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This page features the following UK Police Aviation operators:

British Transport Police
By 2001 one helicopter was under contract to Railtrack/Network Rail for line and gantry inspection sorties and also being used 'regularly' by the British Transport Police for anti-truancy patrols. In addition, there is a joint BTP/Railtrack initiative (newly formed in mid 2002) operating as "Operation Hawk" using Bo105 G-BTKL based at Cardiff Tremorfa heliport. Six observers have been trained by the South & East Wales Air Support Group to operate trespass and vandalism patrols in South Wales and the South West area. A Unit Executive Officer has been trained by Leicestershire to provide management support. The operation usually runs during school holidays but is being evaluated with a view to becoming a permanent feature.
G-SCOW Eurocopter AS.335F   by 2001
G-BTKL Eurocopter Bo105   From summer 2002

Cambridgeshire, Essex & Suffolk Police Consortium
CPASU, Ops. Division, HQ, Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon, PE18 8NP.
EPASU, Old Control Tower, Boreham Airfield, Waltham Road, Boreham, Essex, CM3 3BG.
Cambridgeshire & EssexAir Support Unit. Based at RAF Wyton, near Huntingdon, and Boreham, Essex. Joined by the Suffolk Constabulary in October 2000 with a helicopter at RAF Wattisham.
G-XPOL Eurocopter AS.355F.1 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5177 (Aeromega Ltd) from 1 April 1991
G-CAMB Eurocopter AS.355F.2 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5416 First reg'd 17 Dec 1996, 'Quebec Hotel 88'
G-EPOL Eurocopter AS.355F.2 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5302
From 1 April 1998, 'Quebec Hotel 99'
G-OTSP Eurocopter AS.355F.2 Ecureuil 2   With Essex Police ASU at Boreham from February 2001
G-SUFF Eurocopter EC.135T c/n 118 (Aeromega Ltd) From 2 October 2000, based at RAF Wattisham

(photo, Dave Manders/Essex Police)

Central Counties Police Consortium
(Staffordshire Police & West Mercia Police)
CCAOU, Halfpenny Green Airfield, Bobbington, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY7 5DY.
Air Operations Unit since 1990, originally based at Halfpenny Green, but later moved to Stourbridge. Previously called Midlands AOU.
G-BTKL Eurocopter Bo105DB-4 c/n S.422 Leased from Veritair Ltd 1990-March 1996.
G-CCAO Eurocopter AS.355F.2 Twin Squirrel c/n 5077 Leased from Operational Support Services Ltd, 1996 until late 1998.
G-CCAU Eurocopter EC.135   From 10 July 1998, operational November 1998. 'Air One'

(photo, Iain Kitchen)
(photo, Bryn Elliott/Police Aviation Research)

Cheshire Police
CPASU, International House, Flint Road, Saltney Ferry, Chester, CH4 0BW.
Air Support Unit now based at Hawarden, after moving from Speke Airport, Liverpool in 1998.
G-CHES BN-2B-20 Islander ex G-PASY Since 9 May 1994, (Police Aviation Services Ltd), 'Delta 66'
Special Equipment: Nose FLIR/TV turret.

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Chiltern Police Consortium
(Thames Valley, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire Police forces)
CPASU, Thames Valley Police HQ, Kidlington, Oxford, Oxon.
Prince Way, Airport Approach Road, Luton.
Air Support Unit. Formerly Thames Valley ASU until February 1996. Originally based at Oxford and Luton Airports, from 1998 based at RAF Benson and Luton.
G-TVPA Eurocopter AS.355F1 c/n 5181 mid July 1993-1999
G-CPOL Eurocopter AS.355F1 c/n 5007 registered 30 November 1995
G-CHSU Eurocopter EC.135T1   delivered May 1999, 'Alpha X-Ray Alpha 97'
Special Equipment: Both AS.355 with AGEMA/Leo 400 Nose FLIR/TV turret, searchlight, comms suite.

(photo, Bryn Elliott/Police Aviation Research)
(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Cumbria Police
(Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway Police forces)
Air Support Unit based at Carlisle Airport. The CASU closed in December 1997 and the Cumbria Police area now obtains its Air Support from both NEASU and Lancashire.
G-BTMR Cessna 172M   used mid 1992 - April 1993 (Cumbria Aero Club)
G-AXFG Cessna 337D Super Skymaster c/n 1070 from mid 1993
Special Equipment: AGEMA/Leo 400 FLIR/TV turret on underwing pylon from 1995.

