Naval Air Force Reserve – Current

of the United States Navy

Naval Air Force Reserve, based at NAS North Island,CA

          – Tactical Support Wing, based at JRB Fort Worth,TX

          – Fleet Logistic Support Wing, based at JRB Fort Worth,TX 






North Island  
Tactical Support Wing   Fort Worth AF
VFA-204 River Rattlers F-18A+(12) New Orleans AF
VAQ-209 Star Warriors EA-6B(4) Andrews AF
VAW-77 Night Wolves E-2C(4) New Orleans AF
VFC-12 Fighting Omars F-18C(12) Oceana AF
VFC-13 Saints F-5E/F/N(3/1/14) Fallon AF
VFC-111 Soundowners F-5F/N(1/18) Key West AF
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Fleet Logistic Support Wing   Fort Worth  
VR-1 Starlifters C-20D(2),C-37B(2) Andrews JK
VR-1/ETDP Starlifters C-37A(1) Andrews JK
VR-46 Peach Airlines C-9B(4) Fort Worth JS
VR-48 Capital Skyliners C-20G(2) Andrews JR
VR-51 Windjammers C-20G(2) MCAF Kaneohe Bay RG
VR-52 Taskmasters C-9B(4) Willow Grove JT
VR-53 Capital Express C-130T(4) Andrews AX
VR-54 Revelers C-130T(4) New Orleans CW
VR-55 Minuteman C-130T(3) Point Mugu RU
VR-56 Globemasters C-9B(4) Oceana JU
VR-57 Conquistadors C-40A(3) North Island RX
VR-58 Sun Seekers C-40A(3) Jacksonville JV
VR-59 Lonestar Express C-40A(3) Fort Worth RY
VR-61 Islanders C-9B(4) Whidbey Island RS
VR-62 Nomads C-130T(4) Jacksonville JW
VR-64 Condors C-130T(3) Willow Grove LU
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Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.

ETDP = Executive Transport Detachment Pacific

JRB = Joint Reserve Base

MCAF Marine Corps Air Facility

NAS = Naval Air Station

VAQ = Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

VAW = Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron

VFA = Strike Fighter Squadron
VFC = Fighter Squadron Composite
VR = Fleet Logistics Support Squadron

Type Wings – Current

of the United States Navy

Strike Fighter Wing, Atlantic, based at NAS Oceana,VA

Strike Fighter Wing, Pacific, based at NAS Lemoore,CA

Electronic Combat Wing, Pacific, based at NAS Whidbey Island,WA

Command, Control, Logistics Wing, based at NAS Point Mugu,CA

Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, Atlantic, based at Chambers Field, NS Norfolk,VA

Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, Pacific, based at NAS North Island,CA

Patrol & Reconnaissance Group, based at Chambers Field, NS Norfolk,VA

        –    Patrol & Recon Wing 2, based at MCAF Kaneohe Bay,HI 

        –    Patrol & Recon Wing 10, based at NAS Whidbey Island,WA

        –    Patrol & Recon Wing 11, based at NAS Jacksonville,FL 

        –    Patrol & Recon Force 5th Fleet, based at Misawa Air Base, Japan

        –    Patrol & Recon Force 7th Fleet, based at Misawa Air Base, Japan 

 Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Atlantic, based at NAS Mayport,FL

 Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing, Pacific, based at NAS North Island,CA

 Fleet Air Forward, based at NAS Atsugi, Japan

 Strategic Communication Wing 1, based at Tinker AFB,OK

 Training Wing 1, based at NAS Meridian,MS

 Training Wing 2, based at NAS Kingsville,TX 

 Training Wing 4, based at NAS Corpus Christi,TX 

 Training Wing 5, based at NAS Whiting Field,FL 

 Training Wing 6, based at NAS Pensacola,FL 

 Naval Air System Command, based at NAS Patuxent River,MD 

        –  Test Wing Atlantic, based at NAS Patuxent River,MD

        –  Weapons Test Wing Pacific, based at NAS China Lake,CA
 Operational Test & Evaluation Force, based at Chambers Field, NS Norfolk,VA

 Naval Research Laboratory, based at Washington,DC





Strike Fighter Wing Atlantic   Oceana  
VFA-106 Gladiators (FRS)


Oceana AD
Strike Fighter Wing Pacific   Lemoore  
VFA-101 Grim Reapers (FRS) F-35C(15) Eglin AFB EG
VFA-122 Flying Eagle (FRS) F-18E(20),F-18F(52) Lemoore  
VFA-125 Rough Riders (FRS) F-18B/C/D,T-34C Lemoore NJ



Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Detachment F-18A(10),F-18B(8) Fallon  
Electronic Attack Wing Pacific   Whidbey Island NL
VAQ-129 New Vikings (FRS) EA-6B(20),EA-18G(3),F-18F Whidbey Island NL
VAQ-132 Scorpions EA-18G(5) Whidbey Island NL
VAQ-133 Wizards EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NL
VAQ-142 Gray Wolves EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NL
Command, Control, Logistics Wing   Point Mugu  
VAW-120 Greyhawks (FRS) E-2C(10),C-2A(7) Chambers Field AD
VRC-30 The Providers C-2A(10) North Island RW
VRC-40 Codfish Airlines C-2A(15) Chambers Field JK
Helicopter Sea Combat Wing Atlantic   Chambers Field  
HM-14 Vanguard MH-53E(10) Chambers Field BJ
HM-15 Blackhawks MH-53E(6) Chambers Field TB
HM-15/Det.1 Blackhawks MH-53E(4) Muharraq AB / Bahrain BJ
HSC-2 Fleet Angels (FRS) MH-60S(15) Chambers Field HU
HSC-22 Sea Knights MH-60S(12) Chambers Field AM
HSC-26 Chargers MH-60S(12) Chambers Field HW
HSC-26/Det.1 Chargers MH-60S(4) Muharraq AB / Bahrain HW
HSC-28 Bay Raiders MH-60S(12) Chambers Field BR
HSC-28/Det. Naples Bay Raiders MH-60S(1) Naples,Italy BR
HSC-84 Redwolves (NR) HH-60H(8) Chambers Field NW
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Helicopter Sea Combat  Wing Pacific   North Island  
HS-10 Warhawks (FRS) SH-60F(16) North Island RA
HSC-3 Merlins (FRS) MH-60S(8) North Island SA
HSC-21 Blackjacks MH-60S(17) North Island VR
HSC-23 Wildcards MH-60S(8) North Island WC
HSC-85 Golden Gaters (NR) MH-60S(6) North Island NW
HSC-85/Det.A Golden Gaters (NR) MH-60S(2) San Clemente NW
Patrol & Recon Group   Chambers Field  
VP-30 Crow’s Nest (FRS) P-3C(32) Jacksonville LL
VP-30/Det.1 Crow’s Nest (FRS) C-20A(1) Sigonella,Italy LL
Patrol & Recon Wing 2 RQ-4A(2) MCAF Kaneohe Bay  
VPU-2 Wizards P-3C(3),UP-3A(1) MCAF Kaneohe Bay SP
VP-4 Skinny Dragons P-3C(10) MCAF Kaneohe Bay YD
VP-9 Golden Eagles P-3C(10) MCAF Kaneohe Bay PD
VP-47 Golden Swordsmen P-3C(10) MCAF Kaneohe Bay RD
Patrol & Recon Wing 10   Whidbey Island  
VP-1 Screaming Eagles P-3C(9) Whidbey Island YB
VP-40 Fighting Marlins P-3C(9) Whidbey Island QE
VP-46 Gray Knights P-3C(9) Whidbey Island RC
VP-69 Totems (NR) P-3C(6) Whidbey Island PJ
VQ-1 World Watchers EP-3E(4),UP-3P(3) Whidbey Island PR
VQ-2 Batman EP-3E(6),P-3C(1) Whidbey Island JQ
Patrol & Recon Wing 11   Jacksonville  
VP-5 Mad Foxes P-3C(9) Jacksonville LA
VP-8 Tigers P-3C(9) Jacksonville LC
VP-10 Red Lancers P-3C(9) Jacksonville LD
VP-16 Eagles P-3C(9) Jacksonville LF
VP-26 Tridents P-3C(9) Jacksonville LK
VP-45 Pelicans P-3C(9) Jacksonville LN
VP-62 Broadarrows (NR) P-3C(6) Jacksonville LT
VPU-1 Old Buzzards P-3C(3),UP-3A(1) Jacksonville OB
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Patrol & Recon Force 5.Fleet/CTF-57   Atsugi,Japan  
Patrol & Recon Force 7.Fleet/CTF-72   Atsugi,Japan  
VP (TDY) P-3C (TDY) Kadena AB/Japan  
VP/Det.1 (TDY) P-3C (TDY) Misawa,Japan  
Pacific Missile Range Facility C-26D(3) Barking Sands  
Helicopter Maritime Strike Wing Atlantic   Mayport  
HSM-40 Air Wolves (FRS) SH-60B(15), MH-60R(15) Mayport HK
HSL-42 Proud Warriors SH-60B(14) Jacksonville HH
HSL-44 Swamp Foxes SH-60B(14) Jacksonville HP
HSL-46 Grandmasters SH-60B(14) Mayport HQ
HSL-48 Vipers SH-60B(14) Mayport HR
HSL-60 Jaguars (NR) SH-60B(6) Mayport NW
Helicopter MaritimeStrike Wing Pacific   North Island  
HSL-37 Easy Riders SH-60B(10) MCAF Kaneohe Bay TH
HSM-41 Sea Hawks (FRS) MH-60R(15) North Island TS
HSL-43 Battle Cats SH-60B(10) North Island TT
HSL-45 Wolfpack SH-60B(10) North Island TZ
HSL-49 Scorpions SH-60B(10) North Island TX
HSL-51 Warlords SH-60B(10) Atsugi,Japan TA
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Fleet Air Forward   Atsugi,Japan  
HSC-25 Island Knights MH-60S(12) Andersen AFB, Guam RB
HSC-25/Det.6 Island Knights MH-60S(2) Atsugi,Japan RB
Strategic Communication Wing 1   Tinker  
VQ-3 Ironmen E-6B(6) Tinker TC
VQ-3/Det.A Ironmen E-6B(2) Travis TC
VQ-4 Shadows E-6B(6) Tinker HL
VQ-4/Det.A Shadows E-6B(2) Patuxent River HL
VQ-7 Roughnecks B-737(2) Tinker  
Training Wing 1   Meridian A
VT-7 Eagles T-45C Meridian A
VT-9 Tigers T-45C Meridian A
Training Wing 2   Kingsville B
VT-21 Red Hawks T-45A Kingsville B
VT-22 King Eagles T-45A Kingsville B
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Training Wing 4   Corpus Christi D
VT-27 Boomers T-34C(35) Corpus Christi D
VT-28 Rangers T-34C(36) Corpus Christi D
VT-31 Wise Owls T-44A(57) Corpus Christi D
VT-35 Stingrays TC-12B Corpus Christi D
Training Wing 5   Whiting Field E
VT-2 Doerbirds T-34C(49) Whiting Field E
VT-3 Red Knights T-34C(49)>T-6A Whiting Field E
VT-6 Shooters T-34C(49) Whiting Field E
HT-8 Eightballers TH-57C Whiting Field E
HT-18 Vigilant Eagles TH-57C Whiting Field E
HT-28 Hellions TH-57C Whiting Field E
Training Wing 6   Pensacola F
VT-4 Warbucks T-1A, T-6A, T-39N Pensacola F
VT-10 Wildcats T-1A, T-6A Pensacola F
VT-86 Sabre Hawks T-45C, T-39G/N(3/15) Pensacola F
NFDS "Blue Angels" F-18A(10), C-130F(1) Pensacola BA
Naval Air System Command   Patuxent River AI
Naval Air Warfare Center   Arlington AI
Aircraft Division/NAWC   Patuxent River AI
NCCS (NCoastalSysCenter) MH-53E(1) Panama City AI
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Test Wing Atlantic   Patuxent River SD
VX-20 P-3C(13),KC-130F(2),T-2C(4),T-6A Patuxent River SD
HX-21 Blackjack

