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Aviación de le Armada de Mexico (Mexican Naval Aviation)

Brief History:

Mexican naval aviation dates back to 1918, when a Mexican built biplane floatplane was successfully flown at the Port of Veracruz. In 1926 a unit of floatplanes was created in name for the Mexican Navy, but without aircraft and personnel.

Between 1927 to 1943 a few aircraft were acquired and a small number of Naval officers trained as naval pilots at the Air Force aviation school.

World War II brought the creation of the Naval aviation school and the establishment of the 1st Naval air squadron with Vought Sikorsky Kingfishers, with Mexican Air Force help. The aircraft had come from the Air Force via lend-lease.

In the post war years, the role of Naval aviation was defined as supporting Naval units, search and rescue, coastal patrols and to help the general population in case of disasters.

In the 1990's the Mexican Navy started to acquire ex-Soviet-bloc aircraft and helicopters. In 1999 the Mexican Navy started a program to built kitplanes and helicopters at Las Bajadas, Veracruz. So far, two airplanes and one helicopter have been built. Also the Aviation workshops has started to arm the Mi-8 helicopters to NATO standards.

At present, the Aviacion de la Armada de Mexico is undergoing a re-organization of its units in the late 1990's, not all the details are know. Some units were to move from one location to another, while others were created and some aircraft roles and duties were changed - for example it is reported that the Beech F-33C is not longer used for training but as a patrol aircraft.

An-32 serial MP-316
(photo, Mr.Dirk Lamarque)
Beech F-33C serial MP-23
(photo, Mr.Dirk Lamarque)

National Markings:

Main Marking Fin Flash

The Mexican Navy uses a different version of the main insignia, with one or two anchors. A subdued version is used on tactical aircraft. Some aircraft carry the fin flash while others carry the rudder markings. The majority of the aircraft and helicopters carry the letters ARMADA DE MEXICO on both sides of the fuselage, or tail booms if they are helicopters.

Maule MX-7-180 serial ME-103
(photo, Mr.Dirk Lamarque)
MBB Bo-105 serial MR-152
(photo, via Santiago A. Flores)

Main Headquarters:

Mexico City, International Airport.

Aircraft Inventory:

Current service types

Mi-8MTV-1 serial MR-352
(photo, Mr.Dirk Lamarque)
Valmet L-90TP serial MAT-047
(photo, Santiago A. Flores)


Order of Battle-
Squadron Type Base
1er ESCPATMAR C-212MP, CN-235 BAN Tapachula, Chiapas
2do ESCPATMAR C-212MP, Lancair, RC695 BAN La Paz, BCS
4tro ESCPATMAR CN235MPA, Lancair, MX-7-180 BAN Tapachula, Chiapas
1er ESCINTREC L-90TP BAN Campeche, Campeche
1er ESCINTREC/Dest L-90TP BAN Guaymas, Sonora
1er ESCPAT MX-7, Lancair  BAN Chetumal, Quitana Roo
1er ESCTRANS Learjet 25D/31A/60, Dash-8, Mi-17 BAN Mexico D.F.
4tro ESCTRANS CASA 295M BAN Tapachula,Chiapas
1er ESCAMET Mi-17, MD-902 BAN Tampico, Veracruz
2do ESCAMET Mi-17 BAN La Paz, BCS
3er ESCAMET Mi-17 BAN Chetumal,Quitana Roo
4tro ESCAMET Mi-17 BAN Tapachula,Chiapas
1er ESCEMPAT Panther, Bo-105C, MD-902 BAN Manatitlan-Canticas, Veracruz
2do ESCEMPAT Bo-105C, MD-902 BAN La Paz, BCS
1er ESCBUS Mi-2 BAN Salinas Cruz,Oaxaca
2do ESCBUS Fennec, Mi-2 BAN Lazaro Cardenas
2do ESCBUS/Dest Fennec, Mi-2 BAN Acapulco, Guerrero
Escuadrón Primario Zlin 242L BAN La Paz, Veracruz
Escuadrón Basico F33C Bonanza BAN La Paz, Veracruz
Escuadrón Avanzado Beech 55 Baron BAN La Paz, Veracruz
Escuadrón Primario R-22 BAN La Paz, Veracruz
Escuadrón Basico R-44 BAN La Paz, Veracruz
Escuadrón Avanzado R-44 BAN La Paz, Veracruz
Escuela Mecánica de Aviación Rotorway 162F BAN Las Bajadas, Veracruz


ESCAMET = Escuadrón de Ala Móvil de Exploración y Transporte

ESCBUS = Escuadrón de Búsqueda y Salvamento

ESCEMPAT = Escuadrón Aeronaval Embarcado de Patrulla Maritima

ESCINTREC = Escuadrón de Intercepción y Reconocimiento

ESCPAT = Escuadrón de Patrulla

ESCPATMAR = Escuadrón de Patrulla Maritima

ESCTRANS = Escuadrón Aeronaval de Transporte


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