci (11 page detailed survey of relevant kits); Lifting the Lid – kit reviews; Under the Spotlight: Heller’s 1:48th Etendards; Master Class: Heller’s 1:24th Focke Wulf 190A (8 page super detailing feature)
Issue No.2 January 1992
Plastic Classics: F-104 Starfighters by Steve Di Nucci (11 page detailed survey of relevant kits); 1991 Japan Hobby Fair News; Under the Spotlight: Airfix 1:72nd Harriers GR.5/7/10; Lifting the Lid – kit reviews
Issue No.3 February 1992
Plastic Classics: Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury (11 page special on kits from the 1950s to date); 1 to 1: Scottish Aviation Bulldog (flying with the RAF’s University Air Squadrons); Master Class: Monogram 1:48th F-102 by Steve Di Nucci (9 page super detailing feature); Lifting the Lid – kit reviews
Issue No.4 March 1992
Plastic Classics: Avro Lancaster (9 page survey of kits from 1:125th to 1:48th scale); 1 to 1: Lancaster NX611 (and a story of RAF Coastal Command Lancasters post war); Master Class: Revell’s 1:72nd Focke Wulf Condor bomber (5 pages of super detailing and updating the kit); Under the Spotlight: Hasegawa’s 1:48th F-18 Hornet; Lifting the Lid – kit reviews; 1992 UK Trade Fair News
Issue No.5 April 1992
Plastic Classics: Lockheed TR-1 and U-2 (8 page feature on kits over the years); Lifting the Lid: Revell’s 1:72nd F-101B Voodoo (with colour page); Master Class: Modelling the HH-3F, HU-16 and C-130 of the US Coast Guard (7 page feature); Sidewinder colours (keyed drawings for the AIM-9 used by different air forces); Lifting the Lid – kit reviews; Under the Spotlight: JMGTs 1:48th resin Bloch 152
Issue No.6 May 1992
Plastic Classics: Heinkel He 219 (5 page review of kits including the new Dragon kit); Vertical launch F-104 Starfighter in 1:72nd by Steve Di Nucci (6 page feature); Lifting the Lid – kit reviews

Military Aviation Review (1) – Contents Listing

See the full magazine details.