UH-1Y(2),AH-1W/Z(3/3),TH-57C(2), MH-60S(2),CH-53E(1),MV-22B(7)

Patuxent River SD
VX-23 Salty Dogs


EA-18G(1), T-45A/C(1/1)

Patuxent River SD
Naval Test Pilot School



Patuxent River SD
Ranges and Test Facilities   Patuxent River SD
Chesapeake Bay Test Range   Chesepeake Bay SD
Atlantic Ocean Test Range   Wallops Island SD
Weapons Division/NAWC   Washington AI
Weapons Test Wing Pacific   China Lake AI
VX-30 Bloodhounds NP-3D(3),F-18A/B(2/3),S-3B(4) Point Mugu AI
VX-31 Dust Devils


AV-8B (6), UH-1Y(1), AH-1Z(1),


China Lake AI
Weapons Division/NAWC   San Nicolas AI
Weapons Division/NAWC   Barking Sands AI
Weapons Division/NAWC   Kanai AI
Operational Test & Evaluation Force   Chambers Field  
VX-1 ASW-Pioneers P-3C(9),SH-60B(12) Patuxent River JA
VX-9 Vampires F-18A(12),AV-8B(3),AH-1W(3) China Lake XE
Naval Research Laboratory   Washington  
VXS-1 Warlocks P-3B(4),RC-12F/M(1/1) Patuxent River  
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Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.

