Current Order of Battle

of the United States Marine Corps


 MAW-1     Camp Butler,Japan  MAW-3     Miramar,CA
MWSG-17  Camp Foster,Japan MWSG-37   Miramar,CA
MACG-18   Futenma,Japan MACG-38    Miramar,CA
MAG-12     Iwakuni,Japan MAG-11      Miramar,CA
MAG-24     Kaneohe Bay MAG-13      Yuma,AZ
MAG-36     Futenma,Japan MAG-16      Miramar,CA
MAG-39      Camp Pendleton,CA
 MAW-2     Cherry Point,NC  MAW-4 (Reserve) New Orleans,LA
MWSG-27  Cherry Point,NC MWSG-47   Selfridge ANGB,MI
MACG-28   Cherry Point,NC MACG-48    Great Lakes,IL
MAG-14     Cherry Point,NC MAG-41      Fort Worth,TX
MAG-26     New River,NC MAG-49      Willow Grove,PA
MAG-29     New River,NC  
MAG-31     Beaufort,SC   HQ Units
MAG-40     Camp Bastion,AFG  




  HQ US Marine Corps    
HMX-1 Nighthawks VH-3D(8), VH-60N(6) CH-46E(6), CH-53R(5) Quantico MX
HMX-1/Det.A Nighthawks VH-3D, VH-60N Anacostia Annex MX
MAWTS-1 aircraft & helicopter  Yuma  
MAW-1   Camp Butler,Japan  
MWHS-1   Camp Foster,Japan  
H&HS Futemna UC-35D(3), UC-12F/R(1/1) Futenma,Japan 5F
H&HS Iwakuni UC-12R/W(2/2) Iwakuni,Japan 5G
FMFPAC/Flight Section C-20G(1) Kaneohe Bay BZ


  Camp Foster,Japan  
MWSS-171 America’s Squadron   Iwakuni,Japan  
MWSS-172   Futenma,Japan  


MTACS-18   Futenma,Japan  
MTACS-18/Det.A   Iwakuni,Japan  
MWCS-18   Futenma,Japan  
MASS-2   Futenma,Japan  
MACS-4   Futenma,Japan  


MALS-12 Marauders   Iwakuni,Japan  
VMFA(AW)-242 Bat F-18D(12) Iwakuni,Japan DT
VMFA (UDP) F-18C (TDY) Iwakuni,Japan  
VMA (UDP) AV-8B (TDY) Iwakuni,Japan  
VMAQ (UDP) EA-6B (TDY) Iwakuni,Japan  
HMH (UDP) CH-53E (TDY) Iwakuni,Japan  


  Kaneohe Bay  
MALS-24 Island Warriors   Kaneohe Bay  
HMH-362 Ugly Angels CH-53D(10) Kaneohe Bay YL
HMH-363 Red Lions CH-53D(10) Kaneohe Bay YZ
HMH-463 Pegasus CH-53D(10) Kaneohe Bay YH


MALS-36 Bladerunner   Futenma,Japan WX
MALS-36/Det.2 Bladerunner   Atsugi,Japan WX
HMM-262 Flying Tigers CH-46E(12) Futenma,Japan ET
HMM-265 Dragons CH-46E(12) Futenma,Japan EP
HMH-465 Warhorses (UDP) CH-53E(16) Futenma,Japan YJ
VMGR-152 Sumos KC-130J(11) Futenma,Japan QD
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MAW-2   Cherry Point  
MWHS-2   Cherry Point  
VMR-1 Roadrunners C-9B(2), UC-35D(2), C-40A(2), HH-46E(3) Cherry Point 5C
H&HS Beaufort
Swamp Foxes
UC-12B/R(1/1) Beaufort 5B
H&HS New River UC-12B/R(2/2) New River 5D


  Cherry Point  
MWSS-271 Workhorses   Bogue Field  
MWSS-272 Untouchables   New River  
MWSS-273 Sweathogs   Beaufort  
MWSS-274 Ironmen   Cherry Point  


  Cherry Point  
MTACS-28   Cherry Point  
MTACS-28/Det.A   New River  
MTACS-28/Det.B   Bogue Field  
MWCS-28 Spartans   Cherry Point  
MASS-1 Atlantic Nomads   Cherry Point  
MACS-2 Eyes of the
  Cherry Point  
MACS-2/Det.A Eyes of the
  Bogue Field  
MACS-2/Det.B Eyes of the
  New River  
LAADBat-2 Avenger, Stinger  Cherry Point  
VMU-2 Night Owls RQ-7 Cherry Point  FF
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  Cherry Point  
MALS-14   Cherry Point CN
VMAQ-1 Banshees EA-6B(7) Cherry Point CB
VMAQ-2 Death Jesters EA-6B(7) Cherry Point CY
VMAQ-3 Moon Dogs EA-6B(7) Cherry Point MD
VMAQT-4 Sea Hawks (FRS) EA-6B(6) Cherry Point RM
VMA-223 Bulldogs AV-8B(14) Cherry Point WP
VMA-231 Aces of Spades AV-8B(14) Cherry Point CG
VMA-542 Tigers AV-8B(14) Cherry Point WH
VMAT-203 Hawks (FRS) AV-8B(14), TAV-8B(15) Cherry Point KD
VMGR-252 Heavy Haulers KC-130J(12) Cherry Point BH


