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Naval Air Force



Current Title: Fuerza Aérea Naval
Title in English: Naval Air Force
Abbreviation: FAN


Narrative Summary:

A seperate naval aviation service was formed in 1934 as Aviación de la Marina de Guerra. But it was not until 1937 that the Fuerza Aérea Naval was officially established with one D.H. 60GM Moth. During the next years the naval aviation service received only small quantities of aircraft. After the attack on Pearl Harbor Cuba declared war on Japan on 9 December 1941 and on Germany and Italy on the 11 December. During the next years the FAN received some aircraft through the Lend an Lease Program from the United States. On  15 May 1943 the German submarine U-176 was destroyed by the submarine-hunter SC-13, after receiving information from a patroulling Kingfisher aircraft. In 1947 the Naval Air Force had approximately a dozen operational aircraft, less than half of which were capable of operating from water. A reorganisation combined both army and naval aviation elements in a semi-autonomous force with the titel Fuerza Aérea del Ejército de Cuba (FAEC).


Key Dates:
1934    Aviación de la Marina de Guerra was formed.
1937 Fuerza Aérea Naval was established.
15 May 1943 German U-176 sunk with help of Kingfisher aircraft
1955 Unified with FAEC.

Current Status:
Unified with FAEC in 1955.

Future Plans:


National Insignia:
Current --- Historical

Aircraft Serial Numbering System(s):
No information available.



Unit/Base Aircraft Code System(s):
Coding system not used.


Aircraft Designation System(s):

Current Aircraft Inventory:
None at present.

All-Time Aircraft Used List:
Alphabetical Order --- Chronological Order


Main Headquarters:
None at present.

Current Organisational Structure:
None at present.

Current Order of Battle:
None at present.



Historical Orders of Battle:




All-Time Flying Units List:

Aviación de la Marina de Guerra

Fuerza Aérea Naval


Air Bases

Current Air Bases:

Military Air Bases Listing

All-Time Air Bases Used List:
Military Air Bases Listing

More Information








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