Sikorsky S-61N

in Irish Coast Guard Service

Key Facts

Total Delivered: 9
Total Still Active: 7
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1991
Retirement: 2014
Main Role: Search & Rescue
Origin: contractor


At least nine S-61N Mk II operated at various times, 1991-present. Used search and rescue duties. The assigned operating bases were not fixed and aircraft could switch between bases to allow for scheduled maintenance of the normal resident. EI-BHO & EI-BLY were operated by Irish Helicopters under contract, the others being operated by Bond Helicopters/CHC Helicopters Ltd under contract.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
EI-BHO 61-822 G-BPWB Apr 1992 Reg’d 5 Feb 1991, based Shannon, to G-BPWB 14 May 1997
EI-BLY 61-761 C-GPOH Jan 1991 Reg’d 10 Dec 1981, based Shannon, til Apr 1992
EI-CNL 61-746 G-BDDA Jan 1997 Reg’d 19 Dec 1996, based Shannon
EI-CXS 61-816   2003 Originally IAC serial 257, Reg’d 18 Oct 2002, based Sligo
EI-CZN 61-740     Reg’d 15 Apr 2003, Waterford spare
EI-GCE 61-817     Reg’d 30 Apr 2007, based Shannon
EI-MES 61-776 G-BXAE   Reg’d 27 Mar 1997, based Dublin
EI-RCG 61-807 G-BZSN   Reg’d 25 Sept 2001, based Waterford
EI-SAR 61-143     Reg’d 26 June 1998, based Waterford til 2005, now Shannon spare


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