Air Bases and Airfields
Swiss Air Force

This page gives details of the air bases and airfields which have been or are used by the Swiss Air Force.

Location Name ICAO IATA Status
Alpnach Alpnach Airport LSMA (none) Active
Buochs/Stans Buochs Airport LSMU (none) Active
Dubendorf Dubendorf Airport LSMD (none) Active
Emmen Emmen Air Base LSME EML Active
Meiringen Meiringen Air Base LSMM (none) Active
Mollis Mollis Airport LSMF (none) Active
Payerne Payerne Airport LSMP (none) Active
Turtmann Turtmann Air Base LSMJ (none) Closed
Frutigen Frutigen Air Base LSFR (none) Closed
Ulrichen Ulrichen Air Base LSMC (none) Closed
Raron Raron Air Base LSMN (none) Closed
Sternenfeld Basel-Sternenfeld LS?? (none) Closed
Lodrino Lodrino LSML (none) Active
San Vittore San Vittore LS?? (none) Closed
Munster Munster LSPU (none) Active
Sion Sion Airport LSGS SIR Active

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