Vol.1 No.1 May 1976
Cover photo: 44 Sqn Vulcan; The British Scene; Overseas Round-up; Army Air Corps Part One – The development of the A.A.C.; Double Top Bombing and Navigation Competition (no photos); 6 F.T.S. Finningley; Binbrook Goes Camouflaged; U.S. News and Views; The Air Cadets (Chipmunk T.10 AEF Colour Schemes: 1 page tone drwgs); Supermarine Attacker by Roger Lindsay (1 page tone drwgs); Le Gendarmerie; Military Air Displays 1976 – listing; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos
Vol.1 No.2 June 1976
Cover photo: 56 Sqn Phantom FGR.2; Overseas Round-up; The British Scene; U.S. News and Views; University Air Squadrons (Bulldog tone 4-view drwg + Chipmunk tone profile); LeKG 44 by Christian Emrich; 12th Tactical Weapons Meet by Inter-Air Press; R.A.F. Fire School Catterick; J-33 Sweden’s first jet fighter by Roger Lindsay – Swedish Venom NF.2; Maritime Mossies, Post War by Roger Lindsay – Fleet Air Arm Mosquitos; Osan Air Base – A Visit to South Korea by Inter-Air Press; AC-119 Shadow – serials listing; Photo Spot – misc photos; Military Air Displays 1976 – listing; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos from the early 1960s
Vol.1 No.3 July 1976
Cover photo: New Jersey ANG F-105B; Overseas Round-up; The British Scene; U.S. News and Views; 8 Air Experience Flight; Air National Guard; Maritime Mossies Part 2 (1 page tone profiles); Luftwaffe Convairs – Convair 440 by Christian Emrich; 527th TFTAS; Educational ‘Pigs’: The Vickers Valetta T.3/4 by Roger Lindsay; (1 page tone profiles); Military Air Displays 1976 – listing; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos
Vol.1 No.4 August 1976
Cover photo: SOAF Strikemaster; The British Scene; U.S. News and Views; Overseas Round-up; U.S. Armed Forces Day Display – Upper Heyford, July 3rd 1976; U.S. Armed Forces Day Display – Mildenhall, July 4th 1976; U.S. Air Force Reserve; S.O.A.F. – The Sultanate of Oman’s Air Force; The Long-nosed Meteors Part 1 – Meteor night-fighters by Roger Lindsay; Educational ‘Pigs’ – The Vickers Valetta T.3/4 Part 2 by Roger Lindsay; LTG 62 Lufttransportgeschwader 62 by Christian Emrich; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos
Vol.1 No.5 September 1976
Cover photo: 4 Sqn Harrier GR.3; News Round-up; School of Aircraft Handling; Tactical Fighter Meet; Saudi Survivors – RSaudi AF wrecks & relics by John Wegg; The Long-nosed Meteors Part 2 – Meteor night-fighters by Roger Lindsay (1 page Meteor NF.14 tone drwgs); United States Navy Part One: Fleet Attack and Fighter Squadron Coding Patterns by Lindsay T Peacock; Twenty Years of Nostalgia – West Malling 1956 by Roy Montgomery; Museum Notes; Book Review; Adverts
Vol.1 No.6 October 1976
Cover photo: French AF KC-135F; Autumn Forge – NATO exercise; The Long-nosed Meteors Part 3 – Meteor target-tugs by Roger Lindsay; The North East’s Auxiliaries Part One – Introduction + 607 Sqn by Roger Lindsay; 1417 (Fighter-Reconnaissance) Flight by C M Hobson; West German Sea Kings by Christian Emrich; United State Navy Part Two by Lindsay T Peacock; The Luftwaffenmuseum – A summary of its contents by C Emrich; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 2 – West Malling ‘Battle of Britain’ 15.9.56 by Roy Montgomery; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of A&AEE 50th Anniversary at Boscombe Down
Vol.1 No.7 November 1976
Cover photo: DC ANG F-105D; The ‘ultra-hog’ Returns – F-105 visits to the UK: Nautical Visitors by Lindsay T Peacock; CV-67 U.S.S. John F. Kennedy; The North East’s Auxiliaries Part Two – 608 Sqn by Roger Lindsay; the Luftwaffe’s Long-Range Transports by Christian Emrich; Fincastle Trophy by Alan B Carlaw; The KC-97L by Lindsay T Peacock; photo feature – misc photos; English Electric Canberra by Peter H T Green; Letters to the Editor; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 3 – September 1956 by Roy Montgomery; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos from Keflavik September 1976
Vol.1 No.8 December 1976
Cover photo: Silver Javelin FAW.9; U.S. News and Views edited by Lindsay T Peacock; ‘We Prepare’ a History of No.228 O.C.U. by Roger Lindsay; The F-106 Delta Dart by Lindsay T Peacock; LTG-63 by Christian Emrich; Letters to the Editor; Air Displays 1977 – listing; Moffett N.A.S.; U.S. Navy – update by Lindsay Peacock; Danish Harvards; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part Four – Autumn 1956 by Roy Montgomery; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of German Armed Forces
Vol.1 No.9 January 1977
Cover photo: VMA-324 A-4M; News and Views; photo feature – misc photos; U.S. Marine Corps by Lindsay T Peacock; ‘We Prepare’ a History of No.228 O.C.U. Part Two by Roger Lindsay; Joint Maritime Course Lossiemouth and Kinloss Host N.A.T.O. – by Ian G Stott and Alan Carlaw; Danish Harvards Part Two; Letters to the Editor; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part Five – ‘Exercise FAB’ by Roy Montgomery; Air Displays 1977 – listing; Adverts
Vol.1 No.10 February 1977
Cover photo: VA-93 A-7A; News and Views; 48th T.F.W’s F-4Ds by Lindsay Peacock; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties: No.66 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; 66 Sqn Photo Feature; Letters to the Editor; Predannack by G Wakeham; German Bell 47Gs by Christian Emrich; Air Displays 1977 – listing; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part Six – into 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Davis Monthan: USMC Aircraft photos by John Wegg; Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of military aircraft in civil markings
Vol.1 No.11 March 1977
Cover photo: JASDF F-4EJ; News and Views by Lindsay T Peacock, Akira Watanabe & Baldur Sveinsson; C-130 in U.S.N./M.C. service by Lindsay T Peacock; 144 British Fighters: Fighter Aircraft Procured by Denmark From The U.K. After W.W. II by Ole Nikolajsen; Letters to the Editor; Air Displays 1977 – listing; Pacific Missile Test Center – photo report; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part Seven – Spring 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos taken at Furstenfeldbruck in 1961
Vol.1 No.12 April 1977
Cover photo: RNZAF Strikemaster; photo feature – misc photos; Point Mugu by Henry F Carter; 306 Strategic Wing; Blue Angels Air Display Dates for 1977; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties: No.74 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (2 pages tone profiles); Belgium’s Air and Space Museum, Brussels – photo feature by Silvain Croes; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part Eight – May 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Air Displays 1977 – listing; Davis Monthan Part Two: Convair F-102 Delta Dagger photo feature by John Wegg; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Benelux aircraft
Vol.2 No.1 May 1977
Cover photo: Canberra B.2; News Round-up; German VIP Aircraft by Christian Emrich; Davis Monthan: US Navy aircraft photos by John Wegg; English Electric Canberra: Part Two – The Early Canberra B.2s by P.H.T. Green; The U.S. Coast Guard; St. Athan 1955 by Roy Montgomery (3 tone profiles); Air Displays 1977 – listing; SAAB T-17 Supporter: The New Maid of All Work For the Danish Air Force by Ole Nikolajsen; Danish Round-up; Coleman Barracks by Barry Hickman; Book Review; Twenty Year of Nostalgia Part Nine – Early Summer 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Westland Whirlwind HAR.1 by E Burton; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of USCG aircraft
Vol.2 No.2 June 1977
Cover photo: Lynx HAS.2; News Round-up; FFS ‘S’ Flugzeugfuhrerschule ‘S’ by Christina Emrich; Mildenhall Open House – photo feature; ‘Whirlybirds’ – helicopter news; 700L Squadron: Lynx Intensive Flying Trials Unit by Austin J Brown; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.19 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Air Displays 1977 – listing; US West Coast Displays – photos by John Wegg; Book Review; Reader’s Log Book; German Bell 4Gs correction; Fifties Photo Feature; U.S. Wrecks & Relics by John Wegg; Davis Monthan: ANG aircraft photo feature by John Wegg; Unimetal – scrapyard by Ken Ellis; Twenty Year of Nostalgia Part Ten – July 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of AdlA aircraft at Chateaudun
Vol.2 No.3 July 1977
Cover photo: Asas de Portugal T-37Cs; News Round-up; A.N.G./A.F.REs. by Lindsay T Peacock; R.A.F. Fighter Command Personal Code Letters 1950-1967 by C M Hobson; Icelandic Deliveries – photos by Baldur Sveinsson; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.151 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Silver Jubilee Inter National Air Tattoo – photo feature; The Luftwaffe’s Gate Guardians by Christian Emrich; ‘Whirlybirds’; Davis Monthan: USAF and Army aircraft photos by John Wegg; Among the French Woods by Brian Pickering; N.A.S. Lemoore; Twenty Year of Nostalgia Part Eleven – The Last Days of West Malling by Roy Montgomery; Book Review; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Paris Air Show
Vol.2 No.4 August 1977
Cover photo: SOAF Jaguar; News Round-up; R.A.F. Review – Queen’s review; USS Independence by Ettore and Eugenio Canniello; F.A.A Review – photos by Austin J Brown; N.A.T.C. by Lindsay T Peacock; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.33 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (4 tone profiles); C-9B Skytrain II by Lindsay T Peacock; Davis Monthan – F-102 photos by John Wegg; US Navy – recent changes by Lindsay T Peacock; LTG 61 by Christian Emrich; St Athan 1956 by Roy Montgomery (4 tone profiles); Reader’s Log Book; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Italian AF aircraft
Vol.2 No.5 September 1977
Cover photo: IIAF F-5A; News Round-up; Binbrook’s Lightnings in Focus by Roger Lindsay; West Coast Displays – US air show photos by John Wegg; The Luftwaffe’s Gate Guardians Part II by Christian Emrich; Northrop F-5 by J M Andrade; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part Twelve – September 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Reader’s Log Book; Pima Country Air Museum – photos by John Wegg; Book Review; The B-52 in the U.K. by Lindsay T. Peacock; S.A.H. – School of Aircraft Handling by G Wakeham; Cornwall Aero Park by G Wakeham; U.S.M.C. AV-8A by Lindsay T Peacock; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos at Newcastle Airport by Ian MacFarlane
Vol.2 No.6 October 1977
Cover photo: F-105T-stick II; News Round-up; Fifties Photo Feature – Prestwick Armed Forces Day 1956 by Alan Carlaw; Reader’s Log Book; Book Review; The Austrian Air Force by J M Andrade (2 pages tone profiles); Middle East Memories by T.N. Hancock; U.S. Wrecks & Relics by John Wegg; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 13 RAF Kirkham 1957 by Roy Montgomery; Preserved Aircraft in France by G A Hiltermann; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos
Vol.2 No.7 November 1977
Cover photo: RAF Leeming Jet Provost T.5A; News Round-up; Tactical Bombing Competition – at RAF Lossiemouth by Brian Pickering; Eagles v Tigers – Aggressor training at Alconbury by Brian Pickering; Eagle News; R.A.F. Leeming by Brian Pickering; U.S.N. A.S.W. by Lindsay T Peacock; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 14 RAF Kirkham 1957 by Roy Montgomery; MASDC Auctions by Lindsay T Peacock; Naval Memories – NAS Willow Grove July 1966, NARTU Jacksonville April 1967, AV-8A deliveries; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of French Air Force displays
Vol.2 No.8 December 1977
Cover photo: 601 TCW OV-10A Bronco; News Round-up; Phantom Launch Pad – Leuchars by Roger Lindsay; U.S.N. A.S.W. Part 2 by Lindsay T Peacock; The Not SO Super Sabre – F-100 in RDanAF service by Ole Nikolajsen; A History of 226 Operational Conversion Unit by Roger Lindsay; Lightning Photo Feature by Roger Lindsay; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 15 Waterbeach January 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Edwards AFB open day
Vol.2 No.9 January 1978
Cover photo: Italian AF C-119J; News Round-up; Dutch Air Force NF-5s by H J van Broekhuizen; Naval Memories – NAS Glenview June 1966; Air Displays 1978 – listing; Up-date Austrian Air Force; 46th. Aerobrigata by Ettore & Eugenio Canniello; Ala de Caza 11 by S.M. Huertas; Church Fenton ‘At Home’ August 1956 by Roger Lindsay; Markings of the Bundeswehr by Christian Emrich; A History of 226 Operational Conversion Unit by Roger Lindsay Part Two; Lossiemouth Photo Feature by Roger Lindsay; USCG – serving aircraft in 1965; Book Review; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 16 Waterbeach February 1958 Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of EE Lightning in the 1960s
Vol.2 No.10 February 1978
Cover photo: TWU Hawk T.1; News Round-up; The Luftwaffe’s Gate Guardians by Christian Emrich; Confederate Air Force – photos by Ian MacFarlane; Convair F-102 Delta Dagger – Detailing its Air National Guard Service by Lindsay T Peacock; Escadre de Transport 62 by G A Hiltermann; Air Displays 1978 – listing; Field Aircraft Services by D Sargeant; Flight Systems Inc. by John Wegg; MASDC Auctions by Lindsay T Peacock; R.A.F. Ouston at Home 18th September 1954 by Roger Lindsay; Svedino’s – Swedish Museum inc. Photo Feature; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 17 March 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Book Review; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of F-101
Vol.2 No.11 March 1978
Cover photo: F-102 Delta Dagger formation; News Round-up; The Fluganwarterregiment by Christian Emrich; US Wrecks & Relics by John Wegg; Air Displays 1978; Naval Memories – USS Lexington 1962, USS Oriskany 1962; Ten Years of the Hercules by M G Young; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.25 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Convair Delta Dagger Part Two by Lindsay T Peacock; Staravia, Lasham 1964-66 by D Sargeant; Twenty Years of Nostaglia Part 18 April 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of US Navy A-7 Corsair
Vol.2 No.12 April 1978
(Italian Air Force; F-102A & PQM-102A; US Auctions)
Vol.3 No.1 May 1978
Cover photo: Canberra PR.3 prototype; News Round-up; Photo Feature – misc photos; Spanish Notes by S.M. Huertas; Hannover – photo report by Alan Porter; US Auctions; Newark Air Museum – photo feature; 57th FIS by Baldur Sveinsson (T-33 3-view tone drwg); English Electric Canberra Part Three – Further Early Mark Twos by P.H.T. Green; Convair F-102 Delta Dagger Part Four: The TF-102A by Lindsay T Peacock; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 20 – May 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Air Displays 1978 – listing; Book Review; Postbooks; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of German Armed Forces
Vol.3 No.2 June 1978
Cover photo: 2nd BW B-52G; News Round-up; B-52s Arrive!; Spanish C-47s at Blackbushe; ‘Best Focus ’78’ by C de Munck & P Balkhoven; Postbooks; Dutch Air Force Meteors by Micheal A Fopp; 81 T.F.W. Voodoos by A.D. Annis & M.L. Sudds; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.64 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Danish Air Force Wrecks And Relics by John C Dyer; Photo Feature – RDanAF aircraft; Hubschrauber Museum by Alan porter; Book Review; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos
Vol.3 No.3 July 1978
Cover photo: Meteor NF.11; News Round-up; Photo Feature – misc photos; TAM’78 Report and Photographs by G Heinrichs, R Hoffman & B Pickering; The Queen’s Review of the R.A.F. July 1953 by F.A. Hudson; Book Review; Postbooks; HTG 64 by Christian Emrich; Tactical Fighter Meet ’78 by Roger Lindsay; F.S.I. – Flight Systems Inc Update by John Wegg; Central Training Establishment, Manston by Brian Pickering; English Electric Canberra Part Four – More Early B.2s by P.H.T. Green; U.S. Wrecks & Relics by John Wegg; Reader’s Log Book by Roger Lindsay; Photo Feature – Acklington Display 1958; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 21 – June/July 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Update – small updates to previous issues; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of prototype aircraft
Vol.3 No.4 August 1978
Cover photo: X-15A; News Round-up; Photo Feature – misc photos; Postbooks; Tiger Meet by G Heinrichs & R Hoffman; Ballykelly’s Shackleton Era 1952-1971 by David Hill; The Irish Air Corps by Ken Ellis; Aldergrove Memories by Tony Fairburn; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of aircraft at NAS Lemoore
Vol.3 No.5 September 1978
Cover photo: F-14A; News Round-up; Photo Feature – misc photos; Book Review; Postbooks; U.S. Wrecks & Relics by John E Kerr; Cumaovasi Hava Muze – The Turkish Air Force Museum by O Nikolajsen; U.S. Auctions; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.72 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Reader’s Log Book: Military Visitors to Blackbushe, SBAC Show week 1955; Photo-Reconnaissance Aircraft in Norway 1945-78 by John C Dyer; Update: No.64 Sqn, RDanAF Wrecks & Relics; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 22 – August/September 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Ramstein Flugtag ’78
Vol.3 No.6 October 1978
Cover photo: 11 Sqn Lightning F.6; News Round-up; 15 Stormo by Ettore & Eugenio Canniello; Swiss News by Stephan Kunz; Postbooks; The Luftwaffe’s Gate Guardians by Christian Emrich; Reader’s Log Book: Hendon BofB Display 1948, Waterbeach 24.7.50, Airwork Gatwick July 1951, Reserve Flying Schools; JaBoG 34 by Christian Emrich; Fighter Command Meteor T.7s by T A Brown; Overseas Crashes: October 1958, October 1968 by John C Dyer; Update: Canberra, 81st FTW Voodoos, Photo Feature captions, 20 years nostalgia; Holloman A.F.B. by Jay Sherlock; The Italian Carabinieri by Frank Smith; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 23 – Farnborough 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Mildenhall’s Open House
Vol.3 No.7 November 1978
Cover photo: YB-52; News Round-up; Filing & Storing by Peter H.T. Green; Look Back No.1: The Spitfire by John C Dyer – surviving examples; Puzzle Pictures; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: November 1958 & November 1968; Norwegian Wrecks & Relics by John C Dyer; Kirtland A.F.B. by Jay Sherlock; Photo Feature – Kirtland based aircraft; The Neptune in Europe by John C Dyer; R.A.F. Reserve April 1948; Postbooks; Wallprints; U.S. Sabres; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of the F-86 Sabre
Vol.3 No.8 December 1978
Cover photo: XF-102 Delta Dagger; News Round-up; Societies – local aviation groups; E.T.P.S. by Arthur Pearcy; Spanish Notes by Salvador Mafe Huertas; Bovingdon Diary Part One – Introduction by Arthur Pearcy; HMS Ark Royal – photo feature; St. Athan 1955-56 by Roy Montgomery (4 tone profiles); U-2D 66722; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties: No.65 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Wallprints; Postbooks; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: December 1958 & December 1968; Canberra B.6 photo; Williams A.F.B. by Jay Sherlock; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Edwards AFB Open House
Vol.3 No.9 January 1979
Cover photo: 32nd TFS F-15A Eagle; News Round-up; Martlesham Heath 1958-60 by T A Brown; 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing (sic) – 3rd MAW by John Wegg; Post War Years at Woodley by J A Bartholomew; E.E. Canberra PR.3 by P.H.T. Green; U.S. Wrecks & Relics by John Wegg + Photo Feature; Bovingdon Diary Part Two by Arthur Pearcy; Puzzle Pictures + answers; Wallprints; Postbooks; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: January 1959 & January 1969; Displays ’79 – listing; SAAB 37 Viggen photo; Update – updates to articles in previous issues; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of unusual French military aircraft
Vol.3 No.10 February 1979
Cover photo: Vickers Valiant prototype; News Round-up; We Fly With SAC’s Tankers by Roger Lindsay; The Norwegian Air Force 1945-78 by John C Dyer; Bovingdon Diary Part Three by Arthur Pearcy; E.E. Canberra PR.3 Part Two by P.H.T. Green; Look Back No.2: The Meteor by John C Dyer – surviving Meteors; Update; Displays ’79 – listing; Wallprints; Postbooks; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: February 1959 & February 1969; Sud Est Mistral photo; Photo Feature – misc photos; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Fiat aircraft
Vol.3 No.11 March 1979
Cover photo: F4D-1 Skyray; News Round-up; CAF Airshow ’78 by John R Kerr; F-16s visit UK – photo report; USN Fleet Fighter Sqdns During The Sixties Part One by Lindsay T Peacock; The Norwegian Air Force 1945-78 Part Two by John C Dyer; Deliveries ’78 by G Pickering & A Porter; Book Review; Bovingdon Diary Part Four by Arthur Pearcy; Puzzle Pictures – & some answers; Wallprints; Postbooks; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: March 1959 & March 1969; F-89Ds photo; Display ’79 – listing; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of USS Kittyhawk aircraft in 1978
Vol.3 No.12 April 1979
Cover photo: Vulcan B.1; News Round-up; French Open Days – listing; Confederate Air Force by John Kerr; USN Fleet Fighter Sqdns During The Sixties Part Two by Lindsay T Peacock; Bovingdon Diary Part Five by Arthur Pearcy; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.247 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: April 1959 & April 1969; Irish Army Air Corps by M Greenham; MAP-MAR Sales; Canberra line-up photo; displays ’79 – listing; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of New Zealand Armed Forces
Vol.4 No.1 May 1979
Cover photo: 57th FIS F-4 & KC-135A; Inside cover photo: Canberra prototype; News Round-up; 81st TFW news; The Norwegian Air Force 1945-78 by John C Dyer; USN Fleet Fighter Sqdns During The Sixties Part Three by Lindsay T Peacock; AKG-51 by Christian Emrich; Bovingdon Diary Part Six: 7th Air Division SAC by Arthur Pearcy; Puzzle Pictures & some answers; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: May 1959 & May 1969; MAP-MAR sales; Turkish Blenheim photo; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 24 – September 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Blackbushe September 1956
Vol.4 No.2 June 1979
Cover photo: Peru AF Canberra B.56; Inside cover photo: 319th BW B-52H; News Round-up; RNZAF Today by A. T. Mulford; English Electric Canberra by P.H.T. Green – incl. photo feature; The Norwegian Air Force 1945-78 by John C Dyer; Bovingdon Diary Part 7 – SAC’s Seventh Air Division by Arthur Pearcy; Look Back No.3: The Canberra by John C Dyer – surviving examples; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: June 1959 & June 1960; MAP-MAR Sales; Indian AF Canberra B.66 photo; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 25 – Autumn 1958 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Fleet Air Arm aircraft at Blackbushe September 1955
Vol.4 No.3 July 1979
Cover photo & Inside cover photo: Alcock & Brown Phantom FGR.2; News Round-up; Display Reports 1979 – USAF Open House Templehof, Mildehnall Air Fete incl. photo feature; The Heeresflieger by Christian Emrich incl. photo feature; Puzzle Pictures & some answers; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: July 1959 & July 1960; Bovingdon Diary Part 8 – SAC’s Seventh Air Division by Arthur Pearcy; Vertols in German Service – Luftwaffe & Heer H-21s by M A Lang; Book Review; Daily Express Exhibition Hendon 1951 by P.H.T. Green; MAP-MAR Sales; Four Meteor T.7s climbing vertically photo; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 26 – Autumn 1958 cont’d by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of SAAF aircraft in 1979
Vol.4 No.4 August 1979
Cover photo: Binbrook Lightnings; Inside cover photo: 700A Sqn Sea Harrier FRS.1; News Round-up; HMS Seahawk – RNAS Culdrose; The Lightning is 25 – photo feature; Display Reports 1979 – IAT Greenham Common incl photo feature; Portugal’s Air Force by Carlos Branco; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: August 1969 & August 1960; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.263 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (1 tone profile); MAP-MAR Sales; English Electric P.1A photo; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 27 – Spring 1959 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of MASDC aircraft
Vol.4 No.5 September 1979
Cover photo: 813 Sqn Wyvern S.4s; Inside cover photo: VT-7 TA-4J; News Round-up; Coronet Stallion by Brian Pickering; JASDF Today by Akira Watanabe; Luftwaffe Serials pre 1968 by Christian Emrich; Puzzle Pictures; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: September 1959 & September 1969; Photo Feature – US military aircraft of the early 1950s; Bovingdon Diary Part 9 – US Army Aviation by Arthur Pearcy; MAP-MAR Sales; Lancaster with Sapphire jet engines photo; Photo Feature – Gibraltar in the early 1950s by D Paterson; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of UAS Chipmunks
Vol.4 No.6 October 1979
Cover photo: Swiss Hunter F.58; Inside cover photo: 7th BW B-52D; News Round-up; Photo Feature – misc photos; US Navy Training Units Since 1957 by Lindsay Peacock incl photo feature; BoB Acklington 13.9.57 by Roger Lindsay; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: October 1959 & October 1969; Bovingdon Diary Part 10 – The 49th Air Division by Arthur Pearcy; MAP-MAR Sales; Lockheed XF-90 photo; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 28 – Summer 1959 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Avro aircraft engine testbeds
Vol.4 No.7 November 1979
Cover photo: Spiteful F.14; Inside cover photo: Curtiss Wright XF15C-1; News Round-up; English Electric Canberra by P. H. T. Green; Abingdon Battle of Britain Display 15.9.79 – photos; US Navy Training Units Since 1957 Part Two by Lindsay Peacock incl. 2 photo features; Puzzle Pictures & some answers; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: November 1959 & November 1969; Bovingdon Diary Part 11 – Coastal Command by Arthur Pearcy; MAP-MAR Sales; Short Stirling Mk.V photo; BoB Bebson 15.9.56; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of early post-war British aircraft types
Vol.4 No.8 December 1979
Cover photo: 26th TRW RF-4C; Inside cover photo: 263 Sqn Meteor F.8s; News Round-Up; Photo Feature – Monino museum, Sea Fury crash; U.S. Air Force Reserve by Brian Pickering; Luftwaffe T-birds by M A Lang; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.245 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (1 page tone profiles); Bovingdon Diary Part 12 – US Naval Aviation in Europe by Arthur Pearcy; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: December 1959 & December 1969; RNethAF F-16B photos; Update – more 263 Sqn info; Book Review; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of obscure US military helicopter types
Vol.4 No.9 January 1980
Cover photo: XTB3F-1S Guardian; Inside cover photo: US Navy EC-135; News Round-up; Displays ’80 – listing; Hill AFB – photos by Henry F Carter; Photo Feature – misc photos; 1st Marine Brigade by John Wegg; two Anson photos; Luftwaffe T-birds Part Two by M A Lang; Daily Express Exhibition Hendon 1951 – more photos; Puzzle Pictures & some answers; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: January 1960 & January 1970; One Thousand Miles by Bicycle – spotting in 1958 by C.P. Russell-Smith; Martin P5M-1 Marlin formation photo; Photo Feature – US Wrecks & relics by John Wegg & Henry F Carter; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of aircraft on Hawaii by John Wegg
Vol.4 No.10 February 1980
Cover photo: Swedish AF SK60As; Inside cover photo: Swedish Lancaster jet-engine testbed; News Round-up; Photo Feature – USN P-3C & Portuguese AF aircraft; Photo Feature – Italian AF T-33s & PD-808s by S Blarasin; Kelly AFB by Henry Carter; Binbrook’s Lincolns by J A Bartholomew (1 page tone profiles); One Thousand Miles by Bicycle Part Two – spotting in 1958 by C.P. Russell-Smith; Books for sale; Bovingdon Diary Part 13 – US Naval Aviation in Europe by Arthur Pearcy; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: February 1960 & February 1970; Piasecki YH-16A photo; displays ’80 – listing; Squadron stickers; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of British aircraft
Vol.4 No.11 March 1980
Cover photo: Turkish AF Mosquito T.3; Inside cover photo: crashed Cranwell Chipmunk T.10; News Round-up; SAAF’s Sixtieth Anniversary – photo feature; The RAF College is 60 – A Short History by Peter Green; Luftwaffe T-birds Part Three by M A Lang; Squadron Stickers; 226 Sqn Boston photo; George AFB by John Wegg; Bovingdon Diary Part 14 – US Naval Aviation by Arthur Pearcy; displays ’80 – listing; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: March 1960 & March 1970; RCN TBM-3 Avengers photo; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 29 – Summer 1959 by Roy Montgomery; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of MASDC HU-16 Albatross aircraft
Vol.4 No.12 April 1980
Cover photo: F-15 Eagle in HAS shelter; Inside cover photo: IWM’s B-29; News Round-up; MASDC – photos by Ian MacFarlane; Air Sho ’79 by Ian MacFarlane; America’s Other Eagle – the F-15 by John C Dyer; MC&TTS – Malta Comms & Target Towing Sqn by Roger Lindsay; Bovingdon Diary Part 15 – US Naval Aviation by Arthur Pearcy; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: April 1960 & April 1970; displays ’80 – additions & corrections to listing; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 30 – Cyprus 1959 by Roy Montgomery; Squadron Stickers; Consolidated XB-32 photo; Photo Feature – Royal Navy aircraft accidents & HMS Implacable aircraft; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of S-2 Tracker
Vol.5 No.1 May 1980
Cover photo: Supermarine Type 508; Inside cover photo: new Red Arrows Hawk T.1s; News Round-up; America’s Other Eagle Part Two – F-15 Eagle by John C Dyer; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.63 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (1 page tone profiles); Squadron Stickers; Luftwaffe T-Birds Part Four by M A Lang; Bovingdon Diary Part 16 – USMC in the UK by Arthur Pearcy; Fairchild YC-119H photo; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: May 1960 & May 1970; displays ’80 – listing; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Meteor F.8s
Vol.5 No.2 June 1980
Cover photo: Javelin FAW.1; Inside cover photo: Danish Westland Lynx HAS.80; News Round-up; America’s Other Eagle by John C Dyer; Two Weeks in Malta 1962; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: June 1980 & June 1970; Post Books; Bovingdon Diary Part 17 – United States Coast Guard by Arthur Pearcy; RCAF 408 Sqn Lancaster B.X photo; Squadron Stickers; displays ’80 – listing; Squadron Prints; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Vampire/Venom by R Rayner
Vol.5 No.3 July/August 1980
Cover photo: First Tornado GR.1; Inside cover photo: Belgian F-16As; News Round-up; Best Focus ’80; Newbury Air Festival; Nellis – Nellis AFB by Roger Lindsay; Keflavik in Focus – photo feature; 228 Squadron goes to War by David Hill; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: July 1960 & July 1970; Post Books; Bovingdon Diary Part 18 – HMS Ark Royal by Arthur Pearcy; Republic XF-12A Rainbow photo; Post Books; displays ’80 – listing; Squadron Stickers; Squadron Prints; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Abbotsinch open day in 1959
Vol.5 No.4 September 1980
Cover photo: 322nd Air Division C-130A; Inside cover photo: Turkish AF C-130E; News Round-up; Hawks Arrive At Chivenor by David Watkins; HMS Hornbill – RNAS Culham by S J Bond; SBAC Visitors Twenty Years Ago – RAF Odiham visitors; Bovingdon Diary Part 19 – USN R4D Skytrain by Arthur Pearcy; Puzzle Pictures – photos & some answers; Post Books; Book Review; displays ’80 – listing; post books; Squadron Stickers; Update – comments on previous articles; Convair YB-60 photo; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: August 1960 & September 1960, August 1970 & September 1970; Squadron Prints; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Ansons
Vol.5 No.5 October 1980
Cover photo: B-52D viewed from KC-135; Inside cover photo: RAF Puma formation; News Round-up; Show Photo Special – misc photos; Heavy Attack Squadrons of the US Navy Part One by Lindsay Peacock; A History of RAF Chivenor by David Watkins (1 page tone profiles); Post Books; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 31 – Cyprus 1959 by Roy Montgomery; Douglas XA2D-1 Skyshark photo; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: October 1960 & October 1970; Puzzle Points – unsolved queries; Postbooks; Squadron Prints; Classified Adverts; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of late 1940s/1950s RAF aircraft by Raymond Rayner
Vol.5 No.6 November 1980
Cover photo: USN P2V-5 Neptune; Inside cover photo: USAF C-130A; News Round-up; The Jaguars at Abingdon by Barry D Cooper; Heavy Attack Squadrons of the US Navy Part Two by Lindsay Peacock (1 page tone profiles); Bovingdon Diary Part 20 – The Douglas Super Dakota by Arthur Pearcy; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: November 1960 & November 1970; Puzzle Points – unsolved queries; Postbooks; Squadron Prints; Post Books; Valiant B.2 photo; Puzzle Pictures; Military Aircraft Photographs – Fleet Air Arm aircraft by Raymond Rayner
Vol.5 No.7 December 1980
Cover photo: CAF Bell CH-136; Inside cover photo: TTTE Tornado photo; News Round-up; Canadian Armed Forces – A Visit To Maritime And Air Command by Alan Mulford; Heavy Attack Squadrons of the US Navy Part Three Lindsay Peacock (1 page tone profiles); Bovingdon Diary Part 21 – The USAF Air Rescue Service by Arthur Pearcy; Book Review; Post Books; CF-100 Canuck Mk.3 photo; Puzzle Pictures; Puzzle Points; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: December 1960 & December 1970; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of RAF aircraft
Vol.5 No.8 January 1981
Cover photo: Meteor NF.14; Inside cover photo: Meteor P.V (Reaper); Update – comments on previous articles; Puzzle Pictures – answers; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties No.85 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (1 page tone profiles); Book Review; postbooks; Puzzle Points – unsolved queries; Sea Fury Round-up – survey of surviving aircraft by K Ellis; Heavy Attack Squadrons of the US Navy Part Four Lindsay Peacock (RA-5C tone profile); Bovingdon Diary Part 22 – Maintenance And Overhaul by Arthur Pearcy; Post Books; Boeing Sea Ranger photo; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: January 1961 & January 1971; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of RAF aircraft
Vol.5 No.9/10 February/March 1981
Cover photo: Bristol Bombay; Inside cover photo: Turkish AF TF-104G; Current Affairs – news; Type Profiles: Supermarine Swift F.1 & Avro Anson C.XIX; RAF Museum Photos – misc pre-WW2 photos; Twenty Years of Nostalgia Part 32 – Winter 1959 by Roy Montgomery; Wreck Hunting in 1970 by G Wakeham; MFG-4 Marinefliegergeschwader 4 by Christian Emrich; Bovingdon Diary Part 23 – The Douglas B-27 Invader by Arthur Pearcy; Air Training Corps – current status & old photos; Westland’s Fixed Wings – Westland aircraft photo feature; A History of the Turkish Air Force Part 1: 1944-1952 by Ole Nikolajsen; Sea Fury Round-up – supplement on German survivors; RAF Order of Battle, January 1950; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: February 1961 & March 1961 & February 1971 & March 1971; US of A 1980 – misc US military photos by HF Carter; Post Books; Wyvern TF.1 photo; Puzzle Pictures & some answers; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of aircraft by Arthur Pearcy
Vol.5 No.11/12 June/July 1981
Cover photo: Lossiemouth Tactical Bombing Contest aircradft line-up; Inside cover photo: 801 NAS Sea Harrier; Current Affairs – news; Ejercito del Aire – photo feature by Michel Fournier; The Meteor in Australian Service (2 pages tone profiles); Valley Anniversary Special – RAF Valley vertical photo; A History of RAF Valley ‘Croeso y Valley’ by David Watkins; ‘From the Sand to the Star’ 4 Flying Training School – history by David Watkins; Bovingdon Diary Part 24 – Flying Forts and Superforts by Arthur Pearcy; Squadron Prints; Anglo French Spot – British aircraft in French service in the 1950s photo feature; French Lancasters – photo feature; Type Profiles: Supermarine Swift F.2; Adverts; Pre 1945 Bristols – Bristol aircraft photo feature; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: April 1961 & May 1961 & April 1971 & May 1971; Post Books; Bolingbroke on floats photo; Puzzle Pictures – photos & some answers; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of WW1 RFC aircraft
Vol.6 No.1 August/September 1981
Cover photo: RAAF C-130H; Inside cover photo: Turkish AF F-104S; Current Affairs – news; IAT’81 – photo feature; The Royal Australian Air Force in its Diamond Jubilee Year by Alan Mulford; Coley’s Yard – scrapyard visit by MJD Watts; Royal Air Force Flights: The 300 Series of 1918-1919 by R C Sturtivant; ‘Kilau-Naga-Aman’: A History of the Royal Malayasian Air Force by O Nikolajsen; Aeronavale Photo Feature – 1950s aircraft; Type Profiles: Supermarine Swift F.3, Supermarine Swift F.4, Avro Anson C.19; Adverts; Squadron Prints; Spitfires – the end of the line! Crashed Spitfires photo feature; Spitfires in Overseas Service – photo feature; Order of Battle 1950 – RAF orbat for 1 Dec 1950; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: June 1961 & July 1961 & June 1971 & July 1971; Update – additions to ‘Wreck Hunting in 1970’ article; The Putzer Elster – German aircraft type with prodn list by Christian Emrich; Post Books; Ryan XFR-1 Fireball photo; Puzzle Pictures – photos & soe answers; Puzzle Points – unsolved queries; BoB Film Spitfires – photo feature by P H T Green; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of pre-1945 British aircraft
Vol.6 No.2 October/November 1981
Cover photo: 57th FWW F-16A; Inside cover photo: 899 Sqn Sea Harrier FRS.1; Current Affairs – news; The C.A.F. Re-visited by Alan Mulford; Squadron Prints; Order of Battle 1946 – RAF orbat 1 Jan 1946; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: August 1961 & September 1961 & August 1971 & September 1971; Aircraft of the R.A.F. 1918-39: The Hawker Fury; Marineflieger Serials 1958-1968 by Christian Emrich; French Air Force – photo feature; Fighter Squadrons of the Fifties: No.26 Sqdn by Roger Lindsay (1 page tone profiles); ‘Filton Flyers’ Bristol University Air Squadron by David Watkins; Adverts; BoB Film Spitfires – photo feature; Puzzle Pictures; Post Books; Boeing YL-15 Scout photo; Type Profiles: Supermarine Swift FR.5; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of the BAC Lightning
Vol.6 No.3 February/March 1982
Cover photo: Short 320; Inside cover photo: 173 TRS Nebraska ANG RF-4C; Current Affairs – new; MCAS Beaufort by John Wegg; Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312 by John Wegg; Phantom Pride – USMC F-4S operations by John Wegg; RAF Flights 400 Series 1918-19 by Ray Sturtivant; USAFE Open Days – listing; Adverts; Type Profiles: Supermarine Swift FR.5 cont’d; RAAF – photos by DR Neats; The Hunter in Germany – RAFG Hunter units; Brazilian Feature – photos by Mario Vinagre; Air National Guard by Henry F Carter; Irish Two-Seat Spitfires by K Ellis; Beech UC-12B; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: October 1961, November 1961, October 1971, November 1971; Letters to the Editor; IPMS – list of UK branches; Short S.6 Sturgeon photo; Post Books; The Luftwaffe in 1946 – wreck photos by SJ Bond; Puzzle Pictures – photos & some answers; MAR BAck Issues; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of 1930s RAF aircraft
Vol.6 No.4 April/May 1982
Cover photo: Hawker Audax; Inside cover photo: Frecce Tricolori’s first MB.339A; The Flight Checkers – 115 Sqn RAF; Boeing XB-15 photo; Post Books; Boeing B-17E pair photo; Aircraft of the R.A.F. 1918-39: The Hawker Audax by R F Barker; Adverts; Fleet Air Arm 1946 – orbat by R C Sturtivant; A History of the Turkish Air Force Part Two – A Striking Force (1952-1963) By Ole Nikolajsen (inc. corrections to part one); U.S. Air Force Reserve by H F Carter; Order of Battle 1946 – RAF orbat changes in January 1946; Open Days – listing; Type Profiles: Supermarine Swift F.7; RAF Boeing B-17s photo; Boeing KC-97Gs photo; Belgian AF Meteors – photo feature; Overseas Crashes by John C Dyer: December 1961, January 1962, December 1971, January 1972; Adverts; MAR Back Issues; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of 1950s US Navy/USMC aircraft
Vol.6 No.5 June/July 1982
Cover photo: RAAF HS.748 & MB.326; Inside cover photo: first 9 Sqn Tornado GR.1; Current Affairs – news; Photo Feature – Spanish AF open day at Zaragoza; The Royal Australian AF Revisited by A Mulford; MFG-3 Marinefliegergeschwader 3 – It’s History and It’s Aircraft by C Emrich; Central Flying School by PHT Green; English Electric Canberra – The Second Canberra Order by PHT Green; The Meteor in Overseas Service – photo feature; RAF Flights 500 Series 1918-19 by RC Sturtivant; “It ain’t arf hot mum” – RAF Mauripur 1952-53 by J Hughes; Type Profiles: Prestwick Pioneer CC.1; Post Books; Lyneham in the Sixties; Order of Battle 1946 – RAF orbat update to 1 Jan 1947; Adverts; MAR Back Issues; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of British export aircraft
Vol.6 No.6 August/September 1982
Cover photo: F-15C Eagle; Inside cover photo: 11 Sqn Lightning F.6; Lindbergh’s Own come to Leeming – 110th TFS Missouri ANG by Roger Lindsay; Current Affairs; A History of the Turkish Air Force Part Three – Supersonic (1963-1976) by Ole Nikolajsen; KC-135Q photo; Order of Battle 1946 – RAF orbat cont’d; The Luftwaffe’s Fiat G-91s by MA Lang; RAF Flights 400 Fleet Air Arms Series 1923-46 by RC Sturtivant; Photo Feature – T-6, B-25 and P-51; Adverts; MAR Back Issues; Post Books; ‘Night Owls’ History of 151 Squadron by D Watkins; Aircraft of the RAF 1918-39: The Short Singapore III by RF Barker; Military Aircraft Photographs – misc photos of Luftwaffe aircraft in British markings

IPMS Magazine – Contents Listing 2000-2019

See the full magazine details.

