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Unit History

412EP EV-9751 seen in December 2005.
(photo, Jorge Oppenheimer)

Batallón de Helicópteros "Gral. Brig. Florencio Jiménez"

Role: Transport/Assault/Attack.

The unit was formed as Sección de Ala Rotatoria on 11.4.1978 as part of the 81 Regimiento de Caballeria Aérea with some Bell UH-1H. After a reorganisation on 21.7.1982 the name was changed to Grupo Aéreo de Apoyo y Asalto. The name was another time changed to 813 Grupo Aéreo de Apoyo y Asalto on 29.5.1990. The next reorganisation took place on 7.6.1993, when the group became Grupo Aéreo de Apoyo y Asalto. The unit got its present name on 15.1.2001 after the 81 Regimiento de Caballeria Aérea was disbanded and replaced by the Comando de la Aviación del Ejército. The unit operates all helicopters in the inventory of the Venezuelan Army and maintains two Destacamentos (Detachments) at Valle de la Pascua/Valle de la Pascua AP and San Felipe/Nestor Arias AP.         

Air Bases:
Base Duration

 Base Aérea Miranda/La Carlota IAP/Caracas

1978 - Present

Aircraft Used:
Type Qty Service Example Serials
Bell UH-1H Iroquois 6 1977 - Present 7704-7709
Bell 206B JetRanger 4 1977 - Present 7703,0692,0693,0694
Bell 205A 3 1980 - Present 8015-8017
Agusta A-109A 10 1984 - n/a 8329-8334,8943-8946
Agusta-Sikorsky AS-61D 4 1985 - Present 8437-8440
Bell 412EP/SP 10/2 1988 - Present 8841,8842,9749-9752,9953-9958
Mil Mi-17 Panare 24 2006 - Present



Mil Mi-35M Caribe 10 2006 - Present 0675-0677,0682-0686,07101,07102
Mil Mi-26T Pemón 3 2006 - Present 0681,07103,07104


Unit Insignia:


Batallón de Helicópteros


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AS-61D EV-8440 & EV-8437 seen in June 2004.
(photo, Ivan Pena Nesbit)

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