Air Force of Zimbabwe Order of Battle 1986
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Order of Battle for 1986:

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Squadron Type Role Base
No.1 Sqn 10 Hunter FGA.9/FGA.80, 1 Hunter T.81 Fighter-Bomber Thornhill
No.2 Sqn 7 BAe Hawk Mk 60, few Vampire FB.9/T.11 Advanced Training/Attack Thornhill
No.3 Sqn 11 Douglas C-47, 5 BN-2A Islander, 6 C.212 Transport New Sarum
No.4 Sqn 17 Reims-Cessna FTB.337G COIN Thornhill
No.5 Sqn 10 EE Canberra B.2, 3 EE Canberra T.4 Bomber New Sarum
No.6 Sqn 17 SIAI Marchetti SF.260W/C/TP Basic Training Thornhill
No.7 Sqn 20 Alouette III, 3 AB.205, 2 AB.412 Transport New Sarum
No.8 Sqn (disbanded)    
Only 1 Dakota is flying, the rest are stored.
Only 2 C.212s are flying, the rest are stored.
Only 3 FTB.337s are flying, the rest are stored.
All Canberra aircraft are currently in storage.

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