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Ilyushin Il-14 * Retired *
One Soviet-built Il-14M delivered in 1957, with luxury VIP interior. Personal transport of President Hoxha. Based at Tiranë until 1979, when it moved to Rinas to join the other three examples. Three more (one Il-14m, one Avia 14T and one VEB-built Il-14P) delivered after overhaul in China in 1971. Used by 7594 Regiment for the transport role. Operated on behalf of the national airline 'Albtransport', on passenger and freight services. Withdrawn from use in 1992 and stored in the open at Tiranë-Rinas. In 1997 the four aircraft were severely damaged by rebels and in 2002 they were broken up and dumped. One of these aircraft reportedly has a ventral camera position for survey work.
Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
12-25 147001225   1971 Il-14M
15-09 147001509   1957 Il-14M, Presidential Aircraft.
30-59 14803059   1971 VEB-14P
31-61 183013161   1971 Avia 14T


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