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(Luxembourg Flag)

(Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg)

The Country

Luxembourg is located in Western Europe and owes it's prosperity to excellent transport links with the Rhineland and Paris. It is bordered by Germany to the east, France to the south and Belgium to the west.
The northern third of the country forms part of the plateau of the Ardennes - forested and hilly terrain with steep-sided river valleys. The southern region is much flatter and is a continuation of the Lorraine in France. The total land area is 2585 sq km (998 sq miles).
The Population of 422,000 (2000 figure) comprises 63% native Luxembourgers and 37% immigrant workers, mainly from Italy and Portugal. Some 97% of the people are Roman Catholics and 3% other faiths. The capital city is Luxembourg.

National History:

Summary Narrative History

Timeline - Key Dates in Luxembourg History

Further National Information:
BBC News Profile: Luxembourg
Yahoo Luxembourg page
wikipedia: Luxembourg
wikipedia: History of Luxembourg


Civil Aircraft Registrations:
Luxembourg civil aircraft were initially registered in the series L-Uxx from 1919, but this does not appear to have been used. In 1929 the sequence UL-AAA onwards was introduced, but this changed to LX-AAA onwards in 1939. Historical LX register listing.

An incomplete all-time Luxembourg civil aircraft register listing is here.

Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms:
Current military air arms-

Historical military air arms-
Army Aviation (Luxembourg Army)

Central Government Agencies:
The Government of Luxembourg has ordered one Airbus A400M strategic airlifter, which will be operated by the Belgian Armed Forces Air Component on behalf of Luxembourg.

Public Service Aviation:
Medical Aviation (Luxembourg Air Rescue)
Police Aviation (Luxembourg Police)

Commercial Aviation:
Cargo Lion [1992-2001]

wikipedia: Airlines of Luxembourg
The World's Airlines: Luxembourg

Private Aviation:
To be added


Aircraft Manufacturers:
None known


Airports, Airfields and Air Bases:
Airports in Luxembourg

Military Air Bases and Airfields-
Military Air Bases Listing - to be added.

On Show

Aviation Museums:
Monument Belge-Britannique, Maulusmühle
Museé du Vin, Ehnen

Airshow Dates:
Key Airshow Dates


Aviation-Related Magazines:
None known

Magazine Dealers:
Recommended second hand magazine dealers

Aviation Bibliography:
Luxembourg Aviation Bibliography - to be added

Aviation Bookshops:
On-line bookshops

Web Links:
Aero-Sport asbl Luxembourg

Jerome Krier's Luxembourg Aviation Homepage

wikipedia: Aviation in Luxembourg


Aviation Museums Luxembourg

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