Noorduyn Norseman
in Royal Canadian Mounted Police Service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 3
Total Still Active: 0
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1938
Retirement: 1959
Main Role: ?
Origin: Canada


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police operated the Norseman for search and rescue. It acquired its first Norseman, CF-MPE, to replace one of it’s Dragonflies in 1938. It was moved to the Arctic in 1939 and damaged that same year at Sioux Lookout, Ontario. It was de-registered and stored but due to war time needs it was rebuilt over the winter of 1943-44 and re-registered as CF-MPF. It was the only RCMP aircraft that wasn’t transferred to the RCAF during the war and was used for internal security missions including flying around Hudson’s Bay destroying civilian fuel caches fearing that German U-Boats or aircraft would use them. It was retired from service in May 1949, sold on the civilian market and used until 1967 when it was destroyed by fire in Ignace, Ontario.

A second Norseman, Mk V, CF-MPL, was purchased in February 1949 from Canadian Car and Foundry Co. Ltd. as part of the 1946 reactivation plans for the RCMP Air Division. It was delivered in a very dark blue with yellow trim scheme as shown below. It was traded into De Havilland in May 1959 for a new (single engine) Otter (CF-MPY).

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
CF-MPE 16   1938 Mk.IV/YC-64, w/o at Sioux Lookout 30 Oct 1939
CF-MPF 27 (sic)   1944 (Jul 40?) Mk.IV/YC-64, rebuild from remains of CF-MPE, sold May 1949 to Halls Air Service
CF-MPL N29-40   10 Feb 1949 Mk.V sold 20 May 1959 to Bradley Air Services


Norseman Mk.V CF-MPL at Edmonton, Alberta, 1955-1959.
(photo, 1000 Aircraft Photos)

More Information


  • Canadian Aircraft since 1909 (Putnam) p.503

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