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary
D&CCASU, Middlemoor HQ, Exeter, Devon, EX2 7HQ.
Air Support Unit based at Middlemoor. Formed in 1982.
G-BGIL Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   hired from McAlpine Helicopters 1978
G-BGHG Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   hired from McAlpine Helicopters 1979
G-MORR Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   leased from Colt Cars UK Ltd 1980-81
G-EORR Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   leased from Colt Cars UK Ltd 1981-82
G-JORR Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   leased from Colt Cars UK Ltd 1982-83
G-PORR Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   leased from Colt Cars UK Ltd 1983-84
G-PDCC Aerospatiale AS.350B Squirrel   1984-1986
G-DCCH Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4 c/n S.770 1986-July 1998
G-DCPA Eurocopter BK.117C ex G-LFBA from 2 July 1998 to replace above 'Oscar 99'/'Quebec Bravo 99'

G-DCPA (photo, Steve Coombes)

Dorset Police
DPASU, Winfrith, Dorchester, DT2 8DZ.
Air Support Unit, initially operating ad hoc from 1996, based at Compton Abbas, but moved to Police HQ, Winfrith, Dorchester in 1998.
G-PASG Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4   (Police Aviation Services Ltd)
G-PASE Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4   (Police Aviation Services Ltd)
G-BXZK MD Helicopters MD900   from 1998 (Police Aviation Services Ltd)

Two views of G-BXZK
(photos, Bryn Elliott/Police Aviation Research)

Dyfed-Powys Police
DPPASU, PO Box 99, Llangunnor, Carmarthen, SA31 2PF.
Air Support Unit with one helicopter based at Carmarthen. Formed May 1990.
G-DPPA Bell 206   used 1990-1992
G-DPPS Eurocopter AS.355N Ecureuil 2 c/n 5502 used 1992-1999, sold to North Midlands
G-MOBI Eurocopter AS.355F.1 Ecureuil 2   short term replacement for above, 18+ months use
G-HDPP Eurocopter EC.135T 0055 delivered June 1998 for conversion but cancelled early 1999 and not completed, stored at Oxford
G-DPPH Agusta A109E Power   delivered on lease December 1999, 'X-Ray 99'

G-DPPH (photo, Iain Kitchen)

East Midlands Police Consortium
(Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire Constabularies)
EMASU, Sulby Road, Sulby, near Welford, Northamptonshire, NN6 6EZ.
East Midlands Air Operations Unit formed April 1994, based at Husbands Bosworth, Leics.
G-EMAU Eurocopter AS.355N Twin Squirrel   w/o in accident 10 October 1998
Various leased replacements 1998-1999
G-EMAS Eurocopter EC.135T   delivered 1999, 'X-Ray 55'
Special Equipment for AS.355N: AGEMA/Leo 400 nose FLIR/Video turret.

Essex Police (Not current)
Air Support Unit formed in July 1990, based at Boreham Airfield near Chelmsford.
Joined Cambridgeshire & Essex Police Consortium in 1996.
G-PLAX Eurocopter AS.355F.1 Ecureuil 2   from July 1990
G-XPOL Eurocopter AS.355F.1 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5177 (Aeromega Ltd) from 1 April 1991

Greater Manchester Police
GMPASU, Barton Aerodrome, Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 7FZ.
Air Support Group based at Barton Aerodrome. Formed 7 December 1989.
G-GMPA Eurocopter AS.355F.2 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5409 from July 1990, 'India 99'
G-???? MD Helicopters MD900   from early 2001
Special Equipment for AS.355F: AGEMA/Leo 400 gyro stabilised FLIR/camera platform under nose, microwave datalink, TRACKER receiver, VCR equipment, Nitesun, Skyshout, GPS.

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Hampshire Police
HPASU, Hampshire Police, Control Tower, Argus Gate, Brooke Way, Lee on Solent, Hampshire, PO13 9YA.
Air Support Unit based at Lee-on-Solent.
G-KATY Optica Scout   for trials, crashed 1985
G-BMPF Optica Scout   for trials, spare from 1987
G-BMPL Optica Scout   owned and operated 1987-1990
G-TWOB PBN BN-2 Islander   1990-1991
G-HPAA PBN BN-2B-26 Islander c/n 2244 from December 1991, 'Boxer 3
G-HPAG PBN BN-2T Defender 4000   to replace above, but delivery may now be delayed by the financial problems at Britten-Norman.
Islander special equipment from 1993: AGEMA/Leo 400 gyro stabilised camera platform in nose, with TI camera and hi-res daylight TV camera.

