Mil Mi-8 Hip

in North Korean Air Force service

Key Facts

Total Delivered: 25
Total Still Active: 25
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 1986
Retirement: current
Main Role: Utility
Origin: USSR


Two Mi-8Ts were noted in a propaganda film broadcast in late 1979. Reportedly, 15 Mi-8’s have been supplied to North Korea, most likely no later than 1979. On October 7, 1998, five Mi-8Ts were impounded by Khasan border guards. The helicopters, formerly the property of the Russian Far Eastern Military District, were fitted with IFF systems, with all weapon control systems in place. During the summer of 1998, the Mi-8s were acquired by the Khabarovsk-based company Arden for 60 to 100 000 Roubles each during an official auction on behalf of North Korea. Interestingly, World Air Forces Directory 2004/05 states no less than 80 Mi-8s in service.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes


None available at present.

More Information


  • World Air Forces Directory 2009/2010 (Ian Carroll)
  • Mil Mi-8/Mi-17 Rotary Wing Workhorse and Warhorse – Red Star Volume 14 (Yefim Gordon & Dmitry Komissarov)

Other Sources

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