Vol.37 No.1 1/2000
No information
Vol.37 No.2 2/2000 March/Apr 2000
The Gromit Wing (Wallace and Gromit aircraft); SdKfz 251 Hanomag; Scharnhorst’s Arado Ar 196; 1941 ‘Caunter’ Scheme Part 2; USS Pensacola; Finnish ‘109; The Good, the Bad and the (Ugly) ‘Resin’ Kit; 1950’s Flying Saucer
Vol.37 No.3 3/2000
No information
Vol.37 No.4 4/2000
No information
Vol.37 No.5 5/2000
No information
Vol.37 No.6 6/2000
No information
Vol.38 No.1 1/2001
No information
Vol.38 No.2 2/2001
No information
Vol.38 No.3 3/2001
No information
Vol.38 No.4 4/2001
No information
Vol.38 No.5 5/2001
No information
Vol.38 No.6 6/2001
No information
Vol.39 No.1 1/2002
No information
Vol.39 No.2 2/2002
No information
Vol.39 No.3 3/2002
No information
Vol.39 No.4 4/2002
No information
Vol.39 No.5 5/2002
No information
Vol.39 No.6 6/2002
No information
Vol.40 No.1 1/2003
[The Magazine] Vickers Valiant B.2; Night Ace: Martin Drewes and his aircraft; Leatherneck – U.S. Marine figure in 120mm scale
Vol.40 No.2 2/2003
No information
Vol.40 No.3 3/2003
No information
Vol.40 No.4 4/2003
No information
Vol.40 No.5 5/2003
No information
Vol.40 No.6 6/2003
No information
Vol.41 No.1 1/2004
Space 1999: Moonbase Alpha; AGM Details; Record Breaking Hunter; Scorpion Tank; Scale Modelworld 2003
Vol.41 No.2 Mar-Apr 2004
No information
Vol.41 No.3 May-Jun 2004
No information
Vol.41 No.4 Jul-Aug 2004
No information
Vol.41 No.5 Sep-Oct 2004
No information
Vol.41 No.6 Nov-Dec 2004
No information
Vol.42 No.1 Jan-Feb 2005
No information
Vol.42 No.2 Mar-Apr 2005
No information
Vol.42 No.3 May-Jun 2005
No information
Vol.42 No.4 Jul-Aug 2005
No information
Vol.42 No.5 Sep-Oct 2005
No information
Vol.42 No.6 Nov-Dec 2005
No information
Vol.43 No.1 Jan-Feb 2006
No information
Vol.43 No.2 Mar-Apr 2006
No information
Vol.43 No.3 May-Jun 2006
No information
Vol.43 No.4 Jul-Aug 2006
No information
Vol.43 No.5 Sep-Oct 2006
No information
Vol.43 No.6 Nov-Dec 2006
No information
Vol.44 No.1 01/2007
No information
Vol.44 No.2 Mar-Apr 2007
No information
Vol.44 No.3 May-Jun 2007
No information
Vol.44 No.4 Jul-Aug 2007
No information
Vol.44 No.5 Sep-Oct 2007
No information
Vol.44 No.6 Nov-Dec 2007
No information
Vol.45 No.1 Jan-Feb 2008
No information
Vol.45 No.2 Mar-Apr 2008
No information
Vol.45 No.3 May-Jun 2008
No information
Vol.45 No.4 Jul-Aug 2008
No information
Vol.45 No.5 Sep-Oct 2008
No information
Vol.45 No.6 Nov-Dec 2008
No information
Vol.46 No.1 Jan-Feb 2009
No information
Vol.46 No.2 Mar-Apr 2009
No information
Vol.46 No.3 May-Jun 2009
No information
Vol.46 No.4 Jul-Aug 2009
No information
Vol.46 No.5 Sep-Oct 2009
No information
Vol.46 No.6 Nov-Dec 2009
No information
Vol.47 No.1 Jan-Feb 2010
No information
Vol.47 No.2 Mar-Apr 2010
No information
Vol.47 No.3 May-Jun 2010
No information
Vol.47 No.4 Jul-Aug 2010
No information
Vol.47 No.5 Sep-Oct 2010
No information
Vol.47 No.6 Nov-Dec 2010
No information
Vol.48 No.1 Jan-Feb 2011
No information
Vol.48 No.2 Mar-Apr 2011
No information
Vol.48 No.3 03/2011
Comet Conversion; Northern Ireland Wessex; Operation Battleaxe Crusader
Vol.48 No.4 4/2011
No information
Vol.48 No.5 5/2011
No information
Vol.48 No.6 Nov/Dec 2011
No information
Vol.49 No.1 Jan-Feb 2012
No information
Vol.49 No.2 Mar-Apr 2012
No information
Vol.49 No.3 May-Jun 2012
No information
Vol.49 No.4 Jul-Aug 2012
No information
Vol.49 No.5 Sep-Oct 2012
No information
Vol.49 No.6 Nov-Dec 2012
No information
Vol.50 No.1 01/2013
The United States Air Force Wild Weasel Defence Suppression Aircraft 1965-1996 Part 3: The McDonnell EF-4C/D Á F-4G Phantom II by Steve Di Nucci Battleflag of the Republic; Jersey International Air Display 2012
Vol.50 No.2 02/2013
Tu-114 in 1/72; Sticking It All Together; Nightfighter A-20 Havoc; Early Blitz by John Tapsell (Opel Blitz truck conversion)
Vol.50 No.3 03/2013
Black Chipmunk; An AVRO for Pendon; Kubinka Tank Museum
Vol.50 No.4 4/2013
No information
Vol.50 No.5 5/2013
No information
Vol.50 No.6 6/2013
No information
Vol.51 No.1 1/2014
No information
Vol.51 No.2 2/2014
No information
Vol.51 No.3 3/2014
No information
Vol.51 No.4 4/2014
No information
Vol.51 No.5 5/2014
No information
Vol.51 No.6 6/2014
No information
Vol.52 No.1 1/2015
No information
Vol.52 No.2 2/2015
No information
Vol.52 No.3 3/2015
No information
Vol.52 No.4 4/2015
No information
Vol.52 No.5 5/2015
No information
Vol.52 No.6 6/2015
No information
Vol.53 No.1 1/2016
No information
Vol.53 No.2 2/2016
No information
Vol.53 No.3 3/2016
No information
Vol.53 No.4 4/2016
No information
Vol.53 No.5 5/2016
No information
Vol.53 No.6 6/2016
No information
Vol.54 No.1 1/2017
No information
Vol.54 No.2 2/2017
No information
Vol.54 No.3 3/2017
No information
Vol.54 No.4 4/2017
No information
Vol.54 No.5 5/2017
No information
Vol.54 No.6 6/2017
No information
Vol.55 No.1 1/2018
No information
Vol.55 No.2 2/2018
No information
Vol.55 No.3 3/2018
No information
Vol.55 No.4 4/2018
No information
Vol.55 No.5 5/2018
No information
Vol.55 No.6 6/2018
No information
Vol.56 No.1 1/2019
No information
Vol.56 No.2 2/2019
No information
Vol.56 No.3 3/2019
No information
Vol.56 No.4 4/2019
No information
Vol.56 No.5 5/2019
No information
Vol.56 No.6 6/2019
No information

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IPMS Magazine – Contents Listing 1980-1999

See the full magazine details.

Vol.17 No.1 Jan-Feb 1980
No information
Vol.17 No.2 Mar-Apr 1980
RN Sea Kings; F-16A of the Royal Belgium Air Force (detail photos) [16 pages]
Vol.17 No.3 May-Jun 1980
Balliols being crated for Ceylon (photos) [16 pages]
Vol.17 No.4 Jul-Aug 1980
No information [20 pages]
Vol.17 No.5 Sep-Oct 1980
South African armoured car (drwgs) [16 pages]
Vol.17 No.6 Nov-Dec 1980
CASA 101 (photo); Royal Navy Spitfire XV conversion (drwgs) [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.1 Jan-Feb 1981
F2H-3 Banshee (conversion drwgs for Airfix F2H-2) [12 pages]
Vol.18 No.2 Mar-Apr 1981
No information
Vol.18 No.3 May-Jun 1981
No information [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.4 Jul-Aug 1981
Austrian Bird Dog (1 page drwgs); Cobra (AH-1, 2+ tone profiles) [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.5 Sep-Oct 1981
IAT 1981 photos; Shenyang F-6 in Pakistan Air Force Service (8 tone profiles) [20 pages]
Vol.18 No.6 Nov/Dec 1981
SAAB 35 Draken Part I (4 pages 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs); A Scarlet Starfighter (CAF F-104, 2 pages drwgs); RAF Sabres (6 tone profiles) [32 pages]
Vol.19 No.1 Jan-Feb 1982
Saab 35 Draken – Part 2 (4 pages 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs); Sopwith Swallow (drwgs) [28 pages]
Vol.19 No.2 Mar-Apr 1982
No information
Vol.19 No.3 May-Jun 1982
Canadair Sabre 6 – IDFAF (2-view drwg); Super SAAB Part 3 – SAAB 37 Viggen (3 pages 1/72 scale drwgs) [28 pages]
Vol.19 No.4 Jul-Aug 1982
No information
Vol.19 No.5 Sep-Oct 1982
Super SAAB Part 4 – SAAB 37 Viggen (3 pages camouflage drwgs)
Vol.19 No.6 Nov-Dec 1982
No information
Vol.20 No.1 1983
No information [24 pages]
Vol.20 No.2 2/1983
Buccaneer (2 pages drwgs) [20 pages]
Vol.20 No.3 3/1983
No information [16 pages]
Vol.20 No.4 4/1983
Uruguayan Aviacion Naval N.A. SNJ-6 1975-76 (1 page drwg); Up, Up and Away Update (5 ejection seat drwgs) [16 pages]
Vol.20 No.5 5/1983
MiG-21MF (1/72 scale drwgs) [12 pages]
Vol.20 No.6 6/1983
U.S. Air Force Ancillary Equipment (photos of ground equipment); Israeli Aircaft Industries Kfir C.2 (Spin Trials) (2 pages 4-view 1/72 scale drwg) [20 pages]
Vol.21 No.1 1/1984
Vulcan B.Mk 2 (1/72 scale drwgs of refuelling installation & Shrike missiles) [18 pages]
Vol.21 No.2 2/1984
No information
Vol.21 No.3 3/1984
Home Canopy Moulding (how-to article)
Vol.21 No.4 4/1984
An Aquatic Harvard (T-6 on floats, scale drwgs); Danish F-100 – A Challenging Paint Scheme (how-to article) [12 pages]
Vol.21 No.5 5/1984
Armee de l’Air Colour Schemes in the Battle of France (photos of models) [12 pages]
Vol.21 No.6 6/1984
No information [22 pages]
Vol.22 No.1 1/1985
Snowy Sea Kings (RAF details photos); Israeli Ouragans (10 tone profiles); Phantom Pheature (WGAF F-4s, 6 tone profiles, 3 top/bottom views); Building the F-4K/M (conversion drwgs); Israeli Sabre (2-view tone drwg) [28 pages]
Vol.22 No.2 2/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.3 3/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.4 4/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.5 5/1985
No information
Vol.22 No.6 6/1985
50 Years of Service: DC-3/Dakota Anniversary (5 pages line & tone drwgs) [32 pages]
Vol.23 No.1 1/1986
Mirage IIIO (RAAF, 2 pages drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.23 No.2 2/1986
Czech Spitfires (7 tone profiles); PZL P-46 Sum (12/72 scale 4-view drwg, P-42 side view drwg, details drwg); Spitfire Mk.Vb flown by Sqn. Ldr. Jan Zumbach (1 tone profile) [20 pages]
Vol.23 No.3 3/1986
The Hunter F Mk.6 in Belgian Service(5 tone profiles, 1 4-view tone drwg); 25 Jahre JG 71 ‘Richthofen’ (F-4F special colours, 1 page drwgs); The Martin Baker Mk F100A Ejection Seat for Mirage 2000 (1 page drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.23 No.4 4/1986
PZL P-7A (1/72 scale 5-view drwg, details drwgs); S. Skalski’s PZL P-11C (1/50 scale 3-view tone drwg); Southern Cessna (Mexican Navy Cessna 150 tone profile) [24 pages]
Vol.23 No.5 5/1986
[New format with colour] Israeli Cub (col profile) [32 pages]
Vol.23 No.6 6/1986
Dornier Alpha Jet (1/72 scale 4-view tone drwg) [24 pages]
Vol.24 No.1 1/1987
Portuguese A-7 (photos); Belgian F-84E Thunderjets (3 pages 3-view drwgs) [24 pages]
Vol.24 No.2 2/1987
Luftwaffe F-4F Camouflage Schemes (4 pages drwgs); Belgian Harvards (3 pages drwgs); Danish Dynamite (Draken tone drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.24 No.3 3/1987
Belgian Alouette III (2 tone profiles); The Aussie Mirages (3 pages tone drwgs); F-8E(FN) (col photo); Mirage 5BA (col photo) [24 pages]
Vol.24 No.4 4/1987
Argentinian Falklands War A-4 Skyhawks (7 tone profiles); Boeing B-17C/D (1/72 conversion drwgs); T-2C Buckeye (10 tone profiles); Indian MiG-21s (1 page tone drwgs); MiG-21MF (1/72 scale 4-view drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.24 No.5 5/1987
From Twotter …To Otter (conversion of Matchbox DHC-6 to DHC-3, 1/72 scale 3-view drwg, 9 tone profiles); Ilyushin Il-2 ‘Shturmovik’ (1/72 scale 3-view drwgs, interior & landing gear details, 10 tone profiles); Marcel’s Missing Link … a Mystere Resolved (Mystere IVA, 1 3-view drwg, 2 tone profiles) [30 pages]
Vol.24 No.6 6/1987
Australian Tiger Moths (2 pages tone profiles); Argentine Panthers (F9F, tone drwgs); Building a 1/72 Scale Hawker Hunter (interior drwgs, 3 tone profiles) [40 pages]
Vol.25 No.1 1/1988
Australasian Skyhawks (Australia & New Zealand use, 4 pages drwgs); Singaporean Skyhawks (2 pages drwgs); Skyhawk Kits (1/72 scale kit reviews); Silver Snipes (5 tone profiles) [32 pages]
Vol.25 No.2 2/1988
Super Mystere B2 in Israeli Service (9 tone profiles, 2 plan views); Modelling the Airfix Super Mystere; Polikarpov I-153 ‘Chaika’ (10 tone profiles); The Warsaw Pact Air Forces Colours (2 Czech MiG-21 3-view drwgs); Ilyushin Il-2M-82FN (radial engine conversion, 1/2 page drwgs) [32 pages]
Vol.25 No.3 3/1988
The Nine-Cylinder Hawks (Hawk 75, 1/72 scale 5-view drwg, 11 tone profiles); Portuguese ‘Ginas’ (1/72 scale 4-view camouflage drwg) [32 pages]
Vol.25 No.4 4/1988
The GAF Canberra Mk.20 Cartographic Survey Aircraft (1/72 scale drwgs); ‘Nautical Bats’ The De Havilland Vampire in RAN Service (3 tone profiles); Woomera’s Meteors (8 tone profiles); Post-War Avengers (6 tone profiles) [32 pages + 16 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.25 No.5 5/1988
24th Anniversary Special: Norway’s He 115N (4 tone profiles); SAAB Fortress (1 page drwgs); 30th Anniversary G-91 (col photo, 3-view drwg); Danish Hawker Nimrod (4-view drwg); Canadian CF-5 Aggressor (4-view drwg); Dutch Spitfire Trainer (3-view drwg); MiG-21bis in Finnish Service (5 tone profiles); Belgian Meteor F.8 (5-view drwg) [44 pages]
Vol.25 No.6 6/1988
Mosquito Variants – A Modeller’s Guide (11 tone profiles); Post-War French Schemes (8 tone profiles); Spitfire Mk VIII and IX (conversion); Israeli F-15 No.658 Typhoon (1 tone profile); Lo-Vis Gooney (RAAF C-47 drawings) [32 pages + 16 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.1 1/1989
AV-8B Update (2 pages camouflage patterns); Hawker Hunter Twin Seater XL621 (4 tone profiles); Dutch Spitfires (2 pages drwgs); LaGG-3 (3 pages drwgs); The Football War (5 tone drwgs) [32 pages + 4 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.2 2/1989
Israeli CH-53 (1 tone profile); Photo Reconnaissance Spitfires (5 2-view tone drwgs); Modelling the Su-7 (1/72 scaqle drwg, Czech camouflage pattern, details drwgs); Beaver (7 tone profiles); Photo-Recce Mustangs (5 tone profiles) [28 pages + 12 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.3 3/1989
Airwar Over the Balkans 1940-41 (17 tone profiles); Lavochkin La-5 (4 tone profiles); Singapore Hunters (4 tone profiles) [28 pages + 4 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.4 4/1989
F-104S Starfighter Intercettori Classico (1 tone profile); Operation Jubilee: Dieppe, 19th August 1942 (10 tone profiles); Photo-Reconnaissance Hurricanes (2 tone profiles) [24 pages + 8 page Product Review Supplement]
Vol.26 No.5 5/1989
No information
Vol.26 No.6 6/1989
No information
Vol.27 No.1 1/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.2 2/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.3 3/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.4 4/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.5 5/1990
No information
Vol.27 No.6 6/1990
No information
Vol.28 No.1 1/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.2 2/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.3 3/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.4 4/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.5 5/1991
No information
Vol.28 No.6 6/1991
1991 Nationals Report; Modelling the Me 110; Iraq’s T69II; QANTAS 767 colours; Frogfoot the Sukhoi Shturmovik; Matchbox’s Nooduyn Norseman; 12 pages of Reviews
Vol.29 No.1 1/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.2 2/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.3 3/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.4 4/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.5 5/1992
No information
Vol.29 No.6 6/1992
No information
Vol.30 No.1 1/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.2 2/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.3 3/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.4 4/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.5 5/1993
No information
Vol.30 No.6 6/1993
No information
Vol.31 No.1 Jan-Feb 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.2 Mar-Apr 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.3 May-Jun 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.4 Jul-Aug 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.5 Sep-Oct 1994
No information
Vol.31 No.6 Nov-Dec 1994
No information
Vol.32 No.1 Jan-Feb 1995
No information
Vol.32 No.2 Mar-Apr 1995
No information
Vol.32 No.3 May-Jun/1995
No information
Vol.32 No.4 Jul-Aug/1995
No information
Vol.32 No.5 Sept-Oct/1995
No information
Vol.32 No.6 Nov/Dec 1995
No information
Vol.33 No.1 Jan-Feb 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.2 Mar-Apr 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.3 May-Aug 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.4 Jul-Aug/1996
No information
Vol.33 No.5 Sep-Oct 1996
No information
Vol.33 No.6 Nov-Dec 1996
No information
Vol.34 No.1 1/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.2 2/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.3 3/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.4 4/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.5 5/1997
No information
Vol.34 No.6 6/1997
No information
Vol.35 No.1 1/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.2 2/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.3 3/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.4 4/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.5 5/1998
No information
Vol.35 No.6 6/1998
No information
Vol.36 No.1 1/1999
Hurricane Mk I; Their Finest Hour? Part II; M113 used by Israel; Belgian Nieuports; QE2 part 2; T-Bird Hunter; 11 pages of Reviews
Vol.36 No.2 2/1999
No information
Vol.36 No.3 May-June 1999
Northern European Theatre Diorama, circa 1945; Air Operations Over The Philippines 1941; Their Finest Hour Part IV; Sculpting Figures South African Style; Dungeon Guard
Vol.36 No.4 4/1999
No information
Vol.36 No.5 Sept/October 1999
USS Enterprise (Star Trek, drwgs); Jensen’s Interceptors Part 1; Tempest II; Dingo Diversions; Schnellboot in 1/700 scale, Private Ryan’s ‘Tigers’
Vol.36 No.6 Nov/Dec 1999
IPMS(UK) Nationals Report; Jensen’s Interceptors Part Two; Sci-Fi: The Roswell UFO; KISS (The Band) – in miniature; Destroyer Kits; Tiger Tribute; Fokker F.VII

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IPMS Magazine – Contents Listing 1964-1979

See the full magazine details.