Humberside Police
HPHSU, Police HQ, Queens Gardens, Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 3DJ.
Air Support Unit formed December 1996, based at RAF Leconfield, near Beverley.
G-EYNL Eurocopter Bo105DBS-5 c/n S.382 first reg'd 19 August 1996, 'Oscar 99'
Special Equipment for Bo105: AGEMA/Leo 400 nose FLIR/Video turret, searchlight, Nitesun, comms systems.
New helicopter planned for 2001/2002.

G-EYNL (photo, Humberside Police)

Lancashire Constabulary
LCASU, BAE Systems Ltd, Warton Aerodrome, Warton, Preston, PR4 1AX.
Air Support Unit based at BAe Warton, Preston. Formed 21 November 1994.
G-LCON Eurocopter AS.355N Twin Squirrel   'Oscar November 21'
Special Equipment: AGEMA/Leo 400 nose FLIR/Video turret, searchlight, Nitesun, comms systems.

Merseyside Police Authority
MPASG, Liverpool Airport, Speke, Liverpol, L24 1YD.
Merseyside Police Air Support Group initially based at Speke Airport, Liverpool, but moved to RAF Woodvale, near Formby, circa November 2000.
G-BOOV Eurocopter AS.355F-2 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5374 'Mike One/Police 24'

Metropolitan Police (Not current)
Police Helicopter Unit formed April 1970, based at Elstree, Hertfordshire. Air Support Unit formed November 1980, based at Lippitts Hill, Essex from 1978. Landing site at Redhill, Surrey from June 1993 for Surrey Constabulary use, replaced by Fairoaks in September 1994. Renamed South East Regional Police Air Support Unit April 1996. Metropolitan Police Homepage.
G-ABUD Cierva C.19   one of various C.30 trials 1932-38 for surveillance and traffic spotting
G-ACIN Cierva C.30   one of various C.30s trials 1932-38 for surveillance and traffic spotting
G-BBRS Enstrom F-28A   hired from Helicopter Hire Ltd, 1976-78
G-???? Bell 47G   hired from Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd 1978-79
G-???? Bell 206   on contract from Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd 1978-79
G-BFYA MBB Bo105   operated by Helicopter Hire, then British Caledonian Helicopters 1978-81
G-META Bell 222A c/n 47028 delivered 26 November 1980, (crashed Lippitts Hill May 1987 and repaired), retired January 1996, to Portugal for EMS duties
G-METB Bell 222A c/n 47055 delivered July 1981, (crashed Hatfield 1984 and rebuilt), retired November 1993, to Portugal for EMS duties
G-METC Bell 222A c/n 47050 delivered 1983, retired January 1996, to Portugal for EMS duties
G-METD Eurocopter AS.355N-1 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5525 delivered August 1993, re-registered G-SEPA in 1996
Special Equipment for Bell 222: Loud hailers, nightsun, domed observation windows, provision for Hele-Tele system initially. Later fitted with FLIR2000HP in starboard wingstub and Trimble GPS. Note: 'India 9X' call signs not assigned to specific airframes.
Special Equipment for AS.355N: Nightsun searchlight, FLIR2000 chin turret, Trimble GPS.

G-METD hovering over G-METC
(photo, Chris Potter)

Midlands Police Consortium (Not current)
Midlands Air Operations Unit based at Birmingham Airport from 27 July 1987. Initially operated for four police forces, but West Midlands withdrew late 1988, Warwickshire withdrew April 1990. Became Central Counties AOU
G-BAFD Eurocopter Bo105   until late 1988
G-TWOB BN-2 Islander    
G-BEMR BN-2 Islander   until late 1988
G-BNYD? Bell 206 JetRanger   from 1989
G-BLCA Bell 206 JetRanger   from 1989

Norfolk Constabulary
NCASU, c/o Sterling Helicopters, Hangar E, Gamboling Close, Norwich Airport, Norwich, NR6 6EG.
Air Support Unit based at Norwich Airport.
G-???? Bell 206 JetRanger   (Sterling Helicopters) - not current
G-???? Schwiezer S.300C   (Sterling Helicopters) - not current
G-BFYA Eurocopter Bo105DBS   (Sterling Helicopters) - part-time only, 'Oscar India 99'

North East Police Consortium
(Northumbria Police, Durham Police, Cleveland Police)
NEASU, Newcastle International Airport, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 8BT.
North East Air Support Unit based at Teeside Airport. Formed 1st June 1995.
G-NESU PBN BN-2B-20 Islander c/n 2260 (Owned by the NEPC)
G-NESV Eurocopter EC.135T1 c/n 0067 In-service from April 1999, 'India 99'
Special Equipment for Islander: Side mounted AGEMA/Leo 400 FLIR turret, port side camera door.

