Douglas DC-3 Dakota
in H.M. Coastguard Service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 8
Total Still Active: 0
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1982
Retirement: 2000
Main Role: Pollution Control
Origin: contractor (HA/AAT)


From 1982 Harvestair operated two Dakotas for spraying major oil and chemical spills from ships under contract from the Department of Transport. In October 1987 the contract was passed to Air Atlantique.

Seven DC-3/C-47 Dakotas were operated at various times by Air Atlantique (Atlantic Air Transport Ltd) under a pollution control contract which was placed in October 1987 and renewed in 1990?. Fitted with spray bars under the tailplane for applying dispersant chemicals. Based at Coventry Airport. Withdrawn in 2003.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
G-AMPZ 16124/32872 EI-BDT 4 May 1982 Harvestair, to Air Atlantique Oct 1988 (spraybars removed)
G-AMYJ 15968/32716 SU-AZF Jan 1982 Harvestair, to Air Atlantique Jan 1990, wfu Dec 2001
G-AMCA 16218/32966 KN487   AAT, in service 9 June 1988, wfu Jan 2002
G-AMHJ 13468 SU-AZI   AAT, in service 24 Sept 1987, wfu 23 Jan 2003
G-AMPO 16437/33185 KN566   AAT, in service 8 June 1988, wfu Jan 1998
G-AMPY 15124/26569 EI-BKJ   AAT, in service 1993, to radar research Jan 2002
G-AMSV 16072/32820 F-BSGV   AAT, in service 25 Mar 1982, wfu by 5 June 2001
G-ANAF 16688/33436 N170GP   AAT, in service ?, to radar trials Jan 1998


Dakota G-ANAF seen in July 1991.
(photo, Torsten Maiwald)
Dakota G-AMSV seen in June 2003.
(photo, Jan Lidestrand)

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