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Rotachute Mk.III P-5 at the Museum of Army Flying.
(photo, TZ Aviation)

Hafner Rotachute * Retired *
Over twenty experimental Hafner H-8 Rotachute man-carrying rotary-wing gliders delivered from 1942. Used trials and evaluation only. Mk.I had skid undercarriage (first flight 12 February 1942). Mk.II had wheeled landing gear (first flew late May 1942). Mk.III had enlarged tail fairing and rigid tailplane (first flew 16 June 1942). Mk.IV had twin endplate fins on tailplane (first flew 29 April 1943). Five earlier machines retrofitted to Mk.IV standard. Withdrawn from service in 1943.

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
P-1     1942 Mk.I
P-2     1942 Mk.I
P-3     1942 Mk.II
P-4     1942 Mk.II
P-5     1942 Mk.III, to Museum of Army Flying
P-6     1942 Mk.III
P-7     1942 Mk.III
P-8     1942 Mk.III
P-9     1942 Mk.III
P-10     1942 Mk.III
P-11     1942 Mk.III
P-12     1942 Mk.III
P-13     1942 Mk.III
P-14     1942 Mk.III
P-15     1942 Mk.III?
P-16     1942 Mk.III?
P-17     1943 Mk.IV?
P-18     1943 Mk.IV?
P-19     1943 Mk.IV
P-20     1943 Mk.IV
P-21     1943 Mk.IV


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