Vol.1 No.1 Jan 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.2 Feb 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.3 Mar 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.4 Apr 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.5 May 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.6 June 1964
No information
Vol.1 No.7 7/1965
No information
Vol.1 No.8 8/1965
No information
Vol.1 No.9 9/1965
No information
Vol.1 No.10 Oct 1965
No information
Vol.1 No.11 Nov 1965
No information
Vol.1 No.12* Dec 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.1 Jan 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.2 Feb 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.3 Mar 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.4 Apr 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.5 May 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.6* June 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.7* Jul/Aug 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.8 8/1965
No information
Vol.2 No.9 9/1965
No information
Vol.2 No.10 Oct 1965
No information
Vol.2 No.11 Nov 1965
Spitfire F.XIV; Typhoon
Vol.2 No.12* Dec 1965
Hs 293 Glider Bomb; Britannia; Grumman Duck
Vol.3 No.1* Jan 1966
RCAF Sabre colour schemes
Vol.3 No.2 2/1966
Avenger; Camel; Fokker E.V
Vol.3 No.3 Mar 1966
Vol.3 No.4 4/1966
B-25; Gnat; German Paratroops
Vol.3 No.5 5/1966
Vol.3 No.6 6/1966
AEC Mk III Armoured Car; Yak-3
Vol.3 No.7 Jul 1966
Revell SR-71 kit review
Vol.3 No.8 Aug 1966
B-24J & M
Vol.3 No.9* Sept 1966
VC10; BAC 111; Wellington
Vol.3 No.10 Oct 1966
Sopwith Pup; Lozenge
Vol.3 No.11* Nov 1966
A6M Zeke 21; Panzerkampfwagen IIIL
Vol.3 No.12 Dec 1966
Luftwaffe Splinter Patterns; Me 410; Gladiator; Bristol Beaufighter
Vol.4 No.1 Jan 1967
Luftwaffe Splinter Patterns
Vol.4 No.2 February 1967
The Lockheed T-33 (4 pages markings drwgs); TV-2; Hints and Tips; Marking Time: Finishing Notes for Monogram Mustang and Kingfisher
Vol.4 No.3 Mar 1967
Cover Comment: The Fi 156 Storch; Hudson to Lockheed 14 Conversion; Gladiator; Hong Kong Comment; Marking Time: Boeing 314A
Vol.4 No.4 April 1967
Cover Comment: Mustang Miscellany (P-51); MiG-15; Marking Time: Vietnam and current US Camouflage
Vol.4 No.5 May 1967
Hawker Nimrod I & II fighter colours (drwgs); A-1 Syraider; US Camouflage Patterns for Vietnam (drwgs)
Vol.4 No.6 June 1967
Panzerkampfwagen IV; B-26 Invader; F-86
Vol.4 No.7* July 1967
R.F.C. Special Issue. Cover Comment: R.E.8 Markings; Sopwith Triplane Markings; Marking Time: General Finishing of RFC and RNAS Aircraft; Rigging Tips; S.E.5A
Vol.4 No.8* Aug 1967
Fleet Air Arm Barracuda; Hellcat; F-100; SPAD S VII
Vol.4 No.9 Sept 1967
Cover Comment: North American Harvard/Texan; Hints and Tips: The use of Moulding in Modifications; Portuguese Markings; HU-16; Refining the Airfix Heinkel He 111
Vol.4 No.10 Oct 1967
The Avro Anson I and II; YF-4M Phantom; Civil Aircraft of Yesteryear
Vol.4 No.11 November 1967
Fleet Air Arm; Shackleton
Vol.4 No.12 December 1967
Cover Comment: The Bearcat (F8F); THe Tigercat (F7F)
Vol.5 No.1 January 1968
Cover Comment: The Boeing 707; SAAB Fortress
Vol.5 No.2 Feb 1968
Westland Whirlwind heli; Westland Wessex Mks 1 & 5
Vol.5 No.3 March 1968
Cover Comment: Douglas Boston IIIA of 114 Sqn RAF Desert Air Force; He 177; Ju 88
Vol.5 No.4 Apr 1968
Sturmgeschutz; Fokker F.VII
Vol.5 No.5 May 1968
Conversion of Me 262A to Me 262B; The colourful F-4B Phantom; Nakajima G8N1 (Rita) Renzan; F6F-3; Converting Forg Mitchell II to a Tokyo Raider
Vol.5 No.6 Jun 1968
Fairey Battle
Vol.5 No.7 Jul 1968
P-47; Hawker Demon
Vol.5 No.8 Aug 1968
Cabin Windows; Me 410
Vol.5 No.9* September 1968
Cover Comment: Messerschmitt Bf 109G; Fw 190D-9; T-33; RAF in India between the Wars (photo page)
Vol.5 No.10 October 1968
Cover Comment: The Junkers Ju 52/3m in Norwegian Civil Service (6 pages drwgs); Skyraider; Helldiver (photo page)
Vol.5 No.11 November 1968
Supermarine Walrus (4 pages tone 4-view drwgs); MiG-21
Vol.5 No.12 Dec 1968
M-3; Rufe
Vol.6 No.1 January 1969
Cover Comment: Mirage III conversions (7 pages drwgs); Squadron Crests (drwgs)
Vol.6 No.2 Feb 1969
Cover Comment Concorde (3 pages nose drwgs); Fiat CR.42
Vol.6 No.3 March 1969
Special Australasian Issue. Hawker Demon (1 page drwgs); RAAF Spitfire V (2 pages drwgs); Beaufighter; Commonwealth Sabre (photo page)
Vol.6 No.4 Apr 1969
Cover Comment: A Matador for the Desert (truck, 1 drwg); Modification to Artiplast Fiat G.55; Italian Air Force colour schemes 1968; Chasseurs a Pied de la Garde 1804-1815
Vol.6 No.5 May 1969
Cover Comment: Grumman J2F Duck (2 drwgs); Typhoon IB (2 pages drwgs); F-102A; Corrections for Mirage III article Á drwgs from January issue
Vol.6 No.6 June 1969
Cover Comment: Handley Page Hampden (2 pages drwgs); MS.406; Fokker F-27; Northrop T-38A; Book Reviews
Vol.6 No.7 July 1969
Spacecraft Special Issue. Cover Comment: Spacecraft (Revell 1/48 spacecraft kits, 3 pages drwgs); Apollo 8 Command Module; Mercury Capsule
Vol.6 No.8 Aug 1969
Bristol Beaufighter; Sopwith Pup
Vol.6 No.9 Sept 1969
General Aviation Issue. Cover Commnet: The Lighter Side; Cessna 310; Cherokee; Beech 18; Aero Commander; H.S.125
Vol.6 No.10 Oct 1969
F-4; MiG-21
Vol.6 No.11 Nov 1969
P-39; F-105F
Vol.6 No.12 Dec 1969
C-130; F-86
Vol.7 No.1 Jan 1970
Cover Comment: The Hawker Tempest (5 pages drwgs); AT-6 of Brazilian AF (3 pages drwgs); Fouga CM-170 Magister; F-86F of USAF Korea; Luftwaffe Rank Insignia
Vol.7 No.2 Feb 1970
HP Jetstream; Typhoon; Hs 129; Boeing 727
Vol.7 No.3 Mar 1970
He 177
Vol.7 No.4 Apr 1970
F-104; Anson; A-7D
Vol.7 No.5 May 1970
Sea King (6 pages drwgs); CH-54; Boeing (Vertol) 107-II/H46
Vol.7 No.6 June 1970
Gloster Meteor I and IV (8 pages drwgs); Gloster Meteor (2 photo pages); Airspeed Oxford of RNethAF (1 page drwgs)
Vol.7 No.7 July 1970
Cover Comment: Hawker Siddeley Harrier; Kestrel Painting Guide; On the Assembly of Sailing Vessels
Vol.7 No.8 Aug 1970
Vol.7 No.9 Sept 1970
Jaguar; Finnish AF Buffalo camouflage
Vol.7 No.10 Oct 1970
Boeing 727; Boeing 737; BAC 111
Vol.7 No.11 Nov 1970
Post-war Spanish AF Hs 123
Vol.7 No.12 Dec 1970
L-29 Delfin
Vol.8 No.1 Jan 1971
Jeep; Rocket Launcher; Bf 109E; F-106
Vol.8 No.2 Feb 1971
Me Bf 109E Cockpit; Airfield Beacon
Vol.8 No.3 Mar 1971
Boeing 727; Boeing 737; Albion 350 Gallon Refueller
Vol.8 No.4 Apr 1971
Yak series; F-100
Vol.8 No.5 May 1971
Fw 190A; Fw 189 drawings; Sd Kfz 234
Vol.8 No.6 June 1971
Vultee Vengeance
Vol.8 No.7 July 1971
Albatros D.III; Sopwith Pup; Camel
Vol.8 No.8 Aug 1971
Me Bf 109K drawings; He 51; Type 94 Floatplane
Vol.8 No.9 Sep 1971
B-25; AT-6
Vol.8 No.10 Oct 1971
TB-26B-45-DL Tow Target Squadron; German MiG-15
Vol.8 No.11 Nov 1971
F-8 Crusader
Vol.8 No.12 Dec 1971
Churchill Crocodile; B-26
Vol.9 No.1 Jan 1972
P-39; Pfalz D.III
Vol.9 No.2 Feb 1972
PBY-5A; Sd Kfz 234
Vol.9 No.3 Mar 1972
Ju 88; Perkasa
Vol.9 No.4 Apr 1972
Sopwith Camel; F-111; Il-2
Vol.9 No.5 May 1972
Sea Fury; M-10 US Half Tracks; Hellcat
Vol.9 No.6 Jun 1972
SU-100; Albatros D.V; Hellcat
Vol.9 No.7 Jul 1972
Jetstream Variants; Camel; Albatros
Vol.9 No.8 Aug 1972
Nieuport 17; Churchill; Russian aircraft colours
Vol.9 No.9 Sep 1972
Vosper; WW1 Scout Aircraft
Vol.9 No.10 Oct 1972
Vol.9 No.11 Nov 1972
Revell Brewster Buffalo conversion to Finnish AF B.239; WW1 German Air & Naval Service Markings
Vol.9 No.12 Dec 1972
French Mirage III
Vol.10 No.1* Jan 1973
Letov S-328; King Tiger
Vol.10 No.2 Feb 1973
NA Harvard; Swedish Northrop B5
Vol.10 No.3 Mar 1973
Tiger Moth; WW1 Scout Aircraft; Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind
Vol.10 No.4 Apr 1973
KVII series; CANT Z.1007; A-26; Hawker Osprey detailed article
Vol.10 No.5 May 1973
Centurion III tank; Nimrod; BMW R75
Vol.10 No.6 Jun 1973
Strikemaster; Avenger; Potez 540; Panzer II
Vol.10 No.7 Jul 1973
No information
Vol.10 No.8 August 1973
Some Vultee Vengeance Markings; Cover Comments: Messerchmitt Me 262; A.E.C. Armoured Command Vehicles H.P. 6×6 Mk 1; Toryu
Vol.10 No.9 September 1973
Cover Comments; Detailing the Harrier; Aldershot Army Display 1973; Soap Shorts; Les Mureaux 117; Soviet A.F. P-40M
Vol.10 No.10 Oct 1973
Hawker Typhoon camoflage and markings
Vol.10 No.11 Nov-Dec 1973
SAAB J21A conversion
Vol.11 No.1 Jan-Feb 1974
DH Chipmunk
Vol.11 No.2 Mar-Apr 1974
Matchbox Beaufighter review
Vol.11 No.3 May-Jun 1974
HMS Hood
Vol.11 No.4 Jul-Aug 1974
BAC Canberra
Vol.11 No.5 Sep-Oct 1974
360 Sqn RAF
Vol.11 No.6 Nov-Dec 1974
Vol.12 No.1 Jan-Feb 1975
Vickers Vimy Mk.IV
Vol.12 No.2 Mar-Apr 1975
The Curtiss SB2C Helldiver; TBM-3 Avenger; Fokker DR1 Triplane; Thunderbirds are go!
Vol.12 No.3 May-Jun 1975
Gloster Javelin
Vol.12 No.4 Jul-Aug 1975
No information
Vol.12 No.5 Sep-Oct 1975
No information
Vol.12 No.6 Nov-Dec 1975
No information
Vol.13 No.1 Jan-Feb 1976
Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat
Vol.13 No.2 Mar-Apr 1976
No information
Vol.13 No.3 May-Jun 1976
Naval Wasps
Vol.13 No.4 Jul-Aug 1976
No information
Vol.13 No.5 Sep-Oct 1976
No information
Vol.13 No.6 Nov-Dec 1976
Vol.14 No.1 Jan-Feb 1977
Scorpion light tank
Vol.14 No.2 Mar-Apr 1977
No information
Vol.14 No.3 May-Jun 1977
Gloster Meteor feature (Mk.I drawings); AMT 1/48 Meteor F.8 review (cockpit drwgs)
Vol.14 No.4 Jul-Aug 1977
Navy Blues part 1
Vol.14 No.5 Sep-Oct 1977
Navy Blues part 2
Vol.14 No.6 Nov-Dec 1977
CF-104 detail photos
Vol.15 No.1 Jan-Feb 1978
F-104 Starfighters
Vol.15 No.2 Mar-Apr 1978
Navy Blues part 3
Vol.15 No.3 May-Jun 1978
Navy Blues part 4: Vought SB2U
Vol.15 No.4 Jul-Aug 1978
A-10 Camouflage (1 drwg); USN Camouflage 1941-1945 – Part 4 (1 page drwgs) [16 pages]
Vol.15 No.5 Sep-Oct 1978
No information
Vol.15 No.6 Nov-Dec 1978
The Merlin Engined Seafires in FAA Service; RAF Tornado camouflage
Vol.16 No.1 Jan-Feb 1979
The Merlin Engined Seafires in FAA Service; Mirage F.1 in close-up; The Setting of the Rising Sun (Japanese WW2 surrender aircraft, 6 drwgs)
Vol.16 No.2 Mar-Apr 1979
Spanish Civil War Republican Bombers (4 tone profiles)
Vol.16 No.3 May-Jun 1979
White Machines in Red Hands (WWI aircraft in Soviet service, 5 tone profiles); Hellenic Spit (drawing of Spitfire IX in Greek Military Museum); Me 262
Vol.16 No.4 Jul-Aug 1979
No information
Vol.16 No.5 Sep-Oct 1979
British Army DHC Beaver colours
Vol.16 No.6 Nov-Dec 1979
Israeli C-130 (camouflage drwg); Spitfires (photo page)
n/a (January 1969)
Special Review Issue. Review of magazines available from various countries; Reviews of IPMS magazines from UK, Australia, Canada, France and USA
n/a 1972
IPMS International Special: USMC Harriers

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Insignia – Contents Listing

See the full magazine details.

