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Auster Mk.IV NJ695 seen at Waddington in July 2005.
(photo, Fergul McClean)

Auster Mk.IV * Retired *
Two hundred and fifty-five Auster IV delivered from 1943. Company designation Auster Type G. Similar to Mk.III but with the glazed cockpit extended well behind the wing, featuring a pronounced curvature of the upper glazing. Used for Air Observation Post operations. Withdrawn from service circa 1947. 130 hp Lycoming O-290-3 engine in shorter flatter nose.

Serials were in the batches MS934-MS981, MT100-MT145, MT158-MT199, MT213-MT256, MT269-MT314, MT328-MT355; NJ609-NJ651, NJ664-NJ703, NJ716-NJ746.


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