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Rhodesian Air Force Pictorial

This is a collection of photos showing the aircraft of the Rhodesian Air Force during the 1960s and 1970s. During this period few Rhodesian military aircraft carried serial numbers externally for security reasons. All the photos on this page are copyright Phillip Evans.

Percival Provost devoid of markings except for the 'Omega' insignia on the fin. Believed to be serialled R3160 and still flying. Artists impression of a Cessna 337 "Lynx" in action. A painting in the Officers Mess at Thornhill.
Vampire T.11 with under-wing rocket rails. The Vampire T.11 was used by the RhAF for jet conversion before doing armament practice and operational training in the Vampire FB.5. SIAI Marchetti SF.260 "Genet" coded 'A'. Believed to be serial 9900 (c/n 23-01-266 ex: OO-HHA). The SF.260 replaced the Provost as basic trainer in 1977.
Hawker Siddeley (Avro) 748 over Victoria Falls. This is actually a Zambian Air Force aircraft. Neither the RhAF or Air Rhodesia brought the type. 

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