Westland Mk.60/HC.2 Wessex

in Uruguayan Navy Service


Used by the Escuadr├│n de Helic├│pteros.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
063 WA504 GhanAF G-631, G-BGWT, N250HL 17.7.1991 preserved at Laguna del Sauce
064 WA563 AMDB-106, VR-BEA, PK-HBV, 9M-ASW, 5N-AJN, G-BAWJ 17.7.1993 wfu in 1997
065 WA503 GhanAF G-630, VH-BHI, 5N-ALO, G-BGER, N252HL 26.4.1994 stored at Laguna del Sauce
081 WA130 RAF XR505 20.2.1998  
082 WA143 RAF XR521 20.2.1998 stored at Laguna del Sauce
083 WA195 RAF XS676 20.21998 crashed on 2.3.2001
084 WA198 RAF XS679 20.2.1998 stored at Laguna del Sauce
085 WA530 RAF XT603 20.2.1998 wfu


None at present.

More Information


  • World Air Forces Directory 2006/07 (Ian Carroll)

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