Macedonian Military Air Bases and Airfields
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Insignia of Petrovec Air Force Base
(picture, Igor Bozinovski)

Military Air Bases and Airfields

This page gives details of some of the air bases and airfields which are, or have been, used by the Macedonian Air Force.

Petrovec Air Force Base (ICAO Code: LWSK)
Petrovec Air Force Base is co-located with Skopje International Airport, near the capital Skopje, on the opposite side of the single runway from the passenger terminal. Petrovec was originally build when? When Macedonia was a part of Yugoslavia, Petrovec AFB was an important air base, hosting the 98 Avio Brigada of the Yugoslav Air Force until 1992. Following independence, Petrovec became the main base for the newly established Macedonian Air Force on 10 June 1992. It is currently the base for all three Air Force squadrons.
Runway data: Rwy 16/34 (+ 16/34 Grass), Size: 8038 x 140 ft (2450 x 43 m), Elev: 781 ft (238 m), N41 57 41.81, E021 37 17.16, asphalt.

Stenkovec Airport (ICAO code: ?)
Stenkovec Airport lies some 5 miles (8 km) east of Skopje. It was built when? Stenkovec was the location for the debut of the Zlin 242L to the Macedonian public on 28 July 1998. During the Kosovo War of 1999, a huge influx of Albanian refugees from Kosovo settled in this area and caused the destruction of all the airport facilities. The airport is no longer functional.
Runway directions and lengths to be added.

Ohrid Airport (ICAO code: LWOH)
Ohrid is the second biggest airport in Macedonia. It is located where? It was originally built when? Air Force aircraft are rarely seen here.
Runway data: Rwy 02/20, Size: 8366 x 140 ft (2550 x 43 m), Elev: 2313 ft (705 m), N41 10 47.84 E020 44 32.37, asphalt.

Sushevo (ICAO code: ?)
Sushevo, near the town of Shtip (or Stip), is one of the airfields used by Air Force aircraft as a destination for training flights. No further details.
Runway data: Rwy 16/34, Size: 980 x 68 ft (299 x 21 m), Elev: 900 ft (274 m), N41 47 55.20 E022 06 37.50, concrete.

Sveti Nikole (ICAO code: n/a)
A new air base is being built near here, in the east of the country. It will be for the sole use of the Air Force. Construction started in 2001. It will probably be named 'Izvorishte'.
Runway data: Rwy 14/32, Size: 997 x 71 ft (304 x 22 m), Elev: 794 ft (242 m), N41 49 39.60 E021 59 12.80, concrete.

Thanks to Igor Bozinovski for updating this page.

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