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Chengdu F-7 Airguard * Current *
12 Chinese-built F-7 fighters delivered in 1986. Used by 5 Sqn for the interceptor/attack role. The F-7 is a version of the MiG-21 and the aircraft supplied to Zimbabwe came in two versions: the F-7II with only one hardpoint under each wing, and the F-7II-N with two underwing hardpoints. Several F-7s were lost during Zimbabwe's participation in the war in Congo. Five replacement aircraft are believed to have been supplied by China. In 1991 two FT-7BZ two-seat trainers arrived to replace the FT-5s used previously for conversion training. The FT-7 is actually made in Guizhou not Chengdu.
Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
730     1991 FT-7BZ
731     1991 FT-7BZ
700     1987 w/o 11 Nov 1994
704     1987  
707     1987  
708     1987  
709     1987  
710     1987  


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