Coast Guard Air Squadron 744

of the Indian Coast Guard

Key Facts

Short Name:
Nickname: unknown
Main Role: Maritime Patrol
Secondary Role: Surveillance
First Formed: 1990
Parent Unit: Coast Guard HQ
Current Status: Active


Coast Guard Air Squadron 744 (CGAS 744) was the first unit to be equipped with the Do 228. It was first formed on 2 April 1990 (some sources say 10 April) with one Do 228 and two pilots at Meenambakkam airport. By 28 April 1991 (or 26 April), when it was formally commisioned, it had 4 Do 228s and had moved to the newly opened ICG air station at Meenambakkam. The unit role is maritime patrol along the Eastern coast of India.


Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
Dornier Do 228-101 4 Apr 1990 – Present   CG 757

Unit Markings

Figure 1
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Main Bases

Base Duration
Meenambakkam airport, Chennai Apr 1990 – Apr 1991
CGAS Chennai (Madras-Meenambakkah) Apr 1991 – Present


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More Information


  • World Air Power Journal No.7 p.8-9

Other Sources

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