Narrative History

of the French Air Force

December 1909 Army officers begin flying training at civilian schools. March 1910 Etablissement Militaire d’Aviation created to conduct experiments with aircraft. April 1910 formation of Service Aeronautique, a separate air command comprising EMA and balloon companies. October 1910 Aviation Militaire formed as branch of the Army. Massive expansion of AM during First World War. 27 April 1925 start of air policing operations in Morocco (continue until December 1934). 7 December 1928 Air Ministry created. August 1933 AM renamed Armee de l’Air. 2 July 1934 AdlA becomes independent service. 3 July 1940 Vichy Air Force formed under German control. August 1940 Free French Air Force formed : Forces Aeriennes Francaises Libres. 1945 Armee de l’Air reformed from Free French and ex-Vichy units.

[To be rewritten].

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