Special Markings
Swiss Air Rescue – REGA

of Swiss Air Rescue

This section describes and illustrates the special markings used by aircraft of Swiss Air Rescue – REGA, since its formation:

                       Main Marking                                             Fin Flash

The first aircraft appear to have retained their original colour schemes with the addition of the first version of the Swiss Air-Rescue logo – a winged parachute – near the cockpit.

                  Main Marking                                                       Fin Flash

From about 1968 a new colour scheme was introduced featuring a red and white fuselage, or red overall fuselage with a white cheatline, and the Swiss flag on the fin. A large version of the winged-disc Swiss Air-Rescue logo was displayed on the fuselage sides, with a smaller version close to the cockpit.

                  Main Marking                                                      Fin Flash

Around 1979 the winged disc logo was replaced by the modern Rega winged red cross logo.

The overall colour scheme was updated at an unknown date. The red fuselage was retained, but the cheatline was replaced by a stylised white cross with the forward leg missing. The winged red cross REGA logo was displayed fairly small on the aft leg of the fuselage cross. The Swiss flag appears on the fin. The inscription “Rega 1414” appears near the cockpit. On fixed-wing aircraft the red and white fuselage colours are reversed.


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