Soevaernets Helikopter Tjeneste
Danish Naval Aviation


Key Facts

Short Name: SHT
Nickname: unknown
Main Role: Patrol/SAR
Secondary Role: Fishery Protection
First Formed: 1962
Parent Unit: Danish Navy Aviation
Current Status: Disbanded


A naval helicopter flight with three Alouette III helicopters was first established in 1962, under RDanAF control. Additional helicopters were obtained, bringing the total strength up to eight helicopters by the end of 1967. In 1971 the unit was recognised as a naval unit and named Soevaernets Flyvetjaeneste (SVF, Danish Naval Air Service). In 1980 the Lynx began to replace the Alouette IIIs, with the process being completed in 1982.

An upgrade programme launched in 1997 saw the original Lynx fleet gradually replaced by improved Super Lynx helicopters from 2000. In 2004, following a round of defence spending cuts, the SVF was renamed Soevaernets Helikopter Tjeneste (SHT) and moved to Karup.

In a further round of defence cuts the unit was disbanded on 31 December 2010 and transferred to the RDanAF as Eskadrille 723.

Subordinate Units



Type Qty Service Example Serials
Alouette III 8 1962 – 1982  
Lynx Mk.80 8 1980 – 2004  
Lynx Mk.90 2 1987 – 2003  
Lynx Mk.23 1 1987 – 2004 (GI only)  
Super Lynx Mk.90B 8 2000 – 2010  

Unit Markings

Figure 1
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Main Bases

Base Duration
Vaerlose 1962 – Dec 2003
Karup Jan 2004 – 2010


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More Information


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