  New River  
MALS-26 Patriots   New River EL
HMLA-167 Warriors UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) New River TV
VMM-261 Raging Bulls MV-22B(12) New River EM
VMM-264 Black Knights MV-22B(12) New River EH
VMM-266 Fighting Griffins MV-22B(12) New River ES
HMH-461 Ironhorse CH-53E(16) New River CJ
HMLA-467 Sabre Rattlers UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) Cherry Point CA
VMMT-204 Raptors (FRS) MV-22B(20) New River GX
VMX-22 Argonauts MV-22B New River MV
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  New River  
MALS-29 Wolverines   New River  
VMM-162 Golden Eagles MV-22B(12) New River YS
VMM-263 Thunder Chickens MV-22B(12) New River EG
HMLA-269 Gunrunners UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) New River HF
VMM-365 Blue Knights MV-22B(12) New River YM
HMH-366 Hammerheads CH-53E(16) Cherry Point HH
HMH-464 Condors CH-53E(16) New River EN
HMT-302 Phoenix (FRS) CH-53E(17) New River UT


  Beaufort EX
MALS-31 Stingers   Beaufort EX
VMFA-115 Silver Eagles F-18A+(12) Beaufort VE
VMFA-122 Werewolves F-18C(12) Beaufort DC
VMFA-251 Thunderbolts F-18C(12) Beaufort DW
VMFA-312 Checkerboards F-18A+(12) Beaufort DR
VMFA(AW)-224 Bengals F-18D(12) Beaufort WK
VMFA(AW)-533 Hawks F-18D(12) Beaufort ED
VMFAT-501 Warlords F-35B(20) Eglin AFB  


  Camp Bastion/Afghanistan  
MWSS-371 Sand Sharks   Camp Bastion/Afghanistan  
VMA-214 Black Sheep AV-8B Camp Bastion/Afghanistan WE
VMGR-352 The Raiders KC-130J Camp Bastion/Afghanistan QB
HMLA-169 Vipers UH-1N, AH-1W Camp Bastion/Afghanistan SN
HMH-362 Ugly Angels CH-53D Camp Bastion/Afghanistan YL
HMH-772 Hustler CH-53E Camp Bastion/Afghanistan MT
VMU-2 Night Owls RQ-7 Camp Bastion/Afghanistan  FF
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MAW-3   Miramar  
MWHS-3   Miramar  
H&HS Miramar UC-35D(2), UC-12F/R(1/2) Miramar 5T
H&HS Yuma UC-12B/R(2/2), HH-1N(3) Yuma 5Y


MWSS-371 Sand Sharks   Yuma  
MWSS-372 Proud Professinal   Camp Pendleton  
MWSS-373 ACE Support   Miramar  
MWSS-374 Rhinos   29 Palms  


MTACS-38   Miramar  
MTACS-38/Det.B   Camp Pendleton  
MWCS-38   Miramar  
MASS-3   Camp Pendleton  
MACS-1 (Rein)   Yuma/Cannon ADC  
MACS-1/Det.B (Rein)   Miramar  
LAADBat-3 Avenger, Stinger  Camp Pendleton  
VMU-1 Watchdogs RQ-7 29 Palms  
VMU-3 Phantoms RQ-7 29 Palms  
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MALS-11 Devilfish   Miramar TM
VMFA-232 Red Devils F-18C(12) Miramar WT
VMFA-314 Black Knights F-18C(12) Miramar VW
VMFA-323 Death Rattlers F-18C(12) Miramar WS
VMFA(AW)-121 Green Knights F-18D(12) Miramar VK
VMFA(AW)-225 Vikings F-18D(R)(12) Miramar CE
VMFAT-101 Sharpshooter (FRS) F-18B/C/D(36), T-34C(3) Miramar SH
VMGR-352 The Raiders KC-130J(12) Miramar QB


MALS-13   Yuma YU
VMA-211 Avengers AV-8B(14) Yuma CF
VMA-214 Black Sheep AV-8B(14) Yuma WE
VMA-311 Tomcats AV-8B(14) Yuma WL
VMA-513 Flying Nightmares AV-8B(14) Yuma WF