(photo, Bryn Elliott/
Police Aviation Research)
(photo, Iain Kitchen)
(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Northumbria Police
Air Support Unit based at Newcastle Airport. The Northumbria Police Air Support unit commenced operations in October 1989 and ceased operations following the creation of the North East Police Consortium on 1st June 1995.
G-PASF Eurocopter AS.355F-1 Ecureuil 2 c/n 5033 (Police Aviation Services Ltd) 'India 99'
Special Equipment: FSI FLIR 2000 chin turret & searchlight.

G-PASF (photo, Steve Morgan) Close-up of the nose (photo, Steve Morgan)

North Midlands Police Consortium
(Nottinghamshire Police and Derbyshire Police)
NMHSU, HQ, Butterley Hall, Ripley, Derby, DE5 3RS.
North Midlands Air Support Unit formed in 1998. Based at Ripley, Derbyshire.
G-NMHS Eurocopter AS.355N ex G-DPPS 'Oscar Hotel 88'

North Wales Police
NWPASU, Gipsy Lane, Abergele Road, RHUDDLAN, North Wales.
Air Support Unit originally based at Kinmel Camp, Bodelwddan near Rhyl. Formed October 1992. During 2000 moved to a new airbase at Rhuddlan, near Rhyl. Third busiest Police/HEMS unit in the UK. e-mail:
G-NWPA Eurocopter AS.355F c/n 5203  
G-NWPI Eurocopter AS.355F.2 c/n 5348  
G-NWPS Eurocopter EC.135T1   In-service since Feb 1999, 'November Whiskey 01'
Special Equipment for G-NWPI: Wescam FLIR/TV nose turret, searchlight.
Special equipment for G-NWPS: Leo 2 FLIR/TV plus NVG, ANR, Moving Map.

G-NWPS over Rhyl
(both photos, North Wales Police)
Close-up the rescue equipment carried.
G-NWPS parked
(photos, Iain Kitchen)
G-NWPI parked
(photos, Iain Kitchen)

Police Service of Northern Ireland
PSNIASU, Hut D, Brooklyn, Knock Road, Belfast, BT5 6LE.
Formerly known as the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Name changed in 2001 as part of re-organisation aimed at eliminating sectarianism. One fixed wing aircraft based at Aldergove Airport. Police Service of Northern Ireland Home Page
G-BSWR PBN BN2T-26 Turbine Islander c/n 2245 delivered 1992
Special Equipment: Thermal imager, comms equipment.

South and East Wales Police Consortium
(Gwent Police, South Wales Police)
SEWPASU, c/o Veritair Ltd, Cardiff Heliport, Foreshore Road, East Moors, Cardiff, CF1 5LZ.
Air Support Unit based at Cardiff Heliport. Formed April 1995.
G-OCOP Bell 206LT   operated 1994 - March 1996 (Veritair Ltd)
G-BTKL Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4   Bo105DBS-4 from March 1996 (Veritair Ltd) ex-Central Counties ASU
G-SAEW Eurocopter AS.355F.2 Twin Squirrel   operated from 1997, 'Whiskey Oscar 99', w/o 21 April 2000*
G-PASF Eurocopter AS.355F.1 Twin Squirrel 5033 delivered May 2000 as stop-gap replacement for above
* Suffered mechanical failure while hovering and landed on the roof of a house in North Cardiff, no injuries. AAIB Accident Report.

G-SAEW in better days
(both photos, Bryn Elliott/Police Aviation Research)
Close-up shot of the nose
FLIR/TV turret

South East Region Police Consortium
(Metropolitan Police, Kent and Surrey Constabularies)
SERPASU, Lippitts Hill, High Beach, Loughton, IG10 4AL.
South East Regional Police Air Support Unit formed when Metropolitan Police ASU, renamed 1 April 1996. Based at Lippitts Hill, Essex and Fairoaks, Surrey.

