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ML Utility Mk.1 XK776 seen at Middle Wallop in July 1969.
(photo, Steve Williams)

M.L. Utility Mk.1/2 * Retired *
Three aircraft designated Inflatable Wing Mk.I ordered in 1954. First prototype flew by August 1955 and evaluated by Farnborough from 26 January 1956. Crude box chassis with 65 hp McCulloch engine. Initially unserialled, but later XK784. Second example designated Utility Mk.1 with gondola chassis with rounded nose and 38.5 hp Walter Mikron III engine. First flight 23 August 1956. Delivered by May 1957. Followed by one Utility Mk.2 with J.A.P (later Wooller) engine. All used for trials and evaluation only. Withdrawn from service in 1961.

Serial c/no. Prev. Identity Delivered Fate/Notes
XK776     early 1957 Mk.1, to Boscombe Down for trials 6 Sept 1957, accident 25 October 1957 but repaired, back to Boscombe Down 18 Nov 1957, to AAC Middle Wallop 22 August 1960, stored Cardington 1960, Middle Wallop by 1969, to Museum of Army Flying July 1982.
XK781     early 1958 Mk.2, to Boscombe Down for trials 14 March 1958, wfu 1961.
XK784     26 Jan 1956 1st prototype. To Farnborough 26 Jan 1956, accident 26 March 1956 but repaired, to Boscombe Down for trials 27 Jan 1958, wfu by 1961.


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Close-up of the gondola on XK776.
(photo, Steve Williams)

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