Current Unit Assignments
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

PC-12/45 C-FMPO at Vernon, BC on 27 August 2003.
(photo, John Olafson)

Detachment Type Base
Atlantic Region
Newfoundland & Labrador (B Division)
  1 x Twin Otter 300 Goose Bay
Prince Edward Island (L Division)
  no aircraft  
Nova Scotia (H Division)
  no aircraft  
New Brunswick (J Division)
  1 x AS 350 Moncton
Central Region
Quebec (C Division)
  1 x AS 350, 1 x PC-12 Montreal
Ontario (O Division)
  1 x PC-12 London
  2 x PC-12* Ottawa
Northwestern Region
Manitoba (D Division)
  1 x PC-12 Winnipeg
Saskatchewan (F Division)
  1 x PC-12 Regina
  1 x PC-12 Prince Albert
Alberta (K Division)
  1 x AS 350, 1 x PC-12 Edmonton
Nunavut (V Division)
  1 x PC-12 Iqaluit
Northwest Territories (G Division)
  1 x PC-12 Yellowknife
Pacific Region
British Columbia (E Division)
  1 x AS 350, 1 x PC-12, 1 x EC120 Vancouver
  1 x AS 350 Kamloops
  1 x AS 350 Comox
  1 x AS 350B3 Kelowna
  1 x PC-12 Prince George
Yukon Territory (M Division)
  1 x Twin Otter 300 Whitehorse

* One owned by Corrections Canada and operated by the RCMP on behalf of both organisations.

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