G-SEPA Eurocopter AS.355N c/n 5525 Registered April 1996, ex G-METD, 'India 99'
G-SEPB Eurocopter AS.355N c/n 5574 Registered 1 Feb 1995, ex G-BVSE, 'India 98'
G-SEPC Eurocopter AS.355N c/n 5596 Registered 1 April 1996, ex G-BWGV, 'India 97'

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

South Yorkshire Police
SYPASU, Police HQ, Snig Hill, Sheffield, S3 8LY.
Air Support Unit based at Sheffield City Airport, Tinsley, having moved from Carr Gate, Wakefield in June 1997. Formed Dec 1996.
G-SYPA Eurocopter AS.355F.2 c/n 5193
reg'd 25 Sept 1996 (Police Aviation Services Ltd), 'Sierra Yankee 99'

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Strathclyde Police
SPASU, City Airport, SECC, Glasgow, G3 8QQ.
Air Support Unit based at Clyde Heliport, Glasgow. Formed 1989.
G-SPOL Eurocopter Bo105CBS-4 c/n S.392 (operated by Bond Air Services - formerly by Clyde Helicopters Ltd), 'Hotel Mike Four Zero'
G-CHLA Eurocopter AS.355F.1   until early 1996 when sold
G-BUXS Eurocopter Bo105DBS   1996-1997 (Bond Air Services)
G-???? Eurocopter EC.135T   From July 2000
Special Equipment for G-SPOL: FSI FLIR 2000 turret on port side pylon, emergency flotation gear.

G-SPOL in earlier colours
(photo, Iain Kitchen)
G-SPOL in revised colours
(photo, Chris Jones)

Suffolk Police
Suffolk Police HQ, Portal Avenue, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 7QS.
Air Support Unit to be formed during 2000.
G-SUFF Eurocopter EC.135T   from October 2000

Sussex Police
SPHSU, Shoreham Airport, Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5FF.
Air Support Unit based at Shoreham Airport, near Brighton. Operations include paramedic duties with Sussex Ambulance Service. Formed 1987.
G-MANN Aerospatiale SA.341 Gazelle   for Home Office trials Sept 1987, based at Police HQ, Lewes
G-PASX Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4 c/n S.814 (Police Aviation Services Ltd) 'Hotel 900'
G-PASS MD Helicopters MD900N   from May 1999 (Police Aviation Services Ltd), 'Hotel 900'
G-SUSX MD Helicopters MD900   Police Authority owned, from 2000, 'Hotel 900'
Special Equipment for Bo105: BSS 400 FLIR/TV turret.

(photo, Iain Kitchen)
(photo, Sussex Police)

Thames Valley Police Authority (Not current)
Thames Valley Police (i.e. counties of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire) in association with Hertfordshire & Bedfordshire Police forces.
Air Support Unit based at Oxford Airport initially, then RAF Abingdon, back to Oxford Airport in 1988. First formed 1985. Changed name to Chiltern ASU in 1996.
G-JRBI Eurocopter AS.350B   leased 1985-1986
G-JORR Eurocopter AS.350B   leased 1986-1988
G-BNPS Eurocopter Bo105   leased June 1989-1990
G-PASC Eurocopter Bo105   leased 1990
G-PASD Eurocopter Bo105   leased 1990-early 1991
G-PASE Eurocopter AS.355F.1 c/n 5042 early 1991-Aug 1993 (Police Aviation Services Ltd)
G-TVPA Eurocopter AS.355F.1 c/n 5181
aquired March 1993, delivered mid July 1993
G-CPOL Eurocopter AS.355F.1 c/n 5007 registered 30 November 1995

Warwickshire Constabulary (Not current)
Air Support Unit originally at Police HQ, Leek Wooton, Warwick, but from 1993 operated from Baginton, Coventry Airport. Withdrew from Midlands AOU April 1990. Joined East Midlands AOU in 1994.
G-WARK Schweizer S300C   used 1990-1994

West Midlands Police
WMPASU, Birmingham International Airport, Ground Floor, Elmdon Building, Birmimgham, B26 3QN.
Air Support Unit based at Birmingham Airport from late 1988. Withdrew from Midlands AOU late 988.
G-WMPA Eurocopter AS.355F.2 c/n 5401  
G-WMID MD Helicopters MD900   by 2000, 'Alpha Oscar One'
Special Equipment for AS.355: FLIR/CCD Video turret, Nitesun, Skyshout, comms suite.

