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Current Title: Zroa Ha'Avir VeHaHalal
Title in English: Israel Air and Space Force
Abbreviation: IASF


Summary Narrative History

Timeline - Key Dates in Air Force History

Air Force Operation Codenames

Air Force Commanders

Current Status:
The IASF is considered by many observers to be one of the most effective air forces in the world. Personnel training is of a very high standard, and it has a large fleet of very modern aircraft - many of which have been specifically tailored to meet specific Israeli requirements. The support and infrastructure aspects of the organisation are also extremely good. Due to the on-going security threat from terrorism and from hostile countries in the region, the IASF maintains a constant state of alert.

Future Plans:
Take delivery of 102 F-16I fighter-bombers 2003-2009 to replace the A-4, F-4 and F-16A/B.
Begin replacing F-16C/D with F-35 from 2012.
Take delivery of 5 Gulfsteam V/550 to replace Boeing 707 ELINT/AEW aircraft from 2005.
Define replacement/upgrade plan for C-130E/H fleet. Most likely to include replacing the oldest C-130Es with new C-130Js. Could also see procurement of some C-27J Spartans to supplement the C-130s for shorter-range missions.
Replace CH-53 Sea Stallion with long-range rotary-wing aircraft, such as V-22 Osprey.
Decide on replacement strategy for Tsukit jet trainers - may include civilian PFI contract similar to Grob G-120 fleet.
C-130 and Boeing 707 units to move from Lod/Ben Gurion Airport to Nevatim AB.


National Insignia:
Current --- Historical

Aircraft Serial Numbering System(s):
Aircraft Serialling System Explained

Unit/Base Aircraft Code System(s):
Not used


Aircraft Designation System(s):
Local names.

Current Aircraft Inventory:
Table of Current Service Aircraft

All-Time Aircraft Used List:
Alphabetical Order --- Chronological Order

UAVs - to be added.

Aircraft NOT Used:
False reports of aircraft on order or in service

Aircraft Losses and Incidents:
Aircraft Accidents - to be added


Main Headquarters:
7 A Street, 67659 Hakirya, Tel Aviv

Current Organisational Structure:
The IASF is organised into a number of semi-autonomous wings of usually three squadrons each, together with co-located SAR and liaison flights. The wing acts as the principal flying organisation at each major air base. However, the squadron remains the basic unit of administration; each having a unique identity and history.

Originating from a covertly assembled unit of light aircraft in 1947, the IASF today has a strength of some forty-five operational squadrons, and eight reserve squadrons located at ten major airbases and over three dozen minor airstrips around the country.

Current Order of Battle:
Table of Current Order of Battle

Historical Orders of Battle:
Table of Orders of Battle

All-Time Flying Units List:

Air Bases

Current Air Bases:
The IASF operates from 9 main bases, of which 5 house front-line units. See listing below for details.

All-Time Air Bases Used List:
Apart from the 9 main air bases, there are also a number of smaller airports and airfields around the country which are sometimes used by the Air Force.
Military Air Bases Listing

More Information


Israel Aviation Bibliography - to be added


To be added.


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You Tube
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(28 pages of excellent photos)

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