PZL Kania
in Polish Border Guard Service


Key Facts

Total Delivered: 7
Total Still Active: 5
Total Now Stored: 0
Service Entry: 2000
Retirement: current
Main Role: Patrol
Origin: Poland


Two PZL Kania acquired in 1996 by the Polish Air Force for the 103 Air Regiment, and passed to the Border Guard in 2000. The initial two were followed by five more higher specification versions in the years 2001-2006. All were produced in Poland.

Individual Details

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
SN-21XG 900303   1996 ex ‘SG01’ PL-21XP, based Bialystok Krywlany, w/o 14 Apr 1998
SN-22XG 900304   1996 ex ‘SG02’ PL-22XG, to ‘SN02’ SN-22XG by Aug 2003, based Bialystok Krywlany, to SP-VSG Dec 2011, canx Dec 2013
SN-23XG 900401   1996 based Rzeszów Jasionka, to SP-VSH Dec 2011, canx Dec 2013
SN-24XG 900402   1996 based Rzeszów Jasionka, to SP-VSI Nov 2011, canx Dec 2013, SN-24XG Mar 2015
SN-25XG 900403   1996 based Rzeszów Jasionka, to SP-VSK Aug 2012, canx Dec 2013, SP-25XG Mar 2014, SP-VSK May 2014
SN-26XG 900404   1996 w/o 31 Oct 2013 (2009?)
SN-27XG 900405   1996 based Rzeszów Jasionka Dec 2006, to SP-VSL 2011


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