Air Bases and Airfields
Danish Naval Aviation

This page gives details of some of the air bases and airfields which are, or have been, used by the Danish Navy.

Vaerlose (ICAO code: EKVL)
Vaerlose is located northwest of Copenhagen, only about 20 km from the city centre. It was originally constructed as an army camp in 1910 and rebuild as a military airfield in the 1930s. After WW2 RDanAF operations were resumed, principally with transport aircraft. It became the main base of the Naval Air Service in 1962. On 1 April 2004 the airfield was closed as a military base, due to military budget cuts, and handed over to civilian use in October 2008.
Runway data: Location: N55° 46′ 3″ E012° 20′ 36″, Elev: 58 ft (18 m), Rwy 28/10, Size: 8061 x 150 ft (2457 x 46 m).

Karup (ICAO: EKKA)
Karup is located between Herning and Viborg in central Denmark. It is dual civil-military airport. It was originally build by the Germans in WW2 as Fliegerhorst Grove, and taken over by the RDanAF postwar. Since 2004 it has been the main helicopter base for the Danish armed forces.
Runway data: Location: N56° 17′ 50.85″ E009° 07′ 28.66″, Elev: 170 ft (52 m), Rwy 04/22, Size: 2936 x 50 ft (895 x 15 m), Rwy 09/27, Size: 2789 x 197 ft (850 x 60 m), Rwy 09R/27L, Size: 9607 x 150 ft (2928 x 46 m), Rwy 09L/27R, Size: 9816 x 75 ft (2992 x 23 m), Rwy 14/32, Size: 2296 x 60 ft (700 x 18 m).

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