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National Guard Aviation



Current Title: Comando  Aéreo de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana
Title in English: Air Command of the National Guard
Abbreviation: GNBV


Narrative Summary:
The Venezuelan National Guard is part of the Ministry of Defence. The service became an independent component of the Armed Forces of Venezuela in 1999. The Air Support Command consists of nine air units located throughout the country with some 70 aircraft and helicopters, which are used in the transport, observation, liaison and anti-narcotics role. Comando de Apoyo Aéreo de Guardia Nacional became Comando  Aéreo de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana on 2.11.2011.


Key Dates:
1999    The service became an independent component of the Armed Forces of Venezuela.
2 November 2011   Comando  Aéreo de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana was formed.

Current Status:
The aircraft of the National Guard Aviation are fully operational.

Future Plans:
No information available.


National Insignia:
Current --- Historical



Aircraft Serial Numbering System(s):
Helicpoter and aircraft are serialled GN (Guardia Nacional) followed by the year of acquisition and a two or three digit sequential GN-7843. The prefix was later changed to GNBV.


Unit/Base Aircraft Code System(s):
Coding system not used.


Aircraft Designation System(s):

Current Aircraft Inventory:
Table of Current Service Aircraft

All-Time Aircraft Used List:
Alphabetical Order --- Chronological Order


Main Headquarters:
Base Aérea Francisco de Miranda, La Carlota, Caracas

Current Organisational Structure:

Current Order of Battle:
Table of Current Order of Battle



Historical Orders of Battle:



All-Time Flying Units List:



Air Bases

Current Air Bases:
The Venezuela National Guard Aviation currently operates nine mayor airbases and some secondary airfields.

Military Air Bases Listing

All-Time Air Bases Used List:
Military Air Bases Listing

More Information






World Air Power Journal No.30 p. 150-157


Guardia Nacional de Venezuela

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