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Aircraft Types

Douglas DB-7B Boston III * Retired *
32 Boston III obtained via the UK. Serials D-95 to D-126 reserved. Half of the aircraft originated from a French contract taken over by the British, while the remainder came from British contracts. The assignment date was 24 Dec 1941. The first six aircraft arrived in the NEI on 27 Feb 1942 at Tjilatap where assembly commenced on the quay. One completed aircraft was flown out to Tassikmalaja on 5 Mar 1942. It was destroyed there at the capitulation. The remaining five on the quay were also partially destroyed. From the remains, the Japanese had at least 1, possibly 2, Bostons assembled and flown over to Japan (including tail code J-D-A-1). The following 22 aircraft were delivered to Australia, and transferred to the RAAF. The serials A28-1 to A28-22 were allocated. The last 4 aircraft were delivered to the USAAF.

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
D-95     27 Feb 1942 w/o Tassikmalaja 5 Mar 1942
D-96     27 Feb 1942 w/o Tjilatap Mar 1942
D-97     27 Feb 1942 w/o Tjilatap Mar 1942
D-98     27 Feb 1942 w/o Tjilatap Mar 1942
D-99     27 Feb 1942 w/o Tjilatap Mar 1942
D-100     27 Feb 1942 w/o Tjilatap Mar 1942


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