All-Time Units Listing

of the Free French Navy

This page lists all the aviation units of the Free French Navy, since its formation.

Royal Air Force Parented Units
343 Squadron ‘Artois’ (Aeronavale 7F)
344 Squadron ‘Picardie’ (Aeronavale 7F)

French Parented Units
Escadrille 1AC
Escadrille 2AC
Escadrille 1S
Escadrille 2S
Escadrille 3S
Escadrille 4S
Escadrille 5S
Escadrille 10S
Escadrille 8S5

Flotille 1FC
Flotille 2FE
Flotille 6FE
Flotille 9FE

US Navy Parented Units
Flotille 3FB
Flottile 4FB
Groupe Aeronavale No.2

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