No.1 November 1995
Carinthian Air War 1918/19; Modern Lithuanian Aviation; Northrop A-17; Croatian Mil Mi-8; Air Force Insignia 1 – Croatia 1941-45; Albatros D.III(OeG) series 153/253 part 1; Lithuanian Fokkers; Polikarpov R-1; Air Force Insignia 2 – Serbian Krajina 1992; Air Force Insignia 3 – Republika Serbska 1992-94; Air Force Insignia 4 – Bulgaria 1913-95
No.2 March 1996
Slovene 15 Brigada Aircraft; Latvian Air Force 1918-40; Thai Air Force Museum; Latvian & Slovene Insignia Described; Former Soviet Aircraft in US Army use; Biafran Babies. Free Mil Mi-8 Hip decals
No.3 July 1996
Balkan Aviation 1945-52: A Gustav with Graffiti – Yugoslav AF Bf 109G-10 (tone 2-view drwg); More Bulgarian Reparations: Yugoslav AF Kaproni Bulgarski KB-11A Fazan (tone drwg); African Air War 1960-1962: Katanga Air Force (serials list + 4 tone drwgs); US Aviation 1996: Tacit Blue Unveiled – photos of US stealth demonstrator; UN Peacekeeping 1 – Egypt & Irian: UN/Canadian Otters (3 tone drwgs); UN Peacekeeing 2 – The Congo: Light Aircraft Squadron (2 tone drwgs); Cancelled Projects No.2 – Fokker V.1 (4-view tone drwg & spec); Austro-Hungarian Aviation 1914-18: Austrian Photo Album (WW1 photos); Bulgarian Aviation 1912-1918: Balkan War and WW1 (table of aircraft used, photos, 1924 tone insignia drwg); Book Review: Hungarian Eagles 1920-1945 (4 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.7 – Hungary (18 tone insignia drwgs); Bosnia 1995-1996: Deny Flight Concludes (BiH Super Cub tone drwg); Norwegian Aviation 1942-45: Hirdens Flykorps (tone drwgs); 153/253 Series Austrian D.III Part 3: Albatros D.III(Oef) (19 tone profiles); Letters and Questions (3 tone drwgs – Moldovan MiG-29, Latvian An-2, Lithuanian Dobi-1); Biafran Comments (2 tone drwgs); Book Reviews (Tacit Blue plan view drwg); Small Ads
No.4 December 1996
Lithuanian Air Force; Latvian Army Reserve; US Flight Training; Polish Air Force, Middle Lithuanian Aviation; Polish Insignia; Albatros D.III (Oef) Part 4; Bulgarian Navy Aviation; Russian Civil War Aircraft, UN Peacekeeping in Haiti
No.5 March/April 1997
Austria 1918-22: Austrian Aviation; China 1925-36: Chinese Aircraft at War; 53/153/253 Series Austrian D.III Part 5: Albatros D.III (Oef); Argentine 1923: Vickers Viking IV; Chaco War 1928-1935 Part 1; Austria 1925-36: Heimwehr Fliegerkorps
No.6 July/August 1997
Balkan Aviation 1991-92: Slovenian TO Gazelle (6 tone drwgs); Russian Civil War 1918-1922 Part 2: Early Bolshevik Aircraft (8 tone drwgs); 53/153/253 Series Austrian D.III Part 6: Albatros D.III(Oef) (22 tone profiles); Chaco War 1928-1935 Part 2: Gran Chaco War Bombers (serials list + 6 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.9 – Brazil 1919-97 (13 tone insignia drwgs); Baltic Aviation 1919-33: Estonian Air Force DH9 (7 tone drwgs); Japanese Aviation 1910-22: Japan’s Early Military Aircraft (photos); Letters and Questions; Readership Survey; Product Reviews; Small Ads
No.7 December 1997
Austro-Hungarian Aviation 1 1914-15: Lohner Flugboot L40 (3-view tone drwg); African Aviation 1930-36: Ethiopian Potez 25 A2 (tone drwg); Balkan Aviation 1997: Croatian HRZ Update (2 tone profiles + national & unit insignia drwgs + Bosnian Piper Super Cub tone drwg); Austro-Hungarian Aviation 2 1914-18: Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (photos only); 53/153/253 Series Austrian D.III Part 7: Albatros D.III(Oef) (18 tone profiles); Chaco War 1928-1935 Part 3: Gran Chaco War Bombers (serials list + 5 tone drwgs); Japanese Aviation 1910-22: Japanese National Insignia – photos of pre-1922 aircraft; Air Force Insignia No.10 – Czechoslovakia 1918-45 (15 insignia drwgs + 1 tone profile); British Aviation 1935: Ivor Price-Parachutist (photos only); Adverts; Review Extra – books & kit review; Picture Miscellany – misc photos; Letters and Questions; Product Reviews; Small Ads
No.8 March/April 1998
British Aviation 1946-1989: Gloster Meteor Mk.7.5 (3-view tone drwg); Polish Aviation 1920-1995: Polish Training Aircraft (photos only); 53/153/253 Series Austrian D.III Part 8: Albatros D.III(Oef) (18 tone profiles); Chaco War 1928-1935 Part 4: Chaco War – Other Types (serials list + 9 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.11 – Serbia 1912-1918 (5 insignia drwgs + 1 tone profile); Bulgarian Aviation 1926-1928: Bulgarian DAR Aircraft – DAR-U-1 to DAR-2 (4 tone drwgs); Letters and Questions; Insignia Volume 2 index; Adverts; Product Reviews; Small Ads; The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 1998
No.9 August 1998
Air Force Insignia No.12 – Portugal (8 col insignia drwgs + photos); Letters and Questions (Georgian AF Mi-8, Macedonian Mi-8, Bosnian AF aircraft lists); Product Reviews; Chaco War 1928-1935 Part 5: Chaco War – Other Types (serials list + 5 tone drwgs); Danish Aviation 1913-1940: Danish Naval Air Service (photos only); Austrian Aviation 1931-1937: Meindl/van Nes A-VII (M7) (3 tone 3-view drwgs + 3 tone profiles); Picture Archive – FBA Type B photo; Insignia’s Free Decals No.9: Costa Rican P-51D Mustang (2-view tone drwg); Serial Systems No.1 Portuguese Navy (serials list); Air Force Insignia No.12 Portugal – captions for insignia drwgs & photos; Bulgarian Aviation 1926-1936: DAR Aircraft Production (DAR-2 to DAR-4); The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 1998; Air Force Insignia No.13 – Mexico (7 col insignia drwgs); Small Ads; Lithuanian Aviation 1997-98 (col photos and col insignia drwgs)
No.10 November 1998
Air Force Insignia No.14 – Chile (12 col insignia drwgs); Far Eastern Aviation 1924-1937: The Warlord’s Air Force – Kwangsi AF in China (6 tone 3-view drwgs); What If? No.1: Fokker D.XXI in Spain (1 tone 2-view drwg); East African Aviation 1992-1998: Eritrean Air Force (4 tone insignia drwgs); Macedonian & Moldovan Aviation 1992-1998: Eastern European Update (photo feature); Air Force Insignia No.14 – Chile: captions to drwgs (3 tone drwgs); Chaco War Part 6 1928-1935: Chaco War – Other Types (serials list + 6 tone drwgs); Czechoslovak Aviation 1925-1930: Czech Kings of the Air – Czech AF aerobatic aircraft markings (photos only); The Insignia Magazine Survey; Slovene military Aero 3 (tone profile); Product Reviews; Far Eastern Aviation: Singapore’s Air Force (photos of Museum aircraft); Bulgarian Aviation 1930-1934: DAR Aircraft Part 3 – DAR-5 to DAR-6 (3 tone drwgs); The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 1998; Air Force Insignia No.15 – Ukraine (aircraft used list 1917-1922 + 11 col insignia drwgs); Small Ads; Estonian & Lithuanian Aviation 1997-1998 – col photos of aircraft and fuselage marking
No.11 Spring 1999
Air Force Insignia No.16 – China Part 1 (12 col insignia drwgs); Latvian Naval Aviation 1936-1941: Indans’ Great Amok – Latvian European tour 1936 (map + tone 3-view drwg); Blue Rider Release Programme 1999; Air Force Insignia No.16 – China Part 1: captions (7 tone insignia drwgs + aircraft used lists); Asian Aviation 1924-1928: Early Afghan Aircraft (3 tone profiles); What If? No.2: Gloster F.3/48 Project (3-view tone drwg); Chaco War 1928-1935 Part 7: Chaco War – Other Types (serials list + 6 tone drwgs); Russian Civil War 1918-1922 Part 3: Early Bolshevik Aircraft (photos only); Letters and Questions (no drwgs); Product Reviews; The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 1999; Air Force Insignia No.17 – China Part 2: 1944+ markings (aircraft used list 1946-1949 + 6 col insignia drwgs + 1 col profile + col photo); Small Ads; Mystery Antonov An-2 1993: col photo of An-2 aircraft and fuselage marking; Iraqi MiGs in Yugoslavia 1998 (4 MiG-21 col photos)
No.12 Summer 1999
Bosnian Air Arm Update (5 col insignia drwgs); What If? No.3: Future Yugoslav national markings (2 col insignia drwgs + 2 col profiles); Balkan Aviation 1995-1999: Bosnian Air Arm Update (aircraft used list, 8 tone profiles); Air Force Insignia No.18 – Turkey (aircraft used lists, 10 insignia tone drwgs, 10 tone profiles); Serial Systems No.2 Chile: The Early Years (types listing, 13 tone profiles); Bulgarian Aviation 1938-1945: DAR Aircraft Part 4 – DAR-10 (2 pages tone drwgs); Letters and Questions (4 tone profiles, 1 insignia tone drwg); Bulgarian Aviation 1915: Asen Jodanov-1 (3-view tone drwg); Blue Rider Release Programme 1999; Product Reviews; Readers Photographs – Anbo-VIII and Bulgarian WW1 aircraft; The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 1999; Insignia Volume 3 Index; Air Force Insignia Updates: China and Ukraine (4 col insignia drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.19 – Rhodesia: markings (5 col insignia drwgs); Yugoslav Aviation UTVA BC-3 Trojka (5-view col drwg)
No.13 Spring 2000
Air Force Insignia No.20 – Sweden 1912-2000; Bulgarian 1912-13: Aircraft of the Balkan Air War; Air Force Insignia No.19 – Rhodesia 1937-1980; Georgia: Georgian Markings; Latvia: Latvian Markings; Japan: The Gloster Sparrowhawk; Yugoslavia: Spoils of War; Latvia: Latvian National Guard; Air Force Insignia No.20 – Sweden 1912-2000 cont’d; Air Force Insignia No.21 – Uzbekistan 1999; Biafra 1970: Biafran Air Force Riley Dove; Lithuania: Lithuanian Aircraft; Estonia: Estonian Aircraft;
No.14 Summer 2000
Air Force Insignia No.22 – Albania 1946-2000; Air Force Insignia No.23 – Ecuador 1920-2000; European Aviation 1914-1936: Swiss Fliegertruppe: Part 1 – Swiss Air Force aircraft; Ecuador: Ecuadorean Air Force Museum; Australian Aviation 1916-1920: Curtiss and Crown – Part 1 News South Wales State Aviation School; Mongolia 1990-1994: Mongolian Air Force; Air Force Insignia No.24 – Mongolia 1931-2000; Serial Systems No.3 – Australia; Air Force Insignia No.25 – United States 1916-1947; Czech Republic: Hinds in Tigers Clothing
No.15 Winter 2000
Air Force Insignia No.26 – Greece 1912-1923 (5 col insignia drwgs + 2 aircraft col drwg); Australian Aviation 1916-1920: Curtiss and Crown – Part 2 NSW State Aviation School (no drwgs); This Issue’s Free Decal Sheet; Small Ads; Recent publications from Blue Rider; European Aviation 1914-1936: Swiss Fliegertruppe: Part 2 (17 tone drwgs); Latin American Aviation 1924-1931: Columbian Wild Trainers (2 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.22 – Albania (8 tone insignia drwgs + 10 tone drwgs + aircraft list); Product Reviews; Norwegian AF Photo Preview (photo feature); The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 2000; Letters and Questions; Air Force Insignia No.26 – Greece 1912-1923: captions to insignia drwgs (4 aircraft col drwgs); Aviation Art No.1 – colour poster
No.16 Spring/Summer 2001
Air Force Insignia No.26 – Greece 1912-19 Update (3 col insignia drwgs + 1 aircraft col drwg); German Aviation 1924-1932: Fokker D.XIII in Lipezk (9 tone drwgs); African Aviation 1942-1943: Rhodesian Flying Training (photos); Yugoslav Aviation: Yugoslav Aviation SIG (3 tone drwgs); Chinese Aviation 1932-1945: Air Forces of Manchukuo (15 tone drwgs); Chinese Aviation 1940-1945: National Gov. of China AF (4 tone drwgs); Greek Aviation 1912-1930: Greek Aviation in Photos (photo feature); Blue Rider Releases May 2001; European Aviation 1914-1936: Swiss Fliegertruppe: Part 3 (15 tone drwgs); Product Reviews; Argentine Photo Preview; The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 2001; Letters and Questions (Chinese WW2 aircraft – 2 tone drwgs); Insignia Volume 4 Index; Aviation Art No.2 – colour poster; This Issue’s Free Decal Sheet: Yugoslav AF T-6 Harvard + Lipezk Fokker D.VIII (2 col drwgs)
No.17 Spring 2002
Air Force Insignia No.27 – Peru 1920-1930 (4 col insignia drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.28 – Argentina 1919-1945 (5 col insignia drwgs); Latin-American Aviation 1920-1930: Early Peruvian Air Arms (15 tone drwgs); Recent Blue Rider Publishing Releases; European Aviation 1914-1936: Swiss Fliegertruppe: Part 4 (17 tone drwgs); New Decals From Blue Rider Publishing; Latin American Aviation Argentina: Argentine Photo Special; Cancelled Projects No.3 Horten Jets (3 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.29 – Iraq 1931-1958 (no drwgs + aircraft list); Chinese Aviation 1943-1945: The CNAC Airline in WW2; Product Reviews; The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 2001; Letters and Questions; Review Extra (Russian Civil War aircraft – 4 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.29 – Iraq 1931-1958 (2 col insignia drwgs); This Issue’s Free Decal Sheet: Spanish Nationalist Polikarpov I-16s (2 col drwgs); Aviation Art No.3 – colour poster
No.18 Spring 2003
Air Force Insignia No.30 – Lithuania 1918-2003 (18 col insignia drwgs); Yugoslav Naval Aviation Part 1 1918-1929: Pomorsko Vazduhoplovstvo (5 tone drwgs); Norwegian Aviation Part 1 1918-1941: Norwegian Army Aviation (photo feature); Recent Blue Rider Publishing Releases; Product Reviews; Letters And Questions; Modelling Corner – Slingsby Type 19 glider; Help Needed; Small Ads; The Complete Blue Rider Catalogue 2001; This Issue’s Free Decal Sheet: Early Italian AF aircraft 1914-15 (3 tone drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.30 – Lithuania 1918-2003: captions to drawings; Air Force Insignia No.31 – SHS National Council (6 col insignia drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.32 – Georgia 1920-2003 (2 col insignia drwgs); Air Force Insignia No.33 – Eritrea 1993-2003 (3 col insignia drwgs); Aviation Art No.4 – colour poster

