Aircraft-Carrying Ships
Royal New Zealand Navy

This page gives a summary of the aircraft-carrying ships which have been or are used by the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Pennant No. Name Type Status
C70 HMNZS Achilles Cruiser Retired
C75 HMNZS Leander Cruiser Retired
F421 HMNZS Canterbury Frigate Retired
F104 HMNZS Southland Frigate Retired
F55 HMNZS Waikato Frigate Retired
F69 HMNZS Wellington Frigate Retired
F77 HMNZS Te Kaha Frigate Active
F111 HMNZS Te Mana Frigate Active
L421 HMNZS Canterbury Amphibious Support Active
P148 HMNZS Otago Offshore Patrol Active
P55 HMNZS Wellington Offshore Patrol Active

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