Westland Lynx Mk.80
in Danish Naval Aviation service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 8
Total Still Active: 0
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1980
Retirement: 2004
Main Role:
Origin: UK


Eight Lynx Mk.80 delivered from June 1980. Used for shipboard fishery protection and rescue duties. Survivors upgraded to Super Lynx standard 2000-2004.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
S-134 WA134 G-BHHM 6 June 1980 to Super Lynx 2003
S-142 WA142 G-BHHL 6 June 1980 to Super Lynx 2002
S-170 WA170 G-17-18 6 June 1980 w/o 14 June 1997 Poland, to Super Lynx July 2001
S-175 WA175 G-17-19 4 Aug 1980 to Super Lynx 2004
S-181 WA181 G-17-20 8 Sept 1980 to Super Lynx 2003
S-187 WA187 G-17-21 2 Oct 1980 w/o 20 Feb 1987 Faroe Islands
S-191 WA191 G-17-22 18 Nov 1980 wfu 2003, converted to simulator
S-196 WA196 G-17-23 6 Oct 1981 w/o 14 Sept 1985 Baltic Sea, cockpit GI Vaerlose Aug 1991, rear fuselage GI Alborg Oct 2000


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