Special Markings
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

This section describes and illustrates the various insignia used by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police since its formation:

Main Marking

Early RCMP aircraft were painted overall dark blue with a yellow cheat line along the fuselage. An early version of the RCMP regimental badge was usually painted on the fuselage side at a break in the cheat line. The service titles ‘RCMP Air Services’ appeared on the fin. In the early version of the regimental badge the side leaves arched-up and touched the crown, which was consequently much less prominent.

Main MarkingFin Flash

A redesigned version of the official RCMP regimental badge was officially approved in 1954. The regimental badge is displayed on the fuselage sides of all helicopters and aircraft. Fixed wing aircraft also feature a fin marking which portrays a Mountie on a galloping horse in blue on a white fin, while helicopters normally carry it in white on a blue fin. Fixed-wing aircraft do not carry service titles. Helicopters carry ‘RCMP’ and ‘GRC’ titles either side of the regimental badge. Some helicopters also carry the marking ‘POLICE’.

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