Britten-Norman BN-2A Islander
in H.M. Coastguard Service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 9
Total Still Active: 0
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1982
Retirement: 2007
Main Role: Pollution Control/Search and Rescue
Origin: contractor (HA/AAT)


The original pollution control contract was contracted to Harvestair, which provided five yellow-and-black painted BN-2A Islanders from mid-1982 until October 1987. Each was fitted with a prominent spraying boom attached to the fuselage. Their chemical spraying role was subsequently taken over by Air Atlantique Dakotas and Islanders.

Islanders G-AXZK and G-BCEN were used by Air Atlantique to supplement the Dakotas in the Pollution Control role in the early years of the contract, 1987-1990. G-BNXA was also used for a short while during 1987-1988. All three appeared in the green and white colours applied to the Dakotas.

From 1998 Air Atlantique provided one BN-2A-26 Islander (G-BCEN) for fixed-wing maritime surveillance and search-and-rescue duties in the Dover Straits area on a 5-yearly renewable contract. It was equipped with InfraRed and digital photographic equipment and a fourteen-man air-droppable life raft. It was based at Manston, Kent, until mid 2005, but later moved to Lydd. The aircraft was withdrawn in 2007, without replacement.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
G-AXZK 153 V2-LAD Sept 1987 Air Atlantique, noted 27 Feb 1989, sold Jul 1990 to Jane’s Aviation, UK
G-BCEN 403 4X-AYG Oct 1987 Air Atlantique, registered to RVL Group 27.4.07, wfu 2007
G-BNXA 80 V2-LAC Sept 1987 Air Atlantique, noted 18 Jan 1988, sold Jan 1997 to Rock Air, Gibraltar
G-BJWL 166 4X-AYC Feb 1982 Harvestair, sold July 1987 as 5B-CHD
G-BJWM 717 4X-AYE Feb 1982 Harvestair, sold Sept 1989 as LX-AJH
G-BJWN 316 4X-AYL Feb 1982 Harvestair, sold Dec 1989 as ZK-FVD
G-BJWO 334 4X-AYR Feb 1982 Harvestair, sold May 1989 to Chapman Aviation, UK
G-BJWP 399 4X-AYP Feb 1982 Harvestair, sold Feb 1990 as F-OGOV
G-HMCG 847   Oct 1979 Reg’d to Renco Ltd, sold Mar 1982 as N29884


Islander G-BCEN seen at Manston in
October 2000. (photo, Ian Haskell)
Islander G-BJWL seen at Southend in the
early 1980s. (photo, David Oates)
BN-2A Islander G-HMCG.
(photo, BN Historians)

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