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Orders of Battle:

1937-1939    The Pre-War Era
1937    Pre-war SRAU
1939-1945    The Second World War
August 1939    SRAF deploys for war
September 1939    SRAF in World War 2
1946-1965    Post-War Expansion
1947    Re-establishment of the SRAF
1949    Expansion of the SRAF
1952    Arrival of the Spitfires
1954    Royal Rhodesian Air Force
1963    End of the Federation
1965-1980    After UDI
1971    Start of the main guerrilla war
1976    Peak of the guerilla war
1980-Present    Zimbabwe
1980    Independence
July 1982    Post-independence restructuring
1986    Operations in Mozambique
1996    First Chinese jets arrive
1998    War in the Congo
Current    The Air Force Today

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