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

Western Counties Police Consortium
(Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire Police forces)
WCAOU, BAE Systems Ltd, Flight Operations, PO Box 77, Bristol, Avon, BS99 7AR.
Western Counties Air Operations Unit. Established mid 1995. Based at Filton Airfield, north of Bristol. The AOU often hires in a spare helicopter for major events, such as the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford.
G-OASP Eurocopter AS.355F.2   (Police Aviation Services Ltd), 'Quebec 99'
New helicopter due circa 2002.

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

West Yorkshire Police
WYPASU, Ops Division, Cardigan House, Carr Gate, Wakefield, WF2 0QD.
Air Support Unit based at Carr Gate, Wakefield. Formed December 1989.
G-WYPA Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4 c/n S.815 (Police Aviation Services Ltd), 'X-Ray 99'
G-YPOL MD Helicopters MD900 c/n ? from early 2001, (Police Aviation Services Ltd)
Special Equipment for Bo105: BSS 400 FLIR/TV turret.

G-WYPA in old colour schemeG-WYPA in new colours
(both photos, Iain Kitchen)
G-YPOL (photo, Chris Larvin)

Wiltshire Police
WCASU, Police HQ, London Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2DN.
Air Support Unit based at Police Force HQ, Devizes. Operations include paramedic duties for Wiltshire Ambulance Service. Formed 1987, after Home Office trials with Robinson R-22s.
G-FAGN Robinson R.22 Beta   October 1987 (little used - damaged and replaced)
G-BNBT Robinson R.22 Beta   October - 5 December 1987
G-PASB Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4   (Police Aviation Services Ltd) 1989-1990
G-PASD Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4 c/n S.656 (Police Aviation Services Ltd) 1990-1997
G-WPAS MD Helicopters MD902 Explorer   (Police Aviation Services Ltd) ordered September 1996, not handed over until 20 November 1998, officially launched 27 June 1999, 'Whisky Hotel 99'

(photo, Iain Kitchen)

No Operator:

Here are details of the helicopters retained as engineering spares by the contracting companies and are therefore without an assigned emergency service operator.

G-PASG Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4 (Medical Aviation Services Ltd). This is the MAS demonstrator/Group spare, also used by a number of Police Forces for ad-hoc work at big public events.

G-PASH Eurocopter AS.355F.1 c/n 5040 (Police Aviation Services Ltd) ex F-GHLI registered 17 May 1996. Engineering spare, also used by a number of Police Forces for ad-hoc work at big public events.

G-PASX Eurocopter Bo105DBS-4 (Police Aviation Services Ltd). Engineering spare, also used by a number of Police Forces for ad-hoc work at big public events.

G-FTWO Eurocopter AS.355F.2
This was the McAlpine Helicopters spare, often used for big public events to supplement existing equipment. During 1998 it was repainted in the new blue/yellow high conspicuity colours and now serves as the North West Consortium engineering spare, based at Barton and owned by MASL.

G-FTWO (photo, Nick Challoner)

Note on main leasing companies:

Aeromega Ltd provide helicopters and engineering support to a number of forces. Their main contracts are with the Cambridge & Essex Consortium and also the engineering for the Luton half of the Chiltern Consortium. They were based at Stapleford, Notts, but are now reported to be based in Essex. They have the old G-XPOL [now G-OTSP] and G-NWPI [now G-BYPA] as their main spare airframes.

McAlpine Air Services Limited (MASL) is a sister company of McAlpine Helicopters Ltd, in the Newarthill plc group, formerly called Operational Support Services Ltd.

Bond Air Services Ltd (BASL) is a division of the Bond Helicopters Ltd group, which is owned by Helikopter Services of Norway. Originally operated EMS helicopters under the name 'First Air'.

Police Aviation Services Ltd and Medical Aviation Services Ltd are part of the Specialist Aviation Services group based at Staverton, Gloucestershire. Recently purchased by the Dutch RDM Group which also owns MD Helicopters.

The author acknowledges the considerable assistance of Bryn Elliott in producing this feature and keeping it up to date. Also the help from Colin Hill, Roger Wilcox and various others.


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For more photos see UK Police Aviation Photo Feature

For further information on police aviation, you might also like to visit the ALEA webpage, incorporating Police Aviation News - Journal for the Airborne Emergency Services.

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