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Unit History

No.3 Squadron
(Motto: 'Swift To Support')

This unit was established in 1947 as a small 'Communications Flight'. It became 3 Sqn at New Sarum in 1953 and operated C-47s, Pembrokes, Argonauts, Islanders. Also operated were a Cessna 421A, a Beech Baron and a DC-7F. The Dakotas were used for general transport duties and for also parachuting troops and supplies into difficult areas. The Islanders were operated on light transport and casevac duties. One Dakota was fitted-out as an Airborne Command Post, and one as an ELINT aircraft. The Baron was reserved for VIP use.

In 1983 CASA 212s were received, and eventually these replaced the Dakotas for general transport duties.

Air Bases:
Base Duration
New Sarum 1953 - Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Badge Example Serials
C-47A/B25April 1947 - late 1992 R3702
C.4 Argonaut4November 1959 - August 1964 RRAF601,RRAF603
Pembroke C.12November 1953 - July 1963 SR133,SR134
Beech Baron11967 - November 1976 R7310
Cessna 421A1October 1975 - 1980? R7153
DC-7CF11976 - November 1980 R7230
BN-2A Islander6May 1976 - Present R7136,R7213
CASA C.21212March 1983 - Present 802,806,812
SF.260TP11994 - Present  

Unit Insignia:
Figure 1


  • Air (WLAG) January 1990

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