FRS = Fleet Replacement Squadron
HC = Helicopter Support Squadron

HM = Helicopter Minewarfare Squadron

HS = Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron

HSC = Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron
HSL = Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Light

HSM = Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron
HT = Helicopter Training Squadron
HX = Helicopter Development Squadron

MCAF = Marine Corps Air Facility
NAS = Naval Air Station

NFDS "Blue Angels" = Naval Flight Demonstration Squadron "Blue Angels"
NR = Naval Reserve

NS = Naval Station

NSWAS = Naval Strike Warfare Air School
NWTS = Naval Weapons Test Squadron
VAQ = Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron

VAW = Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron

VC = Composite Squadron
VFA = Strike Fighter Squadron
VQ = Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron

VRC = Fleet Logistics Support Squadron

VT = Training Squadron
VX = Development Squadron

VXS = Scientific Development Squadron

Carrier Air Wings – Current

of the United States Navy






CVW 1 AB CVN-65 "Enterprise" Oceana AB
VAW-123 Screwtops E-2C(4) Chambers Field AB
VAQ-137 Rooks EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AB
VFA-11 Red Rippers F-18F(12) Oceana AB
VFA-136 Knighthawks F-18E(12) Oceana AB
VFA-211 Checkmates F-18F(12) Oceana AB
VMFA-251 Thunderbolts F-18C(12) MCAS Beaufort AB
HS-11 Dragon Slayers SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AB
VRC-40/Det.4 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AB
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CVW 2 NE CVN-72 "Abraham Lincoln" Lemoore NE
VAW-116 Sun Kings E-2C(4) Point Mugu NE
VAQ-131 Lancers EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NE
VFA-2 Bounty Hunters F-18F(12) Lemoore NE
VFA-34 Blue Blasters F-18C(10) Oceana NE
VFA-137 Kestrels F-18E(12) Lemoore NE
VFA-151 Vigilantes F-18C(10) Lemoore NE
HSC-12 Golden Falcons MH-60S(8) North Island NE
HSM-77 Saberhawks MH-60R(11) North Island NE
VRC-30/Det.2 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NE
CVW 3 AC CVN-75 "Harry S. Truman" Oceana AC
VAW-126 Seahawks E-2C(4) Chambers Field AC
VAQ-130 Zappers EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AC
VFA-32 Swordsmen F-18F(12) Oceana AC
VFA-37 Bulls F-18C(10) Oceana AC
VFA-105 Gunslingers F-18E(12) Oceana AC
VMFA-312 Checkerboards F-18C(10) MCAS Beaufort AC
HS-7 Shamrocks SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AC
VRC-40/Det.5 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AC
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CVW 5 NF CVN-73 "Washington" Atsugi,Japan NF
VAW-115 Liberty Bells E-2C(4) Atsugi,Japan NF
VAQ-136 Gauntlets EA-6B(4) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-27 Royal Maces F-18E(12) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-102 Diamondbacks F-18F(12) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-115 Eagles F-18E(12) Atsugi,Japan NF
VFA-195 Dambusters F-18C(10) Atsugi,Japan NF
HS-14 Chargers SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Atsugi,Japan NF
VRC-30/Det.5 The Providers C-2A(4) Atsugi,Japan NF
CVW 7 AG CVN-69 "Eisenhower" Oceana AG
VAW-121 Bluetails E-2C(4) Chambers Field AA
VAQ-140 Patriots EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AG
VFA-83 Rampagers F-18C(10) Oceana AG
VFA-103 Jolly Rogers F-18F(12) Oceana AG
VFA-131 Wildcats F-18C(10) Oceana AG
VFA-143 Pukin’ Dogs F-18E(12) Oceana AG
HS-5 Night Dippers SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AG
VRC-40/Det.2 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AG
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CVW 8 AJ CVN-77 "George H.W. Bush" Oceana AJ
VAW-124 Bear Aces E-2C(4) Chambers Field AJ
VAQ-141 Shadowhawks EA-18G(5) Whidbey Island AJ
VFA-15 Valions F-18C(10) Oceana AJ
VFA-31 Tomcatters F-18E(12) Oceana AJ
VFA-87 Golden Warriors F-18A+(12) Oceana AJ
VFA-213 Black Lions F-18F(12) Oceana AJ
HSC-9 Tridents MH-60S(8) Chambers Field AJ
HSM-70 Spartans MH-60R(11) Jacksonville AJ
VRC-40/Det.1 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AJ
CVW 9 NG CVN-74 "John C. Stennis" Lemoore NG
VAW-112 Golden Hawks E-2C(4) Point Mugu NG
VAQ-138 Yellow Jackets EA-18G(5) Whidbey Island NG
VFA-192 Golden Dragons F-18C(10) Lemoore NG
HSC-8 Eightballers MH-60S(8) North Island NG
HSM-71 Raptors MH-60R(11) North Island NG
VRC-30/Det.4 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NG
CVW 11 NH CVN-68 "Nimitz" Lemoore NH
VAW-117 Wallbangers E-2C(4) Point Mugu NH
VAQ-135 Black Ravens EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NH
VFA-14 Top Hatters F-18E(12) Lemoore NH
VFA-41 Black Aces F-18F(12) Lemoore NH
VFA-86 Sidewinders F-18C(10) MCAS Beaufort NH
VFA-97 Warhawks F-18C(12) Lemoore NH
HS-6 Indians SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) North Island NH
VRC-30/Det.3 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NH
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CVW 14 NK CVN-76 "Ronald Reagan" Lemoore NK
VAW-113 Black Eagles E-2C(4) Point Mugu NK
VAQ-139 Cougars EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island NK
VFA-146 Blue Diamonds F-18C(12) Lemoore NK
VFA-147 Argonauts F-18E(10) Lemoore NK
VFA-154 Black Knights F-18F(12) Lemoore NK
VMFA-323 Death Rattlers F-18C(10) Miramar NK
HS-4 Black Knights SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) North Island NK
VRC-30/Det.1 The Providers C-2A(2) North Island NK
CVW 17 AA CVN-70 "Carl Vinson" Oceana AA
VAW-125 Tigertails E-2C(4) Chambers Field AA
VAQ-134 Garudas EA-6B(4) Whidbey Island AA
VFA-22 Fighting Redcocks F-18F(12) Lemoore AA
VFA-25 Fist of the Fleet F-18C(10) Lemoore AA
VFA-81 Sunliners F-18E(12) Oceana AA
VFA-113 Stingers F-18C(10) Lemoore AA
HS-15 Red Lions SH-60F(4),HH-60H(2) Jacksonville AA
VRC-40/Det.3 Rawhides C-2A(2) Chambers Field AA
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Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.

