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Fisheries Patrol Aviation


Marine Fisheries Agency

Brief History:

Regulation of sea fishing around the UK was originally the responsibility of the Sea Fisheries Inspectorate. The Sea Fisheries Inspectorate was a division of DEFRA, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

On 1 October 2005, the Marine Fisheries Agency was established as an Executive Agency of Defra. The Agency was created to take direct responsibility for a number of activities hitherto the responsibility of the Fisheries Directorate and the Sea Fisheries Inspectorate. It brings together for the first time in one organisation the service delivery, inspection and enforcement activities provided by the Government to the fishing industry and other marine stakeholders in England and Wales.

It's main duties are: Enforcement of UK and European legislation on sea fisheries, fish marketing, and the marine environment in England and Wales - both on land and at sea. Monitoring, surveillance, and control of fishing activity within British fishery limits (English & Welsh waters only). Investigation of fisheries offences.

Scottish waters are the responsibility of the Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency. A number of aircraft are operated to patrol the fishing grounds. Aircraft are operated by civilian contractors on 5-year contracts.

National Markings:

No national markings are carried. The service titles FISHERIES PATROL are displayed on the fuselage sides of some aircraft, although it has recently been removed from others.

Main Headquarters:

Room 13, East Block, 10 Whitehall Place, London, SW1A 2HH.

Aircraft Inventory:

Current service types-
Aircraft Type Total
Role Origin
Dornier Do 228-200 & 2 2 Fisheries Patrol Germany
BN-2T Turbine Islander & 1 1 Fisheries Patrol local
Cessna F.406 Caravan % 2 2 Fisheries Patrol USA
& = operated by Cobham Leasing Ltd (FR Aviation) under contract.
% = operated by Directflight Ltd under contract.


Order of Battle-
Type Base
two Dornier Do 228-200 Southend, Essex
one BN-2T Turbine Islander Southend, Essex
two Cessna F.406 Caravan Southend, Essex


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