Planes & Wingspan – Contents Listing

Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 Summer 1981
[Planes] Last of The RAF’s Biplane Big Sticks – HP Heyford (no drwgs); Aerobatic Witchcraft – Sea Venom 890 Sqn aerobatic team (1 page tone drwgs); The Fabulous Fury – Hawker Fury I biplane (tone 3-v drwg); Phantom FGR2 col photo; Red Arrows Hawk col photo; BAe Hawk T.1 3-view scale plans; RAF Lightning trio col photo; Victor refuelling Harrier col photo; A Fortress IIA with a difference – Vickers ‘S’ gun modification (scale 3-view drwg of nose installation); Two of a kind – Westland PV4 and Bell P-39 Airacobra (scale 3-view drwgs of both); Through Fire We Conquer – 550 Sqn RAF Bomber Command; The Spitfire’s Jumbo Slipper Tank (scale drwg of 170 gallon tank fitted to Spitfire V); Down Memory Lane – misc. photos
Vol.1 No.2 1981
High Flier That Arrived Too Late – Mosquito NF.XV (with 1/72 scale 3-view drwg); Bristol Fashions – Bristol Aeroplane Company aircraft pictorial; Bristol Bulldog col photo; WGN Bristol Sycamore col photo; Piratical pot pourri – aircraft named Pirate, Corsair, Buccaneer or Cutlass pictorial; Blackburn Buccaneer S1 and S2 1/72 scale 3-view scale plans; Down Memory Lane – misc photos + Spits in the garage + Fate of a Fortress; USAAF P-51D col photo; RAF Hunter col photo; Of Lancaster and York – Avro Lancaster and Avro York; Focus on the Mk IIs – Avro Lancaster Mk II and Avro York Mk II (1/144 scale plans for both); A Lanc II’s Dicey Do – a memorable Berlin raid; Where To Draw The Line – producing scale drawings
Vol.1 No.3 1982
Of Wellington and Viking – Vickers Wellington and Viking (Wellington I 1/96 scale plans)+ pictorial page + (Viking 1 1/96 scale plans); A Gloster Assortment – pictorial of Gloster aircraft; Focus on the Gloster Gamecock – (32 Sqn aircraft 3-view scale drwgs); Down Memory Lane – misc photos; Take 1: Chinook – RAF Chinook pictorial; A Classic from Catterick – Hawker Fury II biplane (41 Sqn tone 3-view drwg); RAF Phantom photos; Army Co-op Scrap-Book – misc photos and aircraft side view drwgs; Mail Spot; B-29 photo
Vol.1 No.4 Summer 1982
Of Anson and Oxford – Avro Anson and Airspeed Oxford (1/72 scale drwgs of both); A Golden (Hawks) Opportunity – RCAF display team (tone 4-v drwg); Take 1: Sea Harrier – RN Sea Harrier pictorial; Down Memory Lane – misc photos; TWA Constellation nose col photo; Blockbuster Sortie, 1918 – O/400 with SN bomb (scale drwgs of bomb carriage); Fairey Wings – Fairey aircraft pictorial; WW2 Fairey Firefly I (3-view scale drwgs)
Vol.1 No.5 Autumn 1982
Bomber Command Scrapbook – memories and photos (8 tone profiles); Lancaster over Vulcans col photo; A Supermarine selection – Supermarine aircraft pictorial; Supermarine Attacker (4 pages 1/72 scale 3-view and tone drwgs); 10 Squadron, RAAF, in World War Two; Westland Wapiti IIa (3-view 1/72 scale drwgs); Mail Spot; Take 1: Jaguar GR.1 – pictorial; Down Memory Lane – misc photos
Vol.1 No.6 Winter 1982/83
Action – South Atlantic, Harrier Wins its spurs – Harrier operations in the Falklands War; Convair B-58 Hustler; Danish Nimrod – Hawker biplane (1 page 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs); TWU Hawk formation col photo; de Havilland Vampire I (4 pages 1/72 scale 3-view and tone drwgs); RAF Germany’s ‘Teeth’ – pictorial; We observe unseen – history of 220 Sqn RAF; Down Memory Lane – misc photos
No.7 Spring 1983
Mail Spot; Friendly Fokkers – 2-seat Fokker D.VII (tone drwgs); Eagle & Hornet – F-15 and F/A-18 pictorial; Hawker Hart variants – pictorial (Hawker Hart & Audax 4 pages 1/72 scale and tone drwgs); 6 (RCAF) Bomber Group Scrapbook; FAA Hunter T.8 col photo; Curtiss AT-9 Jeep – (1 page 1/72 scale 3-view drwg); Down Memory Lane – misc photos
No.8 Summer 1983
four misc photos; Big Tough ‘Warthog’ – A-10 pictorial; RAF Tornado GR.1 col photo; RAF Hunting Percival Pembroke col photo; RAN MB326 photo; A Beau to Tow – Beaufighter TT.10 (2 pages 3-view scale and tone drwgs); AV-8As and the Hootowls – USMC VMA-513; Fairchild M-62 (Cornell) – PT-19/PT-26 (2 pages 3-view scale and tone drwgs); The Fabulous Fortress – B-17 pictorial; Shackleton AEW and Nimrod AEW col photo; RAF Jaguar col photo; Down Memory Lane – misc photos; Fairey Flycatcher Mk I (2 pages 3-view scale and tone drwgs)
No.9 Autumn 1983
BAe Nimrod AEW.3 (with 1/144 scale 3-view drwg); The IFIS Hunter (Hunter T.7); Wartime Halifaxes (photo feature); McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II (with 3-view scale drwg); ‘Treble-One’ Phantom FGR.1 (photo feature); BAe Hawk with Sea Eagle; Down Memory Lane
No.10 November/December 1983
West German Navy Tornados; Bristol Bulldog trainer (with 1/72 scale 3-view drwg); Choppers and Subs; RAF VC10 tankers (101 Sqn VC10 K.2s); Just Jugs: P-47 Line-up (photo feature); Long ago in London (London WW2 displays photo feature); Assembly on track (Blackburn Ripon); Oddments from Memory Lane; 18 Squadron’s Chinooks (RAF Chinook HC.1)
No.11 February/March 1984
Aspects of the Whitley Bomber part 1 (Armstrong Whitworth Whitley with 1/144 scale 3-view drwg); One of the few flying Spitfires (Spitfire VIII MT719); Tornado succeeds Buccaneer (15 Sqn Tornado GR.1s); RAF 140 Wing at War; Emergency drill for Harrier men; Salute to the Sea Hawk (Hawker Sea Hawk); A Brize exhibit of 1957; An Oxford Accent; Winter Warmers; Oddments from Memory Lane; 15 Sqn Buccaneers; 1st B-52B in UK
No.12 April/May 1984
Sea King HAR.3; AW Whitley part 2; BAe Jetstream T.1 3-view drwg; BAe Jetstream T.2 (naval) 3-view drwg; Hawker Woodcock II 3-view drwg; Blackburn Buccaneer; RAF Consolidated Liberators; McDonnell AV-8B Harrier
No.13 June/July 1984
The Fairey Battle bomber (4 pages of 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs); Lockheed’s highly versatile ‘Herc’ (C-130 Hercules); Hunting Percival Provost T.1 (1/72 scale 3-view drwg); The Yorkshire Air Museum; First of the Hunters (photo feature); Oddments from Memory Lane
No.14 September 1984
The Westland 30 (WG.30); Handley Page Halifax – a pictorial miscellany (with 2 pages of Halifax B.II 1/144 scale 3-view drwg); 4 Group Flashbacks (Halifax photos); GAF Tornados at Jever (German air force Tornados); The Ultimate Schneider (Trophy Race ’31); Payloads of the Luftwaffe (German WW2 bombs); Oddments from Memory Lane; DH.90 Dragonfly mini profile
No.15 October 1984
[Planes incorporating Wingspan] 20 Squadron gets Tornados – short unit history; Those Radial Hawkers part 1 – Duiker, Woodcock, Hedgehog, Heron, Dantorp (no drwgs); Early Canberras – pictorial; Mail Spot; Airborne Anniversaries In October; Fireside Flying – book reviews; Sunshine In Switzerland – Swiss Aero Club fly-in pictorial; Oddments from Memory Lane – misc photos; Westland Whirlwind I fighter (4 pages 3-view scale drwgs); The Miles M.57 Aerovan – mini profile
No.16 November 1984
Mainly Mustangs and Twin Mustangs too – pictorial; French Designations And Military Coding – Contructors and Military marking systems explained; Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle ST.V (4 pages scale drwgs); The Gloster AS.31 Survey (no drwgs); A129 Mangusta col photo; First in Bruggen skies – 31 Sqn receives first Tornado; Those Radial Hawkers part 2 – Hawfinch, Harrier, Hart, Tomtit (no drwgs); 2 Group’s ‘Flying Pigs’ – RAF Ventura operations; Airborne Anniversaries in November; Fireside Flying – book reviews; Oddments from Memory Lane – misc photos
No.17 December 1984
RAF Gazelle Display Team; French Designations And Military Coding part 2 – Military Serials; First prototype AMX col photo; ‘Gooneybird’ gallery – DC-3/C-47 pictorial; West Hartlepool Helicopter Pioneer – Captain Joseph Donovan; Those Radial Hawkers part 3 – F.20/27, Hoopoe, Fury, Audax, PV.4, Hind; Oddments from Memory Lane – misc photos; BAT FK26 (3 pages 1/72 scale 3-view drwgs & detail sketches); Airborne Anniversaries in December; Fireside Flying – book reviews; The Edgar Percival EP.9 – mini profile; Foes Meet Friends – WW2 pilots meeting; The Bellows and the Pin – WW2 Allied fund raising in Argentina
No.18 January 1985
First Tornado F.2s delivered to RAF Coningsby; Royal Navy forms first helicopter AEW squadron with Sea Kings – 849 Sqn reformed; Four-type flypast by helicopters – AAC/RAF Germany flypast; F-15 launching Sparrow missile photo; The Rainbow Without a Crock of Gold – Republic XR-12 Rainbow (no drwgs); Those Radial Hawkers postscript – Tornado, Tempest II, Sea Fury; A Flash of Sabres – F-86 pictorial; DHC Dash-7 & Dash-8 col photo; A New Trainer from Switzerland – Datwyler MD-3 (1 page scale 3-view drwgs); Modelling the Boulton Paul Defiant (no drwgs); Oddments from Memory Lane – misc photos; January Airborne Anniversaries; The first Air Voyage in America – first balloon flight in 1793
No.19 February 1985
[Planes incorporating Wingspan] Knights of the Rotating Wing; Shorts 360 (with 1/96 scale 3-view drwg); Six From Saro (A7 Severn, A17 Cutty Sark, A19 Cloud, P531 helicopter, SR45 Princess, SR53 interceptor); Aladdin’s Cave or Pandora’s Box Part 1 (F.7/30 aircraft projects, Hawker PV3, Supermarine 224, Vickers Jockey); Fireside Flying; Tornados hit target (15 Sqn at Deci); Short SA6 Sealand mini profile; Oddments from Memory Lane; February Airborne anniversaries; Herbert Marshall (biography)
No.20 March 1985
[Wingspan incorporating Planes] Follow the Grey Goose part 1 (Grumman Mallard/Albatross); The Boeing 757; Looking back at the Lincoln (photo feature); Tornado recording is always a hit (Tornado navigation); Gazelle gives star service (12 Flight AAC Westland Gazelle); Power line checking choppers; F.7/30 Aladdin’s Cave or Pandora’s Box part 2 (Blackburn F3, Bristol 123, Bristol 133, Westland F4); Oddments from Memory Lane; March Airborne anniversaries
No.21 April 1985
Follow the Grey Goose part 2 (Grumman Mallard/Albatross); McDonnell Douglas MD-87; The Alouette is Thirty; Modelling the Fw 190 night fighter (Fw 190 with radar); F.7/30 Aladdin’s Cave or Pandora’s Box part 3 (Gloster SS37); Oddments from Memory Lane; April Airborne anniversaries; World land speed record holder visits RAF; Aeronca C.2/C.3 & 100 3-view drwg; Gloster Gladiator; visit to RAF Bruggen
No.22 May 1985
Is it a car? Is it an aeroplane? (flying cars); The Flying Dutchmen get the mail through (Aeropostale and Fokker F.27); Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown – a living legend (biography); Sikorsky S-51 variants; The Puma or Mountain Lion (Aerospatiale Puma mountain flying); F.7/30 Aladdin’s Cave or Pandora’s Box part 4 (Boulton Paul P67 projects); Mizuno and Chigasaki target aircraft modelling feature (Chigasaki MXY3 & Mizuno MXY4 flying target drones 1941); Oddments from Memory Lane; May Airborne anniversaries
No.23 June 1985
BAe Sea Harrier update; Name’s Same: Dove – DH.104 Dove, Sopwith Dove (inc 3-view drwg); 40 Years of F&W (Switzerland); F.7/30 Aladdin’s Cave or Pandora’s Box part 5; Gloster Gladiator; RAF 17 Sqn Germany Ceremony; Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary AF
No.24 July 1985
Piaggio P.166 mini profile; All Eyes on the Optica (Edgley Optica); Newspix; the RN School of Aircraft Handling; Henschel Hs 293 glide bomb modelling feature; Republic Thunderjet scrapbook (photo feature); ‘Land Away’ with the RAF; HS817 – the RAN’s Sea King squadron; Oddments from Memory Lane; July Airborne anniversaries; Westland Wasp in Germany
No.25 August 1985
Canterbury to TriStar [in-flight refuelling for 60 years]; The Head Hunters [Hawker Hunter pictorial review]; The Short Admiralty Type 184; Oddments from Memory Lane; Helping Hand for the Hermes [restoration work at Duxford on Hermes IV]; Tipsy S to Belfair mini profile; The Plastic Helicopter [US Advanced Composite Airframe Programme]; August Airborne anniversaries
No.26 September 1985
B-29 the Global Bomber; The Penultimate Schneider (Trophy Race 1929); Britain’s biggest aircraft with wheels [Bristol Brabazon]; Oddments from Memory Lane; Kaman’s Eggbeaters; Airborne anniversaries; Piaggio-Pegna Pc7 (3-view drwg)
No.27 October 1985
The Swiss role in training [Pilatus PC-7 and PC-9]; The shape of wings to come [Grumman X-29]; The Gloster Giant [Gloster TC33, big troop carrier/bomber of the 30s which looked right – but wasn’t]; The Names The Same – 2 Wessex [two different Westland aircraft with the same name – trimotor & helicopter] with 1/72 scale 3-view plan of the 1930s Westland Wessex trimotor; Oddments from Memory Lane; Falklands Huey (ex-Argentine UH-1); the first enemy [development of the Junkers Ju 88A]; Go ahead for the SH-60 Seahawk; Fairchild T-46A; Airborne anniversaries
No.28 November 1985
The Spartans (Spartan aircraft mini profile); George Hayes (biography); Aerospatiale Corvette mini profile; Twin Boomers; Day of the Hurricane; Oddments from Memory Lane; Royal Marines Command Brigade Air Squadron; Airborne Anniversaries
No.29 December 1985
Folland’s Frightful [Folland 43/47 flying engine test beds]; Cockpit Cognition – Cockpit quiz; Name’s the Same 3: Electra – Lockheed 10 Electra, Lockheed 12 Electra Junior, Lockheed 14 Super Electra. Lockheed 188C Electra (with 1/72 3-view plan of Lockheed 10A Electra); The USS America (CV66); Modelling Feature – super-detailed model cockpits; Down Memory Lane; Boeing 247; Airborne anniversaries
No.30 January/February 1986
Canada’s Scottish connexion (Scottish Aviation RCAF overhaul); Harrier in the Fast Lane (Harrier on autobahn); Sox Hosegood (biography); Twin Pioneer mini profile; Bombed – last flight of AR-G² [Navigator R H Chadwick recounts the end of a Lancaster]; Meaningful Reading (dictionary of aircraft terms); Memory Lane; Go West to Watsonville (’85 airshow); Skua and Roc; Douglas aircraft photo survey; Airborne anniversaries; RCAF postwar sqn markings
No.31 March/April 1986
The Big League part 1 [USAF and RAF B-24 Liberators at war]; HFB 320 Hansa Jet mini profile; Unlucky Manchester (Avro Manchester); De Havilland’s Hornet (DH.103); Spitfire Supreme [21 page 50th anniversary tribute to the Spitfire with three pages of Spitfire I and IIa 3-view scale drawings and colour side profile on back cover of magazine]; The Red Baron Flies [flying the replica Fokker Dr1 Triplane with R Bowes]; Bookshelf; Airborne anniversaries
No.32 May/June 1986
Old Rhinebeck ’85 airshow; Walkeridge Farm (airfield history); Cliff Lovell (biography); Carabinieri Air Service; DH.103 Sea Hornet; Name’s Same: Gannet – Fairey Gannet, Gloster Gannet (inc. 3-view drwg); Grumman – Four Cats (photo feature); RAF 142 Sqn Historical Notes; SAAB 17; Vickers Wellington operation ’43
No.33 July/August 1986
Eagles Gather at Madera (airshow in California); For King and Commonwealth; Balliol – aerial seat of learning; Avro York C.I with 1/96 3-view plan; Custer’s last wing (Custer Channel Wing); Automatic Pilot; Boats in the Sky – 1 [Short Empire C/G-class flying boats]; Per Ardus and then some; Down Memory Lane; Bookshelf; Airborne anniversaries; exit from BP Defiant; Consolidated B-24 Liberator part 3; Pilot Training WW2 South Africa
No.34 September/October 1986
Zurabatic Cartwheel [in a Meteor at Farnborough ’51 with Gloster Meteor F.8 1/72 3-view plan]; Farnboroughs past [SBAC shows 1932 onwards]; Pilots! Man your ‘planes; Fighting Ferrari (story of Ferrari badge); Sea Balliol; Short Empire flying boats – 2 (C/G-class boats); Nardi FN336 Riviera mini profile (and FN333); Down Memory Lane; Bookshelf; Airborne anniversaries; Major Fr. Baracca biography; Bomber Command Association – 1st AGM; Carrier first USN arrestor; Lockheed ‘skunk works’
No.35 November/December 1986
CWH Avro Lancaster; Boeing FB-1 (inc. 3-view scale drwg); Vickers Type 423 (inc. 3-view scale drwg); Hawker Tempest at War; Koolhoven FK55; Link Trainer ‘flying’; Name’s Same: Orion – Lockheed 9 Orion; SE5 70th Anniversary; Zlin Trener
No.36 January/February 1987
Curtiss Hawk – 1 (monoplanes); Mars water bombers (Martin JRM1 Mars); Cradle to side stick (cockpits history); Short Stirling; ‘Any landing you can walk away from…’ (Gloster Meteor crash landing); Glosters in Finland (Finnish Gladiators); Wet night in a Wimpey (Wellington OTU op); Sentimental Journey; Sea Fury with RNHF; Up up and away; Down Memory Lane; Bookshelf; Airborne anniversaries; Confederate Air Force Special; Burlington USA ’86 airshow; Pilot Training WW2 Canada; RN Historic Flight
No.37 March/April 1987
Airspeed Oxford 50 years; Avro Canada Arrow; Boeing FB-5 with 3-view scale drwg; Curtiss Hawk – 2 (monoplanes); Fairey Fulmar; Monospar ST25 Universal; RAF Hinaidi; Ron Souch & The Aeroplane Co.; Westland Wallace; Westland Wapiti
No.38 May/June 1987
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch; Morane Saulnier Paris (MS760); Fokker spin [the story of how Anthony Fokker’s first aeroplane came back to Holland after exile in Poland]; ‘Terst flying’s dangerous’; Fokker Dr.I Triplane with 1/72 3-view plan; Vickers Warwick; Photographic rapport; F-107A; Messier’s flying lab (aircraft testbed); Bookshelf; Airborne anniversaries; Caudron C270 Luciole G-BDFM; DH98 Mosquito Test Flying; Twin-Boomers
No.39 July/August 1987
Portsmouth airfield; Railway Air Services; Airspeed Horsa; Belgian Miscellany; Currie Wot; Guild of Aviation Artists Exhibition ’87; Hawker Tempest II test flight; Halifax II ser 1A operation; Kermit Weeks Museum Florida
No.40 September/October 1987
Jodel D150 Mascaret with cutaway; ‘I dropped one’ pilot profile (Wg Cdr Golledge biography); Handley Page Hampden; Destination Duisburg (Wellington bombing operation); US Big Lifters of Yesteryear; DHC-2 Beaver; Vintage German Gliders (Steinadler sailplane); By the book; RAF Middle East Memories; Bookshelf; UK Civil Register Notes ’31; Fairey Firefly u/c up landing;
No.41 November/December 1987
History of aviation cigarette cards; Meeting Aerien (La Ferte Alais ’87); Vickers Vimy; Portsmouth Aerocar; Grasshopper (Aeronca L-3E); Wivenhoe Flyer 1908-09; Fairey Gannet at Farnborough; NA Harvard (history); Wolves in sheeps clothing (ex-military civil aircraft); Valiant Air Command (Tico 87 airshow); Fokker C.I 3-view scale plans and modelling feature; Vickers Wellesley; Bookshelf
No.42 January/February 1988
Airspeed AS39 Fleet Shadower; AW Siskin IIIA with 3-view scale drwg; W Creed fighter pilot biography; DH 82A Diamond Nine; DH98 Mosquito XVIII part 1; Miles/HP Marathon; Planes of Fame Museum; Seversky’s Fighters part 1; Vickers VC1 Viking flight test; Vintage Glider Club rallies
No.43 March 1988
Eastleigh (airfield history); Aurigny Air Services; Vega Gull (Percival); Britain’s flying boat pioneer – 1 [John Porte biography]; The KZ story; Mustangs of the 7th Air Force with colour profiles (P-51s); Memory Lane; The Mighty Jug; Brewster Buffalo with 1/72 3-view plan; Mosquito XVIII part 2; Bookshelf; Bleriot XI replica in NZ; Seversky’s Fighters part 2
No.44 April 1988
In the Beginning (RAF formation); Preserving the past [RAF Museum Hendon]; The Reserve collection (RAF Museum reserve collection at Cardington); From Bloody Paraliser to Harrow [inter-war bombers]; Bristol Blenheim; Operation Millenium (first 1000 bomber raid); Target Towers (RAF); The RAF’s Proudest Flight [BBMF]; The Fighting Breed with two pages of colour profiles of inter-war RAF fighters; Bristol Bulldog with 1/72 3-view plan; An Undertaking of Great Magnitude [Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada]; Memory Lane; Bookshelf
No.45 May/June 1988
Hawker Hart; Antonov An-2; Flying Boat Pioneer – 2 (John Porte biography); BEA Rapides (DH 89 Dragon Rapides in BEA service); Whitney Willard Straight (biography); ‘Not so much a balloon…’ (ML Utility); The RAF’s Big Sticks part 2 [inter-war bombers]; WW1 Fighters Special Feature with 3 pages of colour profiles; The Fokker Triplane (Dr I replica in 1987); Avro 504K with 3-view scale drwg; Barrier Reef Airline; Buckingham and Buckmaster (Bristol twins); Memory Lane; Bookshelf; Art in Aviation (Guild Av’n Artists Exhibition ’88)
No.46 July/August 1988
Avro Anson paper round WW2; Battle of Britain; Pilot Officer Carl Capon (biography); Vivian Bellamy (biography); Vintage Gliding Special; DFS Weihe with 3-view drwg; DH34 painting; Eon Olympia 50th anniv (with 3-view); Harbinger Mk.1 & 2 (with 3-view); Slingsby Gull 3 (with 3-view); Slingsby T21 B Sedburgh (3-view); Wasserkuppe pilgrimage; Weiss 1909 glider (3-view); ‘A Piece of Cake’ (film); Messerschmitt Bf 109E with 3-view scale drawing; Kent Bof B Museum; Tarrant Tabor; UK Civil Registrations
No.47 September 1988
Aerobatic Teams at Farnborough (with col profiles); Farnborough Air Show 1948; Avro Anson story; Flying Boat Pioneer – 3 (John Porte biography); S F Cody (biography); Fairey Firefly display flight; Farnborough ’88 aircraft schedule; FE2b (with scale 3-view); Piper Super Cub; RAE Farnborough; Vickers Viscount 40 years
No.48 October 1988
The Moth Collection (DH Moths story); Frontiers of Flight [Empire Test Pilots School]; Names the same – 6 Nimrod (Hawker Nimrod, BAe Nimrod); RAF Bostons at War; The East Indies Bomber [Fokker T.IX]; Shorty’s Sunderland; Paradise with Wings (Sun ‘n Fun fly-in); Messserschmitt Bf 109G (with colour artwork); Heston Phoenix with 1/72 3-view plan; Miles Hawk Major (M2M G-ADCV); Air Atlantique; Blackburn Firebrand; Memory Lane; Umbaugh-18A autogyro (Air & Space 18A with 3-view); DH Hatfield Factory air raid; ‘A Piece of Cake’ (film); Vintage Developments ’88
