Aircraft Not Used

of Tonga Defence Services

This page gives details of some of the aircraft types that were offered or promised to Tonga Defence Services but not delivered, cancelled official orders, and types have been falsely reported as being in service.

Aerospatiale SA330 Puma
Some Russian sources mention a SA330 Puma being used circa 1998, but there is no evidence to support this.

CASA C-212 Aviocar
In 1985 the Government of Tonga ordered a CASA C-212. Some observers assumed this was for military use, but in fact it was delivered to Friendly Island Airways.

IAI Arava
Flight International mentions a report of up to 4 IAI Aravas being ordered for 1988 delivery. No such order was placed.

Harbin Y-12
In 2012 the Government of Tonga negotiated with the Chinese Government of the supply of a Harbin Y-12. Some observers speculated that this aircraft could supplement or replace the TDS’s ancient Beech 18. This aircraft arrived in 2013 and was actually operated by Real Tonga airlines.

Mil Mi-8MT
The Russian version of Wikipedia mentions a Mi-8 being delivered by a An-124 on 25 September 1995. It was not used by the TDS.

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