MALS-16 Fore Runners   Miramar WW
HMM-161 Greyhawks MV-22B(12) Miramar YR
HMM-163 Ridge Runners CH-46E(12) Miramar YP
HMM-165 White Knights CH-46E(12) Miramar YW
HMM-166 Sea Elk CH-46E(12) Miramar YX
HMH-361 Flying Tigers CH-53E(16) Miramar YN
HMH-462 Heavy Haulers CH-53E(16) Miramar YF
HMH-465 Warhorses CH-53E(16) Miramar YJ
HMH-466 Wolfpack CH-53E(16) Miramar YK
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  Camp Pendleton  
MALS-39 Magicians   Camp Pendleton  
HMMT-164 Knightriders (FRS) CH-46E(18) Camp Pendleton YT
HMLA-169 Vipers UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) Camp Pendleton SN
HMLA-267 Stingers UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) Camp Pendleton UV
HMM-268 Red Dragons CH-46E(12) Camp Pendleton YQ
HMLAT-303 Atlas (FRS) UH-1N(10), AH-1W(18) Camp Pendleton QT
HMM-364 Purple Foxes CH-46E(12) Camp Pendleton PF
HMLA-367 Scarface UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) Camp Pendleton VT
HMLA-369 Gunfighters UH-1Y(9), AH-1W(18) Camp Pendleton SM
HMLA-469 Vengeance UH-1N(9), AH-1W(18) Camp Pendleton SE
MAW-4 (Reserve)   New Orleans  
MASD Andrews UC-35D(3), UC-12B/R(1/1) Andrews AFB 5A
MASD Belle Chasse UC-35B(2), UC-12B/R(1/1) New Orleans EZ


  Selfridge ANGB  
MWSS-471   Minneapolis  
MWSS-471/Det.A   Johnstown  
MWSS-471/Det.B   Selfridge ANGB  
MWSS-472   Willow Grove  
MWSS-472/Det.A   Wyoming/PA  
MWSS-472/Det.B   Chicopee/MA  
MWSS-473 Gargoyles   Miramar  
MWSS-473/Det.A Gargoyles   Fresno  
MWSS-473/Det.B Gargoyles   Fort Worth  
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  Great Lakes  
MTACS-48   Great Lakes  
MWCS-48 Roar of the Corps   Great Lakes  
MASS-6 Pacific Penguins   Great Lakes  
MASS-6/Det.A Pacific Penguins   Miramar  
MACS-23   Buckley AFB  
MACS-23/Det.A   Warren AFB  
MACS-24   Dam Neck  
MACS-24/Det.A   Fort Worth  
MACS-24/Det.B   Willow Grove  
LAAMBat-4 Avenger, Stinger  Pasadena  
LAAMBat-4/A.Batt Avenger, Stinger  Pasadena  
LAAMBat-4/B.Batt Avenger, Stinger  Atlanta  


  Fort Worth  
MAG-41/Det.A   Edwards AFB  
MALS-41 Wranglers   Fort Worth MY
VMFT-401 Snipers F-5F/N(1/12) Yuma LS
VMFA-112 Cowboys F-18A+(12) Fort Worth MA
VMGR-234 Bears KC-130T(12) Fort Worth GH
HMM-764 Moonlighters CH-46E(12) Edwards AFB ML


  Willow Grove  
MAG-49/Det.A   Robins AFB  
MAG-49/Det.B   Stewart  
MAG-49/Det.C   New Orleans  
MAG-49/Det.D   Chambers Field  
MALS-49 Magicians   Stewart  
VMGR-452 Yankees KC-130T(12) Stewart NY
HMH-772 Flying Armadillos CH-53E(6) Willow Grove MT
HMLA-773 Red Dog UH-1N(3), AH-1W(6) Robins AFB MP
HMLA-773/Det.A Red Dogs UH-1N(3), AH-1W(6) New Orleans WG
HMLA-773/Det.B Red Dogs UH-1N(3), AH-1W(6) Johnstown MM
HMM-774 Wild Goose CH-46E(12) Chambers Field MQ
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Figures in brackets indicate number of aircraft flown in each squadron.


(AW) = All-weather
Bat = Battalion
Batt = Battery
Det = Detachment
HMH = Marine heavy helicopter squadron
HMLA = Marine light attack helicopter squadron
HMM = Marine medium helicopter squadron
HMT = Marine helicopter training squadron
H/HS = Headquarters / Headquarters quadron
LAAD = Low-altitude air defense
MACS = Marine air control squadron
MASD = Marine aviation support detachment
MASS = Marine air support squadron
MALS = Marine aviation logisitics squadron
MTACS = Marine tactical air command squadron
MWSS = Marine wing support squadron
MWCS = Marine wing communications squadron
MWHS = Marine wing headquarters squadron
TDY = Temporary duty

UDP = Unit deployment program
VMAQ = Marine electronic warfare squadron
VMAT = Marine attack training squadron
VMA = Marine attack squadron
VMFA(AW) = Marine all-weather fighter attack squadron
VMGR = Marine aerial refueler squadron
VMGRT = Marine aerial refueler/transport squadron
VMFA = Marine fighter attack squadron
VMFAT = Marine fighter attack training squadron
VMU = Unmanned aerial vehicle squadron

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