No.49 November/December 1988
Junkers Ju 52/3m; The Convair Liners; Last days at Felixstowe (MAEE); Preserving our Aeronautical Heritage; Wasp loses its sting (Westland Wasp); mini profile GAL 42 Cygnet and 45 Owlet; A Ventura restored (Lockheed PV-1 restoration); Fighting Biplanes: Boeing F4B series with 2 pages of colour profiles; de Havilland DH.84 Dragon with 1/72 3-view plan; Memory Lane; Vintage Gliding (Avril Vintage Glider Rally); Science Museum Air Transportation Gallery
No.50 January/February 1989
B-25 Mitchell; Fokker D.XXI Reborn (rebuild); Airspeed’s Swansong [Ambassador]; Supermaring Walrus; Pioneer Power Plants – 1 Curtiss OX-5 series engines; Douglas SBD Dauntless with 1/72 3-view plan; Memory Lane; Air Show Down Under (Australian Bicentennial air show); WW2 Shark Mouths (WW2 origins, Curtiss P-40 colour painting); The Canadian Connexion (Canadian aircraft 50 years, AT-6D Texans in Canada, Navigational Error: RCAF in WW2; 6 (RCAF) Group Bomber Command part 1); Fleet 50 Freighter
No.51 March/April 1989
Mosquito B IV (first ops); Mosquito Museum; Harriet Quimby (biography); Fairey Albacore; British Target Aircraft; Sir Thomas Sopwith (biography); Names the Same – Tutor (Avro 621 Tutor, Canadair CL-41A Tutor); Fighting Biplanes: Gladiator I & II with colour profiles; Douglas DC-6; The Polegate Airship Disaster; De Havilland DH.16 1/72 3-view drwg; 6 (RCAF) Group Bomber Command part 2; Talbot-Quick Waterplane
No.52 May 1989
Cosford Aerospace Museum; Vickers Valiant; Swissair’s piston era; Names the same – Harrier (Hawker Harrier; BAe Harrier); DH83 Fox Moth; Flash of Sabres (F-86 Sabre with colour painting); Halberstadt CL.II with 1/72 3-view plan; Memory Lane; Air Shows – keeping them flying; Air-Britain Fly-In; Badminton ’89 air show; Biggin Hill Air Fair; IAT Fairford; Airshows 1989 Calendar; Airspeed Oxford training flight
No.53 June 1989
Nose Art ‘Liberator Livery’ (B-24 nose art); Bell’s Cobra Clan (P-39 & P-63, P-63 3-view scale drwg); Overlord Air Cover (D-Day air umbrella); Blind Hookey; Fighting Biplanes – Fiat CR.32 with colour profiles; Airspeed Ferry; Viking – the stop-gap airliner (Vickers VC1 Viking); Boulton & Paul P.71A Mailplane with 1/72 3-view plan (also describes P64); Memory Lane; Biggin Hill RN Aviation Anniversary Air Show; flight in BBMF Avro Lancaster; Smoke screening
No.54 July 1989
British aircraft carriers; EE Canberra 40 years; FAA 75 Years Naval Aviation; Fairey Swordfish; aviation artist M Turner interview; G Av A Exhibition ’89; Vought F4U Corsair with 3-view scale drwg; Hawker Nimrod 2/3 replica; Lockheed Constellation; FAA Museum Yeovilton
No.55 August 1989
Hillman Airways; Ginger Lacy (biography); B-17 Memphis Belle part 1; Cessna 120/140; Fighting Biplanes: Curtiss Army Hawks part 1; Fafnir Sailplane (with 3-view); Vintage Gliding; Lockheed 5 Vega with 3-view scale drwg; Musee de l’Air gliders; 1 Sqn RAF History part 1; UK Class B Registrations; Schempp-Hirth glider manufacturer; SHK Discus sailplane (3-view); Slingsby Skylark 2S Phoenix (with 3-view); Slingsby Type 1 Falcon 1 (with 3-view)
No.56 September 1989
The Auster family: The saga of Auster Aircraft was one of initial success but ultimate failure. Gordon Roberts recounts the history of the company and its products; Memphis Belle – Part 2: Graham Simons uncovers some mysteries which surround this renowned WW2 Boeing B-17 bomber; Opening Gambit: Exactly 50 years ago the Royal Air Force opened its account in WW2. Martin Bowman describes those early operations; Wellesbourne at War: The history of a Midlands airfield during WW2 recounted by Ian Frimston and John Pratley; Long Distance Southamptons: Andy Saunders turns the pages of an airman’s logbook to find the story of some long-distance flights by Southampton flying boats during 1926; Nostalgia can be Fun: Ken Baron Smith recalls two first flights – one in a DH Dragon Rapide; The BBMF Ground Crew: The engineering staff of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight are a vital element in keeping the aircraft flying. Peter Osborne visited Coningsby to talk to the men and women on the ground; French Mustangs: The 51D in service with France’s Armee de l’Air is the subject of Richard Ward’s colour feature this month, Alf Granger’s super-detailed three-view (1/72-scale) drawings also focus on the North American P-51D Mustang; Memory Lane: Philip Moyes looks back through the pages of his aviation photo-albums (Curtiss Hawk P6E colour side drgs); Curtiss Hawk -Part 2: Richard Ward concludes last month colour illustrations of the Curtiss fighters; First in all things -Part 2: John Rawlings concludes his two-part history of 1 Squadron RAF; Pioneer Power Plants: The second in this series by Bill Morse focuses on Gustavus Green, a British aero-engine designer of the early 1900s; News; Letters; Books
No.57 October 1989
DH.84 Dragon: The renowned de Havilland Dragon spawned a series of multi-engined biplane airliners. Philip Birtles relates its history; Catalina: Philip Moyes profiles this big twin-engined flying boat and its WW2 operational service; Piston-engined transports of the RAF: For more than 40 years the RAF relied on piston-powered transport aircraft. Ray Sturtivant surveys the many varied types flown in this role; Republic P-47 Thunderbolt: This month’s colour feature by Richard Ward focusses on the mighty ‘Jug’ single-seat fighter, Alf Granger’s three-view line drawings (1/72 scale 3-view drwgs of P-47) reveal additional detail of the WW2 Republic P-47 Thunderbolt; Rescue from the sky – 1: Stephen Brewster Daniels begins his three-part history of airborne lifeboats and their development; Auster – 50 years of the South Wind – 2: Gordon Roberts concludes his two-part history of the Auster company and its products; Avro Canada C-102 Jetliner: Canada’s C-102 four-jet airliner flew just two weeks after the DH Comet and five years before the Boeing 707. John Brindley recalls its short and troubled life; Manchester Air and Space Museum: Philip Birtles visits Manchester’s collection of unique historic aircraft and artefacts; Canadian Warplane Heritage: David Stephens reports on progress on the Canadian restoration and preservation scene; Courier Service: The story of Airspeed’s six-seater mini-airliner recounted by Nicholas Corrie; Bookshelf; News; Airborne Anniversaries; Letters
No.58 November 1989
Flight into History (end of Dakota in RCAF service); Para Pioneers of Long Island (parachute recovery of aircraft); Delta’s Piston Era; Looking back at the Hudson (Lockheed Hudson); Hyderabad Nights [10 Squadron with HP Hyderabads]; Airborne Lifeboats – 2; Borkum – RAF’s first Fighter Offensive operation of WWII (RAF attack on Borkum Nov 1939); Names the same – Osprey (Hawker Osprey); Junkers Ju 52/3ms on the Russian Front (photo feature); Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger with 1/72 3-view plan; Junkers Ju 87 Stuka (col profiles); Light Aircraft in RAF Service; FMPA Museum Sion Switzerland
No.59 December 1989
Oshkosh ’89; Fields of Little America [Aviation Art in East Anglia]; Amazing Aggie [Monique Agazarian biography]; RAF Flying Fortresses (90 Sqn Fortress Is); Pioneer power plants – De Havilland Iris engine; ‘My first three air crashes’ by Flip Fleming; Preserving our aeronautical heritage; Fortresses in the Med with colour profiles (USAAF B-17F/Gs); Douglas TBD Devastator with 1/72 3-view plan; Short Seaford; Scottish Museum of Flight; Name’s the Same: Tutor
No.60 January 1990
Harmonious Dragmaster – Gloster Javelin part 1; Wings of Eagles; Low Level to Paris; Diplomatic Twins part 1 (Airspeed’s civil twins); Romania’s Aviation Industry; Avro Lincoln; Maple Leaf Classics (Canadian Warplane Heritage museum); Grumman F4F Wildcat with 1/72 3-view plan; US Aircraft in the Fleet Air Arm; Airborne Lifeboats – 3; Memory Lane; Geneseo ’89 air show; Blohm & Voss Bv 138C-1; Bristol Beaufighter VIC; USAF Museum Wight-Patterson DH89 Rapide
No.61 February 1990
Sunderland flies again (G-BJHS); Spitfire Workshop; African Forced Landings by Flip Fleming; Look back at Lufthansa; The Barracuda (Fairey); Canadian Cornell (Fairchild PT-26 in Canada); Magyar Museum (Malev museum in Hungary); Grumman F6F-3/5 Hellcat with 1/72 3-view plan; Memory Lane; The Remarkable Rotodyne (Fairey); Diplomatic Twins – part 2 [Airspeed Envoy and Consul]; Waco Model C (VP-KBN/KBJ)
No.62 March 1990
Croydon before the War (airfield history); Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation; Singapore to Singapore (Short Singapore III to far east); Flying Wing Gliders part 1 (Horten 4 glider with 3-view); Caudron Simoun; Hurel Dubois HD34; AOP ‘Eyes of the Army’; Auster Military Flight (with Auster 3, 4, 5 1/72 3-view plan); British Experimentals; Loire Valley Aeronautical Inheritance (GPPA Angers Museum France); Lincolns for Posterity (Avro Lincoln survivors); Memory Lane; ‘This & That’ by Flip Fleming
No.63 April 1990
Canadian Hampden Rebuild (HP Hampden restoration in Canada); Name’s the Same: Hornet – Three Hornets [F/A-18A Hornet, Hawker Hornet J9862, De Havilland DH.103]; The problems with DH.86s (with 1/72 3-view plan); Carpetbaggers – Bedford Triangle (USAAF clandestine ops in WW2 & SOE); Airborne Forces 50th Anniversary; The award-winning airport [Shoreham]; World War 1 Adversaries: Sopwith Snipe with 3-view and cutaway drawings; The Snipe VC; The Stray Fokker [E.III in Science Museum]; Six from Supermarine (Night Hawk, S24/37 Dumbo, Scapa, Scarab, Sea Lion, Sea Otter)
No.64 May 1990
Grumman F7F Tigercat; Air Shows ’90; Stratocruiser (Boeing 377); Operation Manna (RAF); Pioneer Power Plants: Pobjoy (engines); The Seebee (Republic Sea Bee); Avro 641 Commodore with 1/72 3-view plan; Memory Lane; Short Scion and Scion Senior with Scion Senior 3-view scale drwg; DFS Kranich (with 3-view); FVA 10B Rheinland (with 3-view); Musger Mg19 Steinadler (with 3-view); Scheibe Aircraft Cc; Yorkshire Gliding Club; Vintage Gliding; Flight to Nowhere by Flip Fleming
No.65 June 1990
Mach Two and Beyond – Lockheed’s F-104G Starfighter; Magnesium Monster – Convair B-36; Contrasts at Coventry [DC3]; Feel for the Ground; RAF Calshot; Duxford Auction (Christies); P-38 Lightning (photo feature); World Vintage Air Rally (England-Australia); Lockheed Sirius, Altair and 9D Orion with 1/72 3-view plans; Tico ’90 air show Florida; Friends of Douglas DC-3; Empire Air Training Scheme; Flying Training Southern Rhodesia in WW2
No.66 July 1990
Great Lakes Sport Trainer (Great Lakes 2T-1A scale 3-view plans); Last and First by Handley Page – The Heyford and Halifax both with cutaway drawings (HP Halifax part 1); First time Target (9 Sqn RAF Wellington pilot’s first op); Aviation Art on display (G Av Art Exhibition ’90); General Aviation GA-43 Airliner; Airspeed Oxford in RAF Museum with 1/72 3-view plans; Fighting Biplanes: Boeing P-12 series; Air Shows ’90; John Young biography
No.67 August 1990
Museum of Army Flying; Halifax Part 2 with cutaway drawings; Pioneer power plants – Renault 80 hp V8 aero engine; Fokker D.XVII; Gloster Javelin – part 2; AT-6/Harvard; Stinson Reliant SR5 with 1/72 3-view plans; RCAF Goldilocks aerobatic team; Air Shows ’90; Martin B-26 Marauder
No.68 September 1990
The Glorious 12th (Battle of Britain 12 August 1940); Assessing Combat Losses (Battle of Britain combat losses); Airframes and Engines compared – 3 of a kind with G/A drawings, cockpit drawings etc; A Battle of Britain photo study; Hurricane Engagement 7th September 1940; Three of a Kind – feature and 1/72 3 view drawing plus colour profiles (Hawker Hurricane I 3-view drwg; Messerschmitt Bf 109E 3-view drwg; Supermarine Spitfire I and IIa 3-view drwg); FAA Aircraft of 1950s-60s (photo feature)
No.69 October 1990
Aloft in the Sunderland (Short Sunderland); The Other Sunderland; British Military Floatplanes; Underwater Wings (RN Submarine aircraft carriers, Parnall Peto); Fleet Air Arm Jets and Props; Fairey Gannet; Fairey Flycatcher with 1/72 3-view plan; Filming the Memphis Belle; B-24J Liberator; Vintage Soaring (Vintage Glider Rally ’90); Memory Lane; Chalks International Airlines; Abbotsford ’90 air show
No.70 November 1990
Early Mosquitos (DH Mosquito early days); Martin’s Fighting Machines part 1 (Martin Baker aircraft); Bristol Beaufighter part 1; Early Days at Croydon (Croydon in WW2); Junkers F13; Dominican Strats (Agro Air Boeing C-97G Stratocruiser); Focke-Wulf Fw 190A with colour profiles and 1/72 3-view plan; Sopwith Triplane replica
No.71 December 1990
Airspeed Envoy; Akaflieg Braunschweig SB13 (with 3-view); Avro Anson US Rebuild (G-AWGE); Charles Church (biography); Nick Grace (biography); Spitfires of Church and Grace; Boeing XF6B-1; CFF (Gregor) FDB-1; DH 91 Albatross; The Great Air Race (film); Envoys and Lockheed 14s by Flip Fleming; Flying Wing Gliders part 2 (FMA IA.41 Urubu/Horten 15C 3-view); Bristol Beaufighter part 2 with TT.10 3-view drwg; Grumman Tracker Firecats; Hawker Hurricane Repair Organisation; Lockheed 14 of Howard Hughes; Martin Baker aircraft part 2; North American one-offs (photo feature); Oshkosh ’90; SPAD 7 at Baraccca Museum Lugo
No.72 February 1991
Spitfire Production Line; Short Stirling (50th anniv); Amy Johnson part 1 (biography & DH.60 Gipsy Moth G-AAAH); Zaunkoenig; Early Aero Engines: Austro-Daimler; Porsche (F. Porsche biography); Who’s in charge of an aircraft? by Flip Fleming; The Air Ambulance (story of); Miniature Splendour; Flygmuseum (Ugglarp Sweden); Mosquito Facts: De Havilland Mosquito NF.XV 1/72 3-view plan, Photo analysis, interior; Dick Melton Aviation (aircraft maintenance & Spitfire rebuilder); Ginger Bedggood (biography); Wng Cdr Stanley Bell (biography); Modelling – Alan Clark
No.73 March 1991
Me 262 in battle; Me 163 Komet; Amy Johnson part 2 (biography); Wings over the West Country (Bristol Boxkite); Belle’s Bug Beaters (Crop Dusters in Belle Florida); Early Flying in Guernsey (WW1 onwards); 407 ‘Demon’ Squadron (RCAF unit 50 years); Airpower Museum (Blakesburg); Boeing P-26A with colour profiles; De Havilland DH.85 Leopard Moth with 1/72 3-view plan; My seventh and last prang by Flip Fleming; Bristol Blenheim IF; Gloster Gamecock; Modelling – R/C Championship; Parnall Plover; Ju 88 photo report; Westland IV Limousine; Westland Westbury
No.74 April 1991
Crop Spraying (UK); Classic Aircraft Display; Safe Swiss Haven (WW2 Switzerland); Junkers Ju 88A pictorial with 1/72 3-view plan; Admundsen’s last flight; Forty Shackleton Years (Avro Shackleton 40th anniv); How to shoot a lion by Flip Fleming; Vintage floatplanes in Canada; Harlingen Airsho ’90; Memory lane; Henschel Hs 123; Short Sunderland facts and photo analysis; RCAF Trenton Museum
No.75 May 1991
Cessna T50 Bobcat (UC-78); From Cub to Comanche (Piper aircraft); Fouga Magister (CM170); Handley Page Harrow/Sparrow; Chopped Choppers (Aerospatiale early helicopters photo feature); My year of the Jackaroo (Thruxton Jackaroo part 1); Vasteras Flygande Museum; Focke Wulf Stieglitz (Fw 44); The Air is Our Sea – Part 1 [Avia aeroplanes history); Flying the Bull Pup (Buhl Bull Pup N350Y); Aircraft Pontoons and Lighters; J. Wellington Wimpey; Wellington Mk II facts and photo analysis (Vickers Wellington I 1/96 scale 3-view drwg); Schneider Trophy Jubilee
No.76 June 1991
Ten years of Warbirds (The Aeroplane Restoration Company); 100 years of aviation; Year of the Jackaroo part 2 (Thruxton Jackaroo); Blenheim with photo analysis (Blenheim IV & V); The Jet Set RAF & FAA Jets – colour profiles (inc. RAF Brawdy Hawk T.1A, 893 Sqn Sea Vixen FAW.1, Canberra B(I)8 16 Sqn, Lightning F2A 19 Sqn, Meteor F8 43 Sqn, Hunter F6 26 Sqn, Sea Hawk FB3 897 Sqn, Tornado GR1 31 Sqn, Scimitar F1); Avro 616 Avian with 1/72 3-view drwg (G-ABEE); Miles Hawk Major 1/72 3-view drwg (G-ACTD); Westland Widgeon III/IIIA 1/72 3-view drwg; The Air is Our Sea – Part 2 [Avia aeroplanes history); EE Canberra 40 years RAF; Index 1981-91; Otto Lilienthal centenary ’91; Wingspan – Now we are Ten
No.77 July 1991
Sun’N Fun ’91 warbirds; Supermarine Walrus (flying the); The Birth of British jet flight (the first Gloster jets, E.28/39 Pioneer); Unauthorised aerobatics; Boeing B-29 (Superfortress, first nuclear bomber); Vintage Gliding ’91; Paris ’54 Glider air race; Grumman F8F Bearcat (with 1/72 3-view plan); Early Aero Engines: Beardmore Six; Frank Halford; Bergfalke 3 (with 3-view); Blanik L13 & Super (with 3-view); Kirby Kite 1 (with 3-view); Spalinger S18 glider (with 3-view); G Av Art Exhibition ’91; Jacob Spalinger (biography)
No.78 August 1991
[Wingspan incorporating Planes] Wetfur: Test your aircraft recognition; Vintage Varsity: 679′ has given 28 years service (WL679); Bristol Bombay: Only 50 production models were built; Rapides Recalled: The Day the Fog Rolled In, Is there a Cornish Saint for lost aviators?, Thunderstorms and Snowflakes, Danger can bring a hilarious reaction, Clacton’s Rapide, Enterprise – you can fly in this Rapide for £16, Photo Analysis Pictorial, details of the DH 89A Rapide, Sedate Elegance, More details of DH’s famous airliner (DH.89 Dragon Rapide scale 3-view drwg); Wartime Autogyro Kite – flying this was a dangerous job (Focke Achgelis Fa 330 Kite); Kay Gyroplane to be seen in the Glasgow Museum; Foreign Bodies Can Be Dangerous – Especially when inverted; Cecil Pashley Centenary – The father of Shoreham Airport; The First Shackletons – A look at the prototype and early models; Bookshelf; News; Mainly for Modellers: a look at the superb Ryan PT-20 model; In The Pilot’s Seat – Me 262A, The first in a new series; Letters
No.79 September 1991
Avro Lancaster/Manchester; Lancaster Photo Analysis (with Avro Lancaster B.I 3-view scale drwg); RR Merlin XX cutaway; Kidnap Hitler?; From Zanzibar by Flip Fleming; Aussie Aircraft (Australia’s Aircraft Industry 1); Britain’s Secret Heinkels; Duxford Fighter air show; Life with Bf 109G; Operation Condor; Saro Princess
No.80 October 1991
Australia’s Aircraft Industry part 2; DH 82A Tiger Moth Photo Analysis (with 3-view); De Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide 3-view scale drwg; Douglas DC-3 joy ride; Hawker Typhoon; Aircrew medicals frighten me; USAAF Museum Wright Field; Micheal Daunt (biography)
No.81 November 1991
Southern Cross replica (Fokker F.VII); Land’s End and bust (Thruxton Jackaroo); The first year of the Jackaroo (Thruxton Jackaroo); Six from Blackburn (Blackbird, Cubaroo, Firecrest, Kangaroo, Lincock, Sydney); Early Aero Engines: Napier Lion; Australian aircraft industry – part 3; Vintage American PT Flight (Ryan PT-22); Chinese Style Museum part 1 (Shahe China); Curtiss SB2C Helldiver (with 3-view scale drwg); Restoration Roundup; Mainly for modellers
No.82 December 1991
Airspeed Oxford pilot training; Lockheed Tin Twins (Lockheed 10 Electra, 12 Electra Junior, 18 Lodestar etc); Lockheed Hudson III Photo Analysis; Chinese Style Museum part 2 (Shahe China); Packard-Le Pere LUSAC-11 (with 3-view); Percival Vega Gull with 3-view scale drwg; Schneider Trophy ’91; Sopwith Tabloid/Schneider; Taylorcraft Rebuild part 1
No.83 January 1992
Beech XA-38 Grizzly; Blackburn Skua target tug; Focke Wulf Fw 58 Weihe; RAAF Richmond air show; Pounding Pistons (Reno air racing ’91); Southend/Rochford airport; Heathrow 1962 (Channel Airways, Aviation Traders Ltd); Flying Boudoir; Memory Lane; Hooked on (Releasing aircraft from Airships, including R23 airship aircraft carrier); Dédale ’91; Bf 109G Cockpit (Bf 109F-4B cockpit?); Vintage down under; Winnipeg Museum; BA Swallow 2 (with 3-view scale plan); Abbotsford ’91 Show; Mainly for modellers; 1991 Index
No.84 February 1992
Sale by Auction (Museum of Flying Santa Monica); Polish Aviation History (Krakow museum); Desert Operations by Flip Fleming; Boeing B-47 Bomber (Stratojet); Sunderland Strike Force – releasing midget subs with reproduction of the original Short Bros. role reference drawings; Flying Wing Gliders part 3; UK Vintage Aircraft – Dart Kitten; Oldies at Felixtowe; German Air Show (Hahnweide); Brandon Museum (Canada); De Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth with 3-view scale plan; Mainly for modellers (dummy engines)
No.85 March 1992
Austers Down Under; Air Atlantique; Douglas DC-3 Dakota (RAE’s ZA947, those preserved in UK, Dutch & Swedish Dakotas today); Bristol Jupiter Engine; Westland Wapiti IIa 3-view plan; HP Hermes; Dassault Flamant; The Shuttleworth Story; Taylorcraft rebuild part 2; Mainly for modellers
No.86 April 1992
Memorial to Sir Arthur Harris; Fairey Gordon I; Convair Tradewind; Flying Fortresses over Europe (USAAF B-17s enter the battle); Neutral Skies – Swiss aircraft between the Wars; Flying Parasol – Saro A 33; UK Fortresses (B-17s in the UK); Boeing XB-15; Blackburn Perth; Miles M.38 Falcon 6 (with 3-view scale plan); The Shuttleworth Story part 2; Calgary Museum; Mainly for modellers
No.87 May 1992
A medal has two faces; Disneyland from the air; ‘Bomber’ Harris – memorial to aircrew; Better not to know – a bomber pilot’s conscience; Bombers in the Battle of Britain; Middle Eastern adventures by Flip Flemming (1930s flying); Flying Wings – French style (Fauvel tailless gliders); Avro Anson C.19 rebuild; Boats and Floats; Blackburn Bluebird IV (with 3-view scale drwg); Mainly for modellers (Fairchild Argus 24 models)
No.88 June 1992
