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UTVA-75 * Retired *
Thirteen UTVA-75A obtained following independence in 1991. The aircraft still carried their former Yugoslav Air Force serial number on the tail fin. Used by Letalska Eskadrila - Ljubljana-Brnik for the training role. No c/ns are known for UTVA military production aircraft, on the civil registers they are always quoted with the JRV serial as identity or nothing at all. By 2000 only a small number were in use. Donated to civil aero clubs by November 2004.

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
S5-DCA   YU-DEE 1991 JRV serial 53108. Postojna
S5-DCB   YU-DFA 1991 JRV serial 53117.
S5-DCC   YU-DIV 1991 JRV serial 53207. Moskanjci
S5-DCD   YU-DKT 1991 JRV serial 53122. Precna
S5-DCE   YU-DHM 1991 JRV serial 53198. Preserved Ljubljana-Brnik June 2002. Not seen Nov 2004. w/o ?
S5-DCF   YU-DKG 1991 JRV serial 53160. w/o date unknown.
S5-DCG   YU-DFS 1991 JRV serial 53165. Adjovscina
S5-DCH   YU-DIU 1991 JRV serial 531210.
S5-DCI   YU-DGF 1991 JRV serial 53171. Maribor
S5-DCJ   YU-DHC 1991 JRV serial 53188. Celje
S5-DCK   YU-DHE 1991 JRV serial 53190. Brnik
S5-DCL   YU-DHN 1991 JRV serial 53199. w/o July 1993
S5-DCM   YU-DHP 1991 JRV serial 53201.
S5-DCN   YU-DJH 1991 JRV serial 53223. Murska Sabota
S5-DPM   YU-DJE 1991 JRV serial 53216. Not used by Slovenian AF. Konjice


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