HS = Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadron

HSC = Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron
HSM = Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron

MCAF Marine Corps Air Facility
VAQ = Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VAW = Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron
VFA = Strike Fighter Squadron
VMFA = Marine Strike Fighter Squadron
VRC = Fleet Logistics Support Squadron

United States Navy

Operator Profile


Narrative Summary

US Navy Aviation History

Key Dates

US Navy Aviation Timeline

Current Status

The aircraft of the US Navy are fully operational.

Future Plans

No information available.


National Insignia


Aircraft Serial Numbers

Background on Naval Aircraft Bureau (Serial) Numbers

Unit/Base Codes

Visual Identification System for Naval Aircraft (Tail Codes)


Aircraft Designations

History of Aircraft Designation Systems

Current Aircraft Inventory

Table of Current Service Aircraft

All-Time Aircraft Used List

All-Time Table of Aircraft Used

Aircraft NOT Used

False reports of aircraft on order or in service

Aircraft Losses and Incidents

None known.


Main Headquarters

Department of the Navy, The Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350

Organisational Structure

US Naval aviation is divided into Carrier Air Wings, Type Wings and Naval Air Force Reserve. The Carrier Air Wings each comprise between 5 and 7 squadrons plus a C-2 detachment. The Type Wings are land-based specific mission units, (training, ASW patrol, mine clearance etc), which can include up to 10 squadrons. Naval Air Force Reserve comprises a Tactical Support Wing and a Fleet Logistics Support Wing.

Current Order of Battle

Table of Current Order of Battle

Historical Orders of Battle

Orders of Battle Listing

All-Time Flying Units List

Units Listing

Air Bases

Current Air Bases

US Naval Aviation currently operates from fifteen mayor airbases (Naval Air Stations), plus six Naval Air Facilities, three Naval Stations and two Joint Reserve Bases.
Current Military Air Bases Listing

All-Time Air Bases Used List

To be added.
Military Air Bases Listing

Aircraft-Carrying Ships

To be added.