Aerial Liberators – Overshadowed by the Fortress (B-24s over Europe); Liberators at War – 458th Bomb Group: A Typical US Bomb Group; Pegasus Into Battle: Glider Pilots’ 50th (Glider Pilot Regiment); Avro Aldershot: One Of The RAF’s Least Known Aircraft; Betty Heycock: Ladies Can Fly; Take Four: A Very British Quartet; T.7/45 and All That: A Duo Of Post War Trainers (Avro Athena, 3-view line drg of Boulton Paul Balliol T.Mk2); Shuttleworth Part 3: Keeping ‘Em Going; Yak C.11: Mark Jeffries Mixes Rebuilding With Aerobatics; Loathsome Lerwick: Surprisingly It Flew (3-view line drg); De Havilland DH.94 Moth Minor: Alf Granger (3-view line drwg 1/72 scale); Bookshelf; News; Your Questions Answered; Mainly For Modellers; Letters
No.89 July 1992
Sun n’ Fun ’92; Spring in Florida ’92; Tiger Moth Jubilee; Saunders Roe SR.53; VTOL – Shorts jet powered alternative; Early Russian aviation (early air transport in USSR, Deruluft); Early Aero Engines – Jaguar Radial (Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar); Roc in War and Peace; Hawker Tomtit with 3-view scale plan; Nimrod Replica – it started life as an Issacs Fury (Hawker Nimrod replica); Australian Tigers; Martlesham Trials; Mainly for modellers; G Av Artists Exhibition ’92
No.90 August 1992
Tico ’92 air show; Clacton Aero Club – Classic Wings; Dart Kitten II G-AEXT 3-view scale drwg; DH.89 Rapides in East Indies; French Airfields Tour 1961; RAF Additions; Reynolds Museum Canada
No.91 September 1992
Duxford Classic Fighters Show; Brooklands Museum; Barling Bomber; Curtiss-Wright CW20; Douglas Cloudster; HP Hampden; The Second Doolittle Raid (B-25 Mitchell’s); Farewell to the Vulcan (Avro Vulcan Forty and Out); Night Fighter (DH.98 Mosquito night fighters); Royal Observer Corps; Taming the Typhoon (Hawker Typhoon); Vintage Gliding (Alexander Schleicher sailplane, Emouchet SA103 & SA104); Flying the Firefly (RNHF Firefly AS.5); All at Sea – Flying from the flight deck (Fairey Fawn); Luton Minor (with 3-view scale drwg); Mainly for Modellers; G Av Artists Exhibition
No.92 October 1992
Avro 504N; Boeing XL15; Hands on the Hawk (flying the BAe Hawk); RAF’s Navy; Bristol Freighter; Taylorcraft rebuild; Flying the Test Beds; Dan Air’s Ambassadors (Airspeed Ambassador); Shuttleworth part 4; Chrislea CH.3 Super Ace with 3-view scale plans; Mainly for modellers
No.93 November 1992
DH Moth Club Rally at Woburn; Great War Birds Show at Wroughton; Not all are Avro Ansons; Calshot Revisited (RAF base); De Havilland DH.87A and B Hornet Moth 3-view scale drwg; DH88 & DH106 Comet Encounter; Gloster Gauntlet recalled; Modelling R/C World Championships
No.94 December 1992
Wings over Wisconsin – Oshkosh ’92; Avro Tutor; Vintage Aircraft restorers (Skysport Engineering); Balkan Air Force (in WW2); Early Aero Engines: Fiat; Flying the Blackburn Botha; DH.103 Hornet; Bristol 73 Taxiplane and Bristol 83 PTM with 3-view scale plans; Canada’s aviation heritage (Calgary museum); Blackburn Ripon
No.95 January 1993
Speyer Air Show; John Temberton; Grumman Amphibians; Sex Equality in the air (Capt. Yvonne Sintes); Auster Autocrat (reminiscences); My Most Frightening Flight by Flip Fleming; Shoot it down! (Czech Night Fighter); Flying Test Beds: Avro Vulcan; German collection of pre-war Heinkels; Avro Cadet with 3-view scale plans; Mainly for modellers – F4C Champs Trials; Xmas Shopping Guide
No.96 February 1993
Air Mail Pioneer Australia; Air Racing Reno ’92; Geneseo NY Air Show; Boeing B-17C Evaluation; Boulton Paul Overstrand; Bristol Brigand; Floatplane selection; Imperial Airways part 1; Maurice Guillaux; Saro Cloud; Vickers Valentia; De Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth 3-view scale drwg; Index 1992 Nos.83-94
No.97 March 1993
Hollywood Stars (Hollywood at war); Imperial Airways part 2; Travel Air S6000B (flight in one); Taylorcraft rebuild part 4; Antonov An-2 from the pilot’s seat (An-2 Invasion); The Meteor at 50 (Gloster Meteor 50 years); Canada’s aviation heritage (Comox CAF Museum); Miles M.17 Monarch with 3-view scale plan; Mainly for modellers – R/C Scale Comps
No.98 April 1993
Royal Air Force 75 Years; Iraq Air War 1941; RAF Marham at War; Bristol Blenheim raid 7/1941; Bristol Blenheim rebuild; Engines of the RAF; Gloster Gamecock I 32 Sqn with 3-view scale drwg; Leaders: Lord Dowding, Sir Arthur Harris, Viscount Trenchard; Mainly for Modellers – Spacewalker
No.99 May 1993
Biggin Hill Air Show; Dambusters Avro Lancasters; Consolidated Catalina G-BLSC; Ford Trimotor NC8419 Part 1; Nicholas Comper with Comper Swift 3-view scale drwg; Kalamazoo Air Museum; Monique Agazarian; Manfred von Richtofen; Sir Barnes Wallis; Westland Lysander Rebuild
No.100 June 1993
Six of Diamonds (Texan AT-6/SNJ-6 Aerobatic Team); DH.100 Vampire (with Vampire I 3-view scale drwg); Bristol Beaufighter (flying the); Chipmunks I have Flown; Imperial from Africa 57 years ago (1936); Yak C-11 and Spitfire; RAF 75; BAe Hawk T.1/M-62/Hawker Nimrod Biplane 3-view scale plans; To Baghdad by Flip Fleming; It ain’t necessarily so; Avro Lancaster B.II 3-view scale drwg; Fairchild PT-26 Cornell 3-view scale drwg; Hawker Fury I 3-view scale drwg; Westland PV.4 F.7/30 3-view scale drwg; 75th Birthday RAF Marham; Mainly for Modellers – Eddie Riding Cup; Painting of a Hurricane; Wingspan 100 Not Out
No.101 July 1993
AJD Engineering – WW1 aircraft a speciality; Paint It; Short Shetland; Pan Am’s piston era; Ford Trimotor NC8419 part 2; Westland Wallace in RAF Museum; Airships – new light on old; Beech 18 and Harvard pair (Expeditor G-BKGL & T-6G 51-14526); Ultimate Pistons – Rolls Royce and Bristol; Travel Air 6000 (with 3-view scale drwg); Newark’s ROC post (Royal Observer Corps); Mainly for Modellers – ABC Robin; G Av Artists Paintings
No.102 August 1993
KLM Piston Era; Sicily Invasion Air War; An-2 OK-UIN; Blackburn B.2 3-view scale drwg; Hawker Fury II 3-view scale drwg; Vintage Glider Rally France ’93; Breguet gliders; DFS Habicht glider; Bristol Freighters at Work; Junkers Aero Engines (piston engines); Fairey Swordfish rebuilt; Ford Trimotor NC8419 part 3; Yakovlev Yak-52
No.103 September 1993
Silver Jubilee Air Review 1935; Boeing 747 & Jack Meadows; Cessna 185 & Jack Meadows; Boeing XPBB-1 Sea Ranger; Bristol Racer; Hillson Praga 3-view scale drwg; Chile’s British Aircraft part 1; Curtiss XP-87; Percival Provost part 1; Hawker Hector; Pitts Specials; 620 Sqn 50th part 1; Women on Wings – Stearman Wing Walkers; French Vought F8U Crusader; Mainly for Modellers – Stinson Reliant
No.104 October 1993
Rallies; Blackurn Buccaneer; Boeing B-17 fire-fighters; Robinson Redwing II with 3-view scale drwg; Ray Hinchliffe part 1; Fred Weick; 620 Sqn 50th part 2; Flying the Westland Lysander; Modelling – LMA
No.105 November 1993
Early Air Gunnery; Old Warden Air Pageant; Abbotsford ’93 air show; Chile’s British Aircraft part 2; To war in a Fairey Swordfish; Monospar Story – with Monospar ST25 3-view scale drwg; Miles Messenger Restoration; Mitchell-Proctor Kittiwake; Ray Hinchliffe part 2; Percival Provost part 2; Flying the Travel Air 4000; Modellers – Skybirds Models nostalgia
No.106 December 1993
Flying Legend Aircraft Collection; Racing at Reno ’93; Elvington Museum (Yorkshire); Ernst Udet; No thanks for aircrew – British government ingratitude to Bomber Command post WW2 (Bomber Command losses); Douglas Dolphin (USCG aircraft); Handley Page Victor (last V-Bomber); Vintage flying in France; Moths, Moths, Moths… (Moth Club Rally Woburn); Beech 18 (C-45 Expeditor) with 3-view scale plans; Mainly for modellers – Bf 109E kit review, Nicholas Beazley
No.107 January 1994
Grumman F7F Tigercat part 1; Bristol Britannia; Eddie Rickenbacker (biography); A Felixstowe F2A from Malta to Gibraltar in 1923; Memory Lane; North American Harvard/Texan (with 3-view scale plans); Robinson Redwing (history of); Skybirds models part 2; Sunderland Atlantic crossing (G-BJHS to USA); Mainly for modellers – RIC Nationals; Index for 1993
No.108 February 1994
Miles Magister; BC Aviation Museum, Sydney; Salinas air show, CA; Reaching for the Stars (Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star); Taylorcraft rebuild part 5 (plus 3-view plan); Flying Lifeboats (USCG General Aviation PJ-1 & 2); To War in the Mighty Jug (Republic P-47); Grumman F7F Tigercat part 2; Fokkers on our side (Fokker F.22 & F.36 in RAF); Red Arrows in California; de Havilland DH.75 Hawk Moth (with 3-view scale plans); Canada’s Aviation Heritage; Mainly for modellers – Alexander Bullet
No.109 March 1994
; Hastings in Trouble; Military aviation in Malta Part 1 – Airbase Malta part 1; Test flying marine aircraft 1942-1945 – Marine Test Flying; Memory Lane; Flying Test Beds; Taylorcraft rebuild part 6; Hahnkosh 1993 – Hahnweide air show Vintage German aircraft; Tigercat feline twin Part 3 – Grumman F7F Tigercat continued; Miles M.2 Hawk (with 3-view scale plans); with Hindsight – Shuttleworth’s Hawker Hind; Christmas Contest Captions
No.110 April 1994
Gothenburg Aero Club; BBMF Lancaster Refit (major servicing); Where are they now? the rise and fall of independant airlines; Ferry Queens – ATA; Airbase Malta part 2; Happy Days at Stag Lane (memories of the airfield); Reaching for the Sky – in an Audax in 1939 (Height test); Bucker Bu 133 Jungmeister; Aerobatics in a Christen Eagle; Hands on a Ryan (Ryan STA); Grumman Biplane fighters (with 3-view plans)
No.111 May 1994
Shuttleworth 50th; Short Solent survivor; Crossing the Atlantic – north and south (pioneer transatlantic flights); Memory Lane; Jim Mollison’s Australia-England trip; USCG Schreck Viking flying boats; Hastings roundup; Jet Heritage Museum; Percival Provost Mk.I (with 3-view scale drwg); Modelling – Spitfire kit
No.112 June 1994
Red Arrows 30th anniversary; Harrier Quarter Century (1 Sqn Harriers); Scout retires (Westland Scout farewell); D-Day Squadron; D-Day Gliders; Vintage gliding 1994 (Zlin 24 Krajanek glider, Slingsby T21, Hutter Hi 7); UK’s preserved airliners (directory); Auster III, IV & V 3-view scale drwg, Avro 641 Commodore 3-view drwg; De Havilland DH.84 Dragon 3-view scale drwg; Heston Phoenix G-ADAD 3-view scale drwg; Lockheed 5 Vega 3-view scale drwg; Stinson Reliant 3-view scale drwg
No.113 July 1994
Harpoon – Lockheed Ventura’s naval sister (PV2D); Vickers Vimy part 1 (with colour 3-view); Neptunes in the RAF (P2V-5); Memory Lane; The Mad Major – arch aviator; US Pacific air victory – Marianas Turkey Shoot; DH Comet the first jetliner; BAC Drone (with 3-view drwg); Display flying (DH.82A Diamond Nine); Aviation art (G Av Art Exhibition ’94); Mainly for modellers – card Lightning, DH.53 Humming Bird
No.114 August 1994
IAT ’94; DHC-1 Chipmunk feature with colour side view and 1/72 3-view scale plan; East African Airways (airline); Hendons and Harrows (Fairey Hendon & HP Harrow memories); STOL Performance; Doodlebug with side view drawing (Flying bombs history, Fieseler Fi 103 V-1); Vickers Vimy part 2 with colour side views; Memory Lane; C-130 Hercules 40th anniv.; Bu 131 Jungmann; A Lifetimes models – W Doylend Collection; 26 Sqn RAF to Tomahawks
No.115 September 1994
Biggin Hill air show; Merced ’94 air show; PFA Rally ’94 at Cranfield; BAC TSR-2 (history); Biplane Flying Boats (Hall PH-2 & 3); Bristol Hercules engine; Memory Lane; On Show in London – aircraft in two World Wars; Classic antiques; Desoutter I G-AANB with 3-view scale drwg; Fleet Air Arm Museum ‘Carrier’ exhibit
No.116 October 1994
Stearman Feature (with colour profile and Stearman 75 Kaydet 3-view scale plan); Jim Mollison crossing the Atlantic solo; Memory Lane; USCG’s Curtiss flying boats; Waco YNF NC14128; The sinking of the Italian liner Rex; Breguet Alizé; The Real Aeroplane Company at Breighton; Delta Air Park airfield history; Vickers Viscount
No.117 November 1994
Abbotsford ’94 air show; BBMF the future? (uncertain future); DC-2 at 60 (Douglas airliner); End of the Tirpitz (Sink the Tirpitz); Comper in France (Comper Swift); Bristol Proteus Turboprop (engine); ‘Hap’ Arnold’s personal C-41 crosses the pond (Douglas C-41); Oshkosh ’94; Fokker F.III with 3-view scale drwg; Vintage gliding; Moths at Woburn (Moth Club Rally ’94)
No.118 December 1994
Beech 17 Staggerwing (with colour profile and 1/72 scale 3-view drwg); Kiwi postman – New Zealand Air Mail pioneer James Scotland; USCG early days (US Coast Guard early aircraft); Mad Major – Draper (biography); Viscount; Replica Spitfire (Wooden replica in incident)
No.119 January 1995
Air War RAF in Borneo 1962; Early Yorkshire aviation (Yorkshire 1915-17 map); Aviation in Wales; Avro 504N (with scale 3-view); DH 85 Leopard Moth (G-AIYS); DH 90 Dragonfly (G-AEDT); DH100 Vampire for six; Hurricane Z7010 dig; He 115 in RAF use; Index 1994 Nos.107-118; Huriburt Field Museum Florida; Soaring in Wales; African Super VC10
No.120 February 1995
US Light aircraft at war (L-Birds at War); Hatfield Memories (de Havilland); Dogs in Uniform (RAF dogs); Saro Skeeter; Hands On… Hawker Fury (flying impressions); F/L Bill Astell DFC AFC; B-25 Mitchell; Bell 47 (Korean Angels); A special Chipmunk (DHC-1 G-TRIC); Curtiss Robin C with 3-view scale plan; Pitts Special (50+ Years); Complete Alf Granger 3-view drawings index; Preserved Vickers Viscounts; Curtiss Tomahawk flying in ’41; Gloucester Aviation Collection (museum); Great Patriotic War Museum Moscow; Spitfire 19 PS853 sale
No.121 March 1995
Denham airfield and flying club; Delta Airlines modern era; Oldest flying DH82A Tiger Moth; DH98 Mosquito; Fire bombers Sierra Front; The art of flying; Sopwith Gnu with 3-view scale drwg; Hands On… Junkers Ju 87 (pilot impressions); Lockheed P-2 Neptune; Nanton Museum Canada; F/O Alf Shimmins
No.122 April 1995
Douglas A-1 Skyraider; Flying the Britannia (with tech data & colour profile); RAF at sea – Air-Sea Rescue Service; Anti Diver operations from West Malling (countering V-1 rockets); Memory Lane; Hands On… Hawker Henley (Flying the Hawker Henley); Bf 109G ‘Black Six’; US Naval Aviation Museum Pensacola; ETPS memories; DH.90 Dragonfly with 3-view scale drwg; Aviation Art ‘Insider’ series; XF-84H preserved
No.123 May 1995
Yak racing (Yak-52s); Big Wing; Memory Lane; Observation Balloons in WWI; Delta Airlines Museum Atlanta; Hands On… Blackburn Skua (Flying the Skua); Vintage French; USCG J2F Ducks; Rolls-Royce Dart Turboprop (engines); Simmonds Spartan 3-view scale drwg; Hawker Tomtit Survivor; RAF Duxford and Battle of Britain
No.124 June 1995
Sabres in the Korean War (F-86 Sabre, with NA Sabre Mk.6 Golden Hawks 3-view scale drwg); US Post War Jets; British Jet engine development during WWII; Bristol Brabazon; Classic Russian Propliners; Hands On… Bristol Blenheim IV (Flying the Blenheim); Fokker D-XXI (with 3-view); Southern Martlet with 3-view scale drwg; Air Antique vintage flyers
No.125 July 1995
Royal Navy Historic Flight; HP Hermes with colour profile; USCG – the early days; Fixed Wing Whirlwind (Westland Whirlwind fighter); Memory Lane; Hendon Pageants (Graham-White’s Hendon); Fokker D VIII (Old Rhinebeck replica); Scottish Airways; De Havilland DH.71 Tiger Moth racer 3-view scale drwg; McDonnell FH-1 Phantom; Moose Jaw Museum
No.126 August 1995
The Stearman display team (Kaydet aerobatics); Bristol Olympus turbojet with TSR-2 colour profile; Loewenstein’s last flight (Capt Loewenstein); Hands On… Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk; Surrey AL 1 (Surrey Flying Services AL.1); Memory Lane; 65 year old RAF pilot (F/Lt Gordon Clack); Untidy landings; Westland Limousine II 3-view scale drwg; Aviation Art (G Av Art Exhibition ’95); Polikarpov R-5 with 3-view; Confederate AF Arizona Wing; Curtiss Robin C-1 with scale 3-view
No.127 September 1995
Managing a Shuttleworth show; Avro Lincoln; Fortress mystery – why did the ‘Tomahawk Warrior’ crash? (B-17); Hands on… Blackburn Botha; RAF Germany post WW1; Canadair DC-4M Argonaut; Miles M.1 Satyr 3-view scale drwg; Air 2000 airline – Boeing 757 package flight; Blackburn Roc; Bristol Type 133; DH Vampire NF.10; Pensacola Museum Reserve collection; Vickers Valiant
No.128 October 1995
B-17G ‘Sally B’ is 50; BP Defiant I; Blenheim IV L8756; De Havilland DH.60G3 Moth Major 3-view scale drwg; CFS Engine Overhaulers; Hands On… Fairey Battle (flying impressions); RAF Museum aircraft: Fiat CR.42 Falco (with 3-view), Heinkel He 111H-23 701152, Ju 87G-2 494083, Bf 109E-3 4101, Bf 110G-4 730301; Robin Bowes (biography); Pauline Gower (biography); Schoolboy at war in B of B; London’s B of B airfields
No.129 November 1995
Biplane Expo air rally USA; Ecuvillens Swiss air rally; Abbotsford 1995 air show; Avro Lancastrian with BSAA; HP Hermes 2 FIRE Test-bed; Lockheed U-2/TR-1; Sopwith Antelope with 3-view scale drwg; Hands On…Vickers Vildebeest; Hands On…Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk; Flying the SE.5A
No.130 December 1995
Biggin Hill B Of B air display; Old Warden air display season; BKS Aero Charter (airline history); Baghdad air mail 1922-1927; Christmas shopping guide; NY National Warplane Museum; DH.83 Fox Moth Joy Riding; Vickers Vernon; A Wimpy Mission (Wellington operations in Middle East); Memories of a FAA Photographer 1944-47; History of RAF Fighters part 1 with 12 colour profiles; Harvard Encore (Harvard pilots 50 years on); Avro Baby with 3-view drwg; Aerosuperbatics aerobatic team
No.131 January 1996
T-28s in Vietnam; The QANTAS Story; Imperial Airways – crossing the Atlantic; Vampires on carriers; Getting wet – a series of aircraft dunkings; The final Auster – Beagle Husky; Hands On… Anson; MUSCG; History of RAF Fighters part 2 with 12 colour profiles; DH Hummingbird 3 view; Scimitar with 3 view
No.132 February 1996
Vintage L-Bird – Cessna Bird Dogs are collectable; Piston STOL transport – The Twin Pioneer first flew over 40 years ago (one colour side drg); Descending into danger – Aircraft altimeters; Brabazon collection – these photos were found at the back of a drawer; Flat-top Solo…- but beware of the ‘gear handle’!; Award Winning Models – An interview with Alan Clark; US Light Metal – Most Luscombe Silvaires are now over 50; History of RAF Fighters – third in this full-colour series by W/C Jeff Jefford (11 colour side drgs); Tipsy Trainer 1 – Alf Granger (3-view line drg 1/72 scale); Sea Vixen – Peter Green (3-view line drg); Swanning… means many things; Bookshelf; News; Mohawk Pinto… first flew in 1927; Index – complete Alf Granger index; Letters
No.133 March 1996
Where do you start…? with the Ryan PT-22 Recruit; Mean Nene The World’s most powerful engine in 1944; Malayan adventure: They were lucky to get out of this one; Nine months with 76 Sqn: It’s not easy heading a Halifax squadron – a portrait of W/C Don Smith DSO DFC, CO of 76 Sqn; Promenade decks and flags: The Empire flying boats offered spacious luxury (one small cut-away drg); Guy Gibson VC – Some memories of those who flew with him; Not a Golden Hind…but a successful Russian Hind; History of RAF Fighters – fourth in this popular series by W/C Jeff Jefford (10 colour side drgs); De Havilland DH.18 Alf Granger (3-view line drg 1/72 scale); Grumman Panther – Peter Green (3-view line drg); Bookshelf; News; Book Contest; Letters
No.134 April 1996
Kangaroo Hop: Part 2 of the Qantas Story; A Question of Accuracy: Setting the record straight; Gordon Olley: His contribution to British civil aviation; Memory Lane – Another glimpse of the past; Just Hanging Around: Aircraft in motionless flight; Unsatisfactory Trials: The XCG-16 never entered production; Hands-on: the Avro Club Cadet; Swanton Morley Story: A look back over 55 years; History of RAF Fighters: WW2 types by W/C Jeff Jefford (10 colour side drgs); Curtiss Jenny: Alf Granger (3-view line drg 1/72 scale); Texas Museum – Fort Worth is the location; Bookshelf; News; Tangmere Aeromart Contest; 58 Letters; Hawker Sea Hawk: Peter Green (3-view line drg)
No.135 May 1996
Affordable Jet: Ex-RAF Jet Provosts, one careful owner!; Electronic Warfare: As done by 100 Group in WW2; Working for Short Brothers at Rochester: John Sizer shares his memories in the first of a two-part story; Special Envoy: S/L Clarke runs into foul weather; Flying Wings: Northrop, from start to Stealth; Arnold Collection – A dealer in interesting aircraft; Austin Whippet: Alf Granger (3-view line drg 1/72 scale); History of RAF Fighters: WW2 types by W/C Jeff Jefford (10 colour side drgs); PZL: A Polish aircraft builder; Two badges – They belonged to 600 Sqn; Out on a Wing – An unusual collection; Stearman Beginnings: The firm’s early aircraft; Caption Contest: How’s your sense of humour?; Bookshelf; News; Aeronca C-1: Phillip Kent (3-view line drg scale 1/24); Letters
No.136 June 1996
Snowbirds’ 25th: 80 public appearances later; Life was Shorts: for John Sizer working on Empire ‘Boats (colour side drg of Shorts S 25 Sunderland II); The last of the Beaus: They were used in the Malayan Emergency; Last of the Piston Fighters: The Hornet was clean and its sting deadly; Hands on: the Blackburn Wallace; Jeffery Quill: Farewell to a famous test pilot; Turret Fighter: The Defiant had a brief claim to fame; Pylon Racing: at Skyrace, Tasmania; History of RAF Fighters: Another in the series by W/C Jeff Jefford (10 colour side drgs); Hawker Cygnet: Alf Granger (3-view line drg 1/72 scale); Bookshelf; News; Spot the difference: tickets to IAT 96 are the prizes; Letters

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