All-Time Units Listing

of the Free French Air Force

This page lists all the aviation units of the Free French Air Force, since its formation.

Royal Air Force Parented Units
326 Squadron ‘Nice’ (GC II/7)
327 Squadron ‘Corse’ (GC I/3)
328 Squadron ‘Provence’ (GC I/7)
329 Squadron ‘Les Cigognes’ (GC I/2)
340 Squadron ‘Ile de France’ (GC IV/2)
341 Squadron ‘Alsace’ (GC III/2)
342 Squadron ‘Lorraine’ (GB I/20)
343 Squadron ‘Artois’ (Aeronavale 7F)
344 Squadron ‘Picardie’ (Aeronavale 7F)
345 Squadron ‘Berry’ (GC II/2)
346 Squadron ‘Guyenne’ (GB II/23)
347 Squadron ‘Tunisie’ (GB I/25)

Free French Flight No.1
Free French Flight No.2
Free French Communication Flight N° 3
First Fighter Group

Escadrille No.1 de chasse
Escadrille No.2 de bombardement
GC 1 Alsace
GC 2 Ile de France

Soviet Air Force Parented Units
GC 3 ‘Normandie Niemen’ / Régiment Normandie-Niemen

French Parented Units
Detachment du Cameroun
GRB 1 ‘Lorraine’
GCB I/18 ‘Vendee’
GCB II/18 ‘Saintonge’
GB I/31 ‘Aunis nebo Dor’
GR III/33 ‘Perigord’
GB I/34 ‘Bearn’
GB II/63 ‘Senegal’
Le Gaulois
GT Artois
GT Picardie

Groupement Patrie
Groupement Dor
Forces Francaises de l’Interieur

USAAF Parented Units
GC I/3 ‘Corse’ (ex-RAF)
GC II/3 ‘Dauphine’
GC III/3 ‘Ardennes’
GC I/4 ‘Navarre’
GC I/5 ‘Champagne’
GC II/5 ‘La Fayette’
GC II/6 ‘Travail’
GC III/6 ‘Rousillon’
GC I/9 ‘Limousin’
GC II/9 ‘Auvergne’
GT I/15 ‘Touraine’
GT II/15 ‘Anjou’
GT III/15 ‘Maine’
GB I/19 ‘Gasconge’
GB II/20 ‘Bretagne’ ex-RAF
GB I/22 ‘Maroc’ (II/22?)
GB I/32 ‘Bourgogne’
GR I/33 ‘Belfort’
GR II/33 ‘Savoie’
GT I/34 ‘Bearn’
GB II/52 ‘Franche-Comte’
GB I/56 ‘Vacluse’

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