Aircraft Not Used
Saudi Arabian Army Aviation

This page gives details of some of the aircraft types that were offered or promised to Saudi Arabian Army Aviation, (Royal Saudi Land Forces), but not delivered, cancelled official orders, and types have been falsely reported as being in service.

Bell OH-58
The Bell 406CS ‘Combat Scout’ helicopters are often reported as “Bell OH-58 Kiowa” helicopters. The Bell 406CS design is a commercial version of the OH-58D, without the rotor mounted sight.

Schweizer 269
The Schweizer 330 trainers were originally reported as Schweizer 269 models in ‘Flight International’.

Boeing CH-47 Chinook
Boeing has often mentioned Saudi Arabia as a sales target for the CH-47 Chinook, but no contracts have been signed to date.

MD Helicopters MD530
Various sources list 12 MD530 helicopters as being in service. These helicopters actually serve with the Saudi Arabian National Guard – a completely different organisation.

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