More Information


Military Balance (IISS)
United States Air Forces Directory 2012/13 (Ken Wardle)
US Navy & Marine Corps Air Power Directory (David Donald & Jon lake)
U. S. Navy Aircraft, 1921-1941; U. S. Marine Corps Aircraft, 1914-1959 (William T. Larkins)
Wings of the Fleet: US Navy and Marine Corps Aviation 1919-1941 (Peter Freeman, Mike Starmer)
United States Naval Aviation 1919-1941 (E. R. Johnson)


World Air Power Journal No.9 p.140
Combat Aircraft March-April 2000
Combat Aircraft August 2002


America’s Navy (official homepage / includes aviation pages)
U.S. Navy in World War II
Naval Historical Center (Naval Aviation History)
United States Naval Aviation 1910-1995
Naval Air Systems Command

Any photographs illustrating this air arm would be welcome.

Current Aircraft Inventory
United States Navy

Aircraft Type Total Del’d Total Active Still on Order Role
Boeing F-18A/B Hornet 33/24 33/24 0 Int/Attack/Train
Boeing F-18C/D Hornet 268/41 268/41 0 Int/Attack/Train
Boeing F-18E/F Super Hornet 171/216 171/216 0 Int/Attack/Train
Boeing NFA-18A/C/D 1/2/3 1/2/3 0 Test & Eval
Grumman EA-6B Prowler 91 91 0 ECM
Boeing EA-18G Growler 12 12 0 ECM
Lockheed EP-3E/J Orion 11 11 0 ELINT
Lockheed P-3C Orion 147 147 0 MR/ASW
Lockheed NP-3D Orion 2 2 0 Test & Eval
Lockheed UP-3A Orion 4 4 0 Utility
Lockheed VP-3A Orion 5 5 0 VIP/Special Missions
Grumman E-2C Hawkeye 66 66 0 AEW
Grumman TE-2C Hawkeye 3 3 0 Training
Lockheed S-3B Viking 4 4 0 Support
Boeing E-6B Mercury 16 16 0 TACAMO
Grumman C-2A Greyhound 35 35 0 COD
MDD C-9B Skytrain II (DC-9-30) 15 15 0 Transport
Raytheon UC-12B/F/M 17/10/10 17/10/10 0 Utility
Gulfstream C-20A/D/G (Gulfstream III) 1/2/5 1/2/5 0 VIP Transport
Fairchild C-26D Metro 7 7 0 Transport
Gulfstream C-37A (Gulfstream V) 1 1 0 VIP Transport
Boeing C-40A (Boeing 737) 9 9 0 Transport
Lockheed C-130T Hercules 19 19 0 Transport
Northrop F-5F/N Tiger II 4/40 4/40 0 Aggressor
North American T-2C Buckeye 4 4 0 Training
Beech T-6A/B Texan II 49/21 49/21 0 Training
Raytheon T-34C Turbo-Mentor 250 250 0 Training
Northrop T-38C Talon 9 9 0 Test & Eval
Rockwell T-39D/G/N Sabreliner 1/8/14 1/8/14 0 Training
Raytheon T-44A Pegasus 24 24 0 Training
Boeing T-45A/C Goshawk 59/145 59/145 0 Training
Schweizer X-26A (SGS 2-32) 2 2 0 Test & Eval
Rockwell X-31A 1 1 0 Test
De Havilland Canada NU-1B Otter 1 1 0 Test & Eval
De Havilland Canada U-6A Beaver 2 2 0 Test & Eval
McDonnell QF-4N/S Phantom II 2/16 2/16 0 Target Drone
Bell HH-1N Iroquois 23 23 0 SAR/Utility
Bell UH-1N/Y Iroquois 1/4 1/4 0 Test & Eval
Boeing HH-46D Sea Knight 4 4 0 SAR
Sikorsky MH-53E Super Stallion 28 28 0 MCM
Bell TH-57B/C Sea Ranger 45/75 45/75 0 Training
Sikorsky HH-60H Sea Hawk 38 38 0 Combat SAR
Sikorsky MH-60R/S Sea Hawk 50/150 50/150 0 Assault/Utility
Sikorsky SH-60B/F Sea Hawk 148/72 148/72 0 ASW/SAR
Sikorsky NSH-60B Sea Hawk 3 3 0 Test & Eval
EADS UH-72A Lakota (EC.145) 5 5 0 Test & Eval
Northrop RQ-4A Global Hawk (UAV) 2 2 0 Recce/Surv.
General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper (UAV) 4 4 0 Recce/Surv.