Current Order of Battle

of the Royal Australian Air Force
Tindal, NTWilliamtown, NSWAmberley, QLDWilliamtown, NSW
Squadron Type Base
Air Command, Glenbrook, NSW
ARDU various aircraft Edinburgh, SA
Surveillance & Response Group Williamtown, NSW
42 Wing Williamtown, NSW
2 Squadron Boeing 737AEW&C Williamtown, NSW
92 Wing Edinburgh, SA
10 Squadron P-3C Edinburgh, SA
11 Squadron P-3C Edinburgh, SA
292 Squadron P-3C Edinburgh, SA
5 Flight Heron UAV Amberley, QLD
5 Flight (det.) Heron UAV Woomera, QLD
5 Flight (det.) Heron UAV Kandahar, Afghanistan
Air Combat Group Williamtown, NSW
78 Wing Williamtown, NSW
76 Squadron Hawk Williamtown, NSW
79 Squadron Hawk Pearce, WA
2 OCU F/A-18 Williamtown, NSW
81 Wing Williamtown, NSW
3 Squadron F/A-18A/B Williamtown, NSW
75 Squadron F/A-18A/B
77 Squadron F/A-18A/B
82 Wing Amberley, QLD
1 Squadron F/A-18F Amberley, QLD
6 Squadron F/A-18F
4 Squadron PC-9/A
Air Mobility Group Richmond, NSW
84 Wing Richmond, NSW
32 Squadron King Air 350 East Sale, VIC
34 Squadron BBJ, CL-604 Fairbairn, ACT
35 Squadron C-27J Richmond, NSW
37 Squadron C-130J-30 Richmond, NSW
86 Wing Amberley, QLD
33 Squadron KC-30A Amberley, QLD
36 Squadron C-17 Amberley, QLD
38 Squadron King Air 200 Townsville, QLD
Air Training Group Williams (Point Cook), VIC
Air Training Wing East Sale, VIC
CFS PC-9/A East Sale, VIC
Roulettes PC-9/A East Sale, VIC
2 FTS PC-9/A Pearce, WA
RSTT various GIA RSTT Forest Hill, Wagga Wagga, NSW
SAN King Air 350 East Sale, VIC
ADFBFTS CT/4B, CAP